Forced deprogramming still going on in Boston area

Yep, my rule of thumb theory works every time:  if you get targeted in a certain location they have thier own style and content  and each time you return to that location this will pretty much be your same experience.

Once again this location can be depended on for using much sexual arousal in unison with humiliation but only for your own good mind you. And the inevitably Catholic attitude here where the results, of my choosing of course, would be an outcome of me either becoming a nun like companion for a husband or going back to the adult entertainment industry…as a result of being targeted with thier behavior mod bs.  Rape is used, shame, blame, guilt of course- interrogation and torture.

All the same qualities of the old OUTLAWED forced deprogramming techniques. Exactly the same program.  But now covert so no one can make complaints.  We’re just nuts is the official line.

Its interesting how much of  a threat it was for some one like me who was deprogramming to want to experience the world free of PRLSI’s (Pre Recorded Light and Sound Images).  I see now that it wasn’t that I was being a threat to the system or a dissident by attempting that, it’s becuz I was was fighting suicide programming and  one’s urge at that point is to naturally seek to heal as well as to follow up with reprogramming. All one needs is to clear out old trauma with therapy by going through memories and releasing trauma as well as getting a bit of assistance through the harder terrain of internal programming. But they insist on coming after you at this juncture and destroying you so you cant become anything but a drone or some mindless citizen broken down to average who cant remember who or what he/she was.  I understand now that in keeping me within all that IS the false environment in our society, that is keeping me managed as well as it’s the only way for this system to perform covert behavior modification via technologies.

I am sure on some level I had it all put together but this system is very clever- it utilizes one’s being compartmentalized against one’s self.  I kept separating all the info I knew, driving myself nuts and putting myself at a disadvantage every time I compartmentalized the whole story.

Cisco Systems. Came across them during research on DOD or military contractors. Also recall one 0f the more obvious gang stalking experiences early on, this obvious perp on a Greyhound said his father worked for Cisco Systems and he was addicted to World of Warcraft.

I felt very watched and monitored at MassArt library everyday I was there. VERY interacted with. Watched and even what I was scanning gave reactions from whoever was doing survaillance. Often in the positoin of being a TI one can feel the presence of someone monitoring, and I dont mean ‘through my own eyes’ as many TI’s claim. I mean that there is a psychic encounter between myself and whoever is observing. the question will always be, do they know I am monitoring THEM is the question. Its not intentional it just happens that way.  FOr instance, that paperwork that I have on Jake using my phone for drug dealing. I blindly put that into the scanner to copy it to digital the other day, I did NOT really look at its contents, but I felt a reaction once I scanned it, from someone observing. It was a heavy deadness, as if they saw something that surprised them or was a change in thier line of thinking that had been thier usual line of thinking about me and my situation. So it stood to reason that it was  coming from someone able to see what I was scanning and logically that would be by  monitoring computer activity. I then myself looked at what I was scanning and realized its significance and value.  I also liked the dead ‘silence’ or deadening of mental activity that that document created- it was like someone realized either thier little plot was f*cked now or that they had me all wrong all along- or perhaps if this is behavior mod thats what they wanted me to think the other party was thinking or feeling…if this is all bs and its created to be used as a kind of  biofeedback or call and return to shape a human being mentally, emotionally and eventually spiritually then they may fabricate or create a ‘ghost’ entity and convince the reciever or these impressions that there is someone on the ‘other end’ that is thinking or feeling this or that.  I am still not sure if its a con job as part of behavior mod or if they are actually taht stupid as to monitor someone with tech and leave themselvse open to being monitoried then psychically.   I just dont believe that the people running this are that stupid but it could be that the pepp;le involved in programming and psychic research are not that stupid but the people doing run of the mill spyihg on the public ARE that careless and stupid, which shows what happens when common security types get cute with tech taht borders on gong ito occult areas or specialty areas like remote viewing etc.  This is the tower of Babel I speak about often. We already HAVE people to handle such things, why do common people or non psychics want to infringe on that territory or get so close?  Not only is it dangerous its really literally torture to someone like me who can tell when someone is looking at me when my eues are closed, can sense when I am gbeing monitiroed by security cameras by sensing a ‘presence’ behind the camera or worst of all being monitored whle trying to do menial work like scanning on a computer.

Thatsa just my point. I refuse to believe they are that stupid. I think its a tool for training a human mind by constant interaction and fooling the person into believing there is an actual person on the other end. But that would then not explain how I did not know what was in that document but rather sensed the importance of its contents by ‘feeling’ the reaction of whoever was monitoring what I was scanning- which them looks more like me reading psychic impressions from whoever is spying on that computer.  Its all annoying thats alll I know.

As I went to leave that day, I looked up at this contraption on the wall, near the ceiling and noted it said “Cisco Systems” was the wireless internet for all of the computers in the library.

So a company that is contracted by the DOD also provides services and tech to the public??  I see now why this is perhaps not a good idea.  And for all I know that kid on the bus was helping me in some twisted way compared to what the locals here wanted to do to me which is just whack me or get me framed up or put away.  In this situation I am never sure as to just who is foe or friend. And I believe its part of psychological warfare and stress out to make it hard to disern.

All in the name of national security.

Like I stated in the last post the threat of me leaving a falsely created environment for living ‘real life’ in real time with no PRLSI’s  was probably the greatest danger to them.  I would then not be easy to control or behavior modify without technologies.  In person gang stalking is enough to make one no longer eager to be around people or try to go out into public anymore anyway.  That takes care of that.

And the damage that is done over time to the brain is just very nasty. You are really no longer at ease to take in a social environment.

Torture will do that you know.

I left the area I was in due to it getting to obvious that this boring old behavior mod was still in use here. Get a clue I am NOT going to get fat and take on a husband. They are so obnoxious. They destroyed my only experience with true love I ever had for just the moment in time I had it (4 years?), and they are so greedy that even the memory of that is destroyed.  I have to hate Jake, hate him but never be able to recover from what he did as well as never regain the power his actions took. Of course their prescription for recovering from all this is to ‘forget’ and reinvent yourself as a worker drone within the hive, average, and nothing special to notice about me.

You can as usual go f*ck yourselves.  I had this one kid telling me that his mother told him something about going quiet and not getting noticed would be safer, after telling me that those people really did a job on me etc. First of all he worked at that hostel here so that makes him totally suspect. Also his family are Jews, and as much as Jews have tried to give me good advice over the years, some Eastern European connection we have- either that or I am Jewish somewhere and dont know it- whatever the case I have some other DNA in there that does NOT take kindly to being subverted, destroyed, banished, stripped of rank and power, silenced, humiliated, degraded, lied about, misrepresented, smeared, systematically ignored and then shunned, THEN expected to “accept my situation” like a good broken, enslaved idiot.

That is NOT good enough for me. What happened to me, no matter how unbelievable has GOT to be told. This idea that I am almost 40 so my time has passed and I am old news etc has GOT TO STOP.  There is something suspect about a society that does NOT want elders to reach the young, and especially an all male cast of oppressors attempting to seperate elder females from young females. THAT right there has to be fought until death.  One has an obligation to other womankind.  This male created sense of seperation between young women and older women is just that- part of thier falsely created environment.

SO much of what the system does to ensnare me and keep me down consists of keeping me seperated from other women.   That was the first real blow that destroyed me- killing any love between Julie and I, my mother, grandmother and I, or any of my female associates. Not only destroying that love and care but banishing me from them for life.   They know damn well that that is going to be way more damaging than just using Jake against me.

And for my own mother to know what is transpiring but help gaslight me by not telling directly but not help me either by telling me, then after its obvious that they KNOW something is going on, for them to turn on me with “maybe you have a mild case of what Danny has”, or “We miss you. Well, uh, not perfect but….how about some medication?”. That did more than hurt, that was torture that did untold amounts of psychological damage.  How am I supposed to just ‘get over’ that?

The purpose of extreme trauma and torture is to eventually do so much damage that the person is lobotomized.

I had a psychiatrist at McClean’s a few years ago, after all the hardcore gs here when they were trying to get me put away or framed, and he quietly admitted that my psychiatrist during that massacre they pulled on me was not good.  But what disturbed me was when I told him I was being harassed  by other people in there and told him the kind of sh*t they were doing to play games with me, he did disapprove but he also found it amusing. Like he wasnt directly in line with communicating with me or dedicated to me as a patient, he was just aware of what was going on and I think he told me to try to avoid it or brush it off. What kind of psychological advice is that?  These people are never willing to part with thier knowledge they gained in school. I have rarely ever been treated like a proper patient and given the benefit of thier years of schooling.   Which leads me to believe that more than the old days, more than ever, psychiatry are simply playing drug dealer for Big Pharma and these institutions pimp thier services.  The profession is a mess. Docs have been screwed out of helping people years ago by HMO’s.   That corporate gang crap has interfered with the CRAFT of medicine.   This is where an ancient secret brotherhood or society would come into use. Big Pharma can deal all it wants- it will never come up with a symbol to destroy or out power the winged serpent on the staff, the medical professions ancient symbol.   They can only decimate its power by either co opting the symbol or systematically ignroing it by making sure its rarely displayed, even displayed properly.


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