This blog is for survivors of programming/How many TI’s relate to the NWO

2010/07/12 at 8:03 AM
I hate to say it, but I think that part of their goal is to get us to believe in conspiracy theories. Certainly there is some kind of conspiracy involved in our harassment. With all due respect to other targets I can’t go the NWO is out to get us, end-of-times, illuminati, monarch slave scenarios. Maybe that’s what they want us to believe to further discredit us or to have out act out in rash ways that would prevent us from getting our “real work” done. I agree that Manchurian Candidate serves to shift the focus of what’s going on too. I don’t have fear of being a Manchurian Candidate, I have fear of having a productive life because I’m being harassed by some evil fools.

If we look back at the “goals” of MK Ultra for example, the focus was on behavior modification (not Manchurian Candidate, but to get someone to do something *temporarily*) and interrogation. In a way, we are interrogated by joining TI groups. I’ve had to limit what I say to what I already said before I realized that… because I don’t know if they collect this information for their next round of harassment, for their highly illegal and unethical experimentation database, for going back and covering up evidence of the things they are aware I know, or for information sharing between agencies so they can pretend they haven’t violated the Privacy Act.

We need all the help we can get, but we are swimming in disinfo with good intentions, disinfo with bad intentions and true things that are related to our problem but help deflect from what our particular problem is about.”

Let me get something 100% straight for everyone. THIS BLOG IS FOR SURVIVORS OF PROGRAMMING, MIND CONTROL AND RITUAL ABUSE. Many of whom are now being either experimented on or forced deprogrammed by what is obviously MK Ultra tactics and methods.
Readers are welcome to read my blog OnGangstalking which I have tried to keep separate from specific issues which is why THIS blog exists. If you are NOT a survivor of programming you are welcome to read my other blogs, made more for all TI’s. Not all of us get targeted for the same reasons or get the same campaigns. This blog is for people who know they are targeted due to being survivors of programming and RA. Not all persons in that demographic are Targeted Individuals and not all persons Targeted with gang stalking are in that demographic. This is why I provide different blogs- for varying demographics. And I am providing you with info pretty much FOR FREE that I have SUFFERED for all my life and its MY LIFE EXPERIENCE you are reading about. I sleep OUTSIDE and live on practically nothing and I OWN A BACKPACK,TENT and a SLEEPING BAG. I now have nothing left of my own life including total cut off from FAMILY, FRIENDS, ASSOCIATES and COMMUNITY. Like every person tied up in this terrorism bullsh*t under false pretenses I am A STATELESS PERSON. Get your head screwed on straight and realize my situation is dire and I am not playing games or writing out of leisure. I get harassed everywhere I go and my future has been ruined. Show a bit more respect and gratitude..saving the f*cking world on a dime ain’t easy people and if you want to knit pick forget it. All of you who whine that I go into being bitter too much lately or dont get how my blogs are laid out-you will not stop me nor interfere with my goals being fulfilled–but then again if you are NOT programmed you woulnt understand the determination under fear of death that exists in finishing A MISSION. Then dont read this blog. The only reason I post this on my gang stalking blog is so that non survivors of inter-generational trauma based mind control programming or RA can understand us better and how we are perhaps targeted differently, also to pull in those special people, like us who are being destroyed and hurt so badly, so that the programmers can cover up thier system forever. They barely escaped the carelessness of the 60’s and 70’s or the boldness of cover ups in the 50’s with Clinton’s Advisory Committee- then they did some damage control with Satanic Panic, blew that out of proportion and then discredited anyone making claims about all of the aforementioned subject matter. Now survivors of programming as well as the next generations of survivors of human experimentation from the earlier years are watched and immediately isolated and put into gang stalking programs which are basically behavior modification programs to silence them. IF YOU HAVE NO DIRECT CONNECTION TO MK ULTRA AS I DO OR HAVE DISCOVERED YOU POSSESSED ANY LEVEL OF PROGRAMMING then this blog does no pertain to you but you are welcome to read out of curiosity or understanding TI’s with specifics of why they are targeted.

I am writing this sitting in a chair someone set up in the bush on the Charles River in a squatters area. I am down to 40 bucks which is good for it to even last this long into the month, and I am not getting any donations due to me being too negative lately for all those TI’s who seem to still believe that PC and happy endings apply to drop down drag out psych warfare and psy ops. Psy ops is very nasty and if you havent noticed much of the torture that went on in Gitmo is very similar to what goes on with TI’s but covertly as well as its very similar to what is done to activists and dissidents in Iran but that is done overtly, here is done covertly. The end result is the same: shut the person up from whistle blowing, make the public afraid to support them and ensure their lifespan is shortened via damage to thier health. Ensure they never gain any power as long as they live- Torture them to death under any front you can use and make sure no one sees or cares.

THAT is my life. So anything I write is something everyone should be grateful for as I am desperately trying to help other victims as well as save me own life in the process. IF YOU SITUATION IS NOT THAT DIRE AND YOU CAN AFFORD TO NOT LIVE IN DESPERATION THEN PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SEEK OTHER TI FORUMS.
Every TI brings something different to the table- if you dont like what I brought you dont have to partake of it.

I should make it crystal clear to readers the separation of information with different blogs. Then if some people still dont get it its not my being vague.

Also I have to add that it seems that many people miss what covert wars are about. Dont you recall McCain claiming that the CIA tried to stop the election or interfere in some way? Covert activity to influence events goes on all the time.
It is quite possible that there are programmed persons, like myself, are here in this time frame simply to expose the use and abuse of mind control technology on masses of human beings.

The issue of ‘national security’ is most likely what programmed persons recall as thier tasks as well as faces,places etc, and even the existence of mind control slavery on all sides. But what the whole system on all sides is really threatened by is that when you are internally programmed once you break that, when you wake up and IF you make it through suicide programming, you become deprogrammed and you attempt to become the master programmer. Really its the story of Pinnochio’s chance to become a ‘real boy’ scenario. Not only is the system so obsessed with the control they have over human beings via this system and cannot fathom parting with that power trip, the real threat is that deprogrammed people have an innate understanding of mind control and are especially sensitive to outside interference, manipulations, mind games, and ‘suggestion’ as well as any kind of changes in consciousness that registers as an altered state making one ripe for suggestion (hypnosis). On a smaller level they certainly want to discredit anyone claiming to be a deprogrammed slave but it seems that the ability of awakened slaves to sense mass mind control is sort of an inconvenience for them.
This is how many of us who are targeted relate to this concept of the NWO. I never liked to deal with it either as it sounds paranoid and didnt seem to have anything to do with gang stalking. But the more I travel and look at what has occurred over the years the more I see that there is indeed an enslavement of humanity, many human and civil rights are just ignored now as par the course of life and worst of all, people are being basically tortured into enslavement via much of what is presented in the media, what we encounter in our environment daily as in the new conditions we live under that we now take as ‘normal’ as well as the lack of privacy causing psychological damage to humans in general. Big Pharma must be making a killing off of people having psych issues now. Many psych issues are either induced by the environment, a rise in parasitic diseases and most of all a very unhealthy environment psychologically such as surveillance everywhere. Some people are so sensitive to electromagnetic or ‘psychic’ conditions that those cameras literally drive them crazy. The new environment of surveillance is obviously part of a gang stalking campaign if one is targeted.

As TI’s we have seen that this system can track us anywhere we go and worse. So why is there terrorism or serial killers? Its chilling to think that there exists a system that actually supports or creates chaos in our world.

I can accept the presence of chaos and evil. I am not a Christian though I do occasionally utilize thier works or sympathize with some part of thier actions or beliefs, but this can be said of Satanists with me as well. Coming from a Rosicrucian belief system is seems naturally, by birth, I understand this world is both black and white, create and destroy. The problem is not the existence of evil, its the total imbalance that exists right now.

When man gets cute and decides that he is going to use mass mind control to enslave an entire species just for some insane dream of world domination via ‘peace’ (see G.W. Bush’s speech telling us of a “New world order”, striking are the words “..and we WILL be successful”.) one has to stop and consider this very carefully. When you look at how much evil and destruction has been utilized in the creation of such an endeavor one can plainly see that the end desired result is a con. Its slavery they are seeking to establish not ‘peace’. There is no “peace” in mind control. Unless of course you destroy people so completely via brain damage etc that they are basically lobotomized into behaving and so damaged that they can no longer perceive of the hell they were put through to come to a state of ‘peace’.

You cant beat people down into a state of ‘peace’. Its innately wrong. As well as its a total con due to its being based in destruction. The kind of peace they are marketing is actually a satanic concept of ’emptiness’. As well as getting to play god via being percieved as destroyer/creator. One could say that being on heroin creates this false sense of peace…I dont do drugs anymore, I wanted to live. This society wants to create peace via destruction. Its not necessary but its profitable.

I found a book in a laundromat and it wasnt there a few days ago. There were other signs of perps being present and I have done laundry there enough recently to begin engagement with the system in that area. I prob should have left a few days ago to avoid remote influence becoming a problem as well which it has become..alot.
The book is titled The Great Blond Beast
It seems to not only deal with the Nazi’s being rescued and utilized after WW2, as is the focus of many of us who have a connection to human experimentation springing from that but it also goes further and shows how much of law and business is set up to encourage genocide and make these conditions profitable. His other book Blowback: American Recruitment of Nazis and Its Effects on the Cold War seems appropriate as well for many of us.  One of the things I noted about this laundrymat was ironically a poster of a street in Germany with funny colored houses and German signs, as like the only piece of artwork on thier walls outside of ads for local bands and the like. It may have been random..but also before this book showed up there was a paperback that has since disappeared titled The Religion showing a naked child surrounded by candles. I flipped through it and it was an old paperback about a creepy sacrifice religious secret cult that felt that children had to be sacrificed to perpetuate life on earth- all fiction of course (not). If you think thats coincidence that same paperback was laid out as if displayed upon my second return to this laundrymat.

Like I said, evil exists in our world and it always has. I read the tales of Seth, Osiris and Isis the other day. Stories about a family tree that produced powerful godlike beings some that favored man and some that were very negative towards man are in many ancient civilizations. This is the reality of earth. But when it turns to nothing but darkness and this negative element gains an advangage that is strikingly unfair over mankind its only just to expose it. If people dont care or they dont want to take heed thats on them. Man is provided with Free Will. That is ALL I am trying to do, is strike back a balance.  What is going on world wide is absolutely ridiculous. And you’ve got the military industrial complex planning to take this sh*t further not to make peace but to make war even more ridiculous than ever.  There is a great difference between wars that go on even world wars, then man has a time of peace, or man can sit by himself with his own spirit, mind and memories to keep him company until he passes away out of  his vessel.

The technology that exists now as well as everything else that the system is pulling and establishing is NOT like ever before. These are conditions that we are NOT going to be able to come home from.  When a human being cannot be free to seek solace and comfort in his own mind and may even be destroyed in the quest to control him then this is not normal human life on earth this is  hell on earth. Hell on earth is supposed to be a temporary state of affairs not A WAY OF LIFE. WTF is that?  That I cannot walk away from. And worst of all its seems that some governing body or ‘the state’ seems to choose for us what kind of Hell, for how long etc. People have a right to test themselves and Will thier own existence as well as form themselves through trial, not the f*cking state. THAT is completely unacceptable.   THAT is what I am fighting as well as other TI’s that may have just a vague idea of what this NWO is that they really hate…that means that they intuitively hate it which means they are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing right here, right now. Humans have a right to chose for themselves between good and evil as well as to break out of good or evil as they may have been born into circumstances that dont suit them and thier nature.  People often put themselves through ‘hell’ as a test of meddle, especially the young and certain cultures.  Some people are put through ‘hell’ and have what it takes to come out if that is thier desire their WILL. To dictate to a human being what circumstances he or she shall suffer under in the quest to ‘create’ or ‘reform’ people is total, unadulterated bullshit and should not be tolerated by anyone, ever, in the existence of the human race on this planet or any others in future.

As a TI I have seen the extent of this system.  When you have f*cked up old sadists and power mongers in the neoconservative camp standing behind a podium, claiming with little smirks on thier thin lips that  anyone who doesn’t go along with what they are planning is going to go through “thier own personal purgatory”, you’ve got enemies of humanity and Free Will working on oppressing man at a very deep level.

None of us can change what is going to happen. Either man will remain enslaved and weak, they will wake up from this finally or something is going to happen to weed the weaklings from the strong.  All I know is that I have to write a book telling what I have experienced. If people want to disregard that work that is THIER Will.  If they want to read it and use it then that is also thier choice. Besides everyone knows by now its my only revenge for being totally treated like an animal and tortured and then systematically ignored by society.  They deserve this book. They deserve to have what happened rubbed in thier noses. All they can do to get out of this one is to ignore me…and make me think that no one cares or is interested.  HA!  I think alot of people will be very interested in how f*cked up this is.  All they can do is write it off which proves I am right- that human rights dont mean sh*t anymore and thats ‘just the way it is’ now.
Look at this; all they have to do is market apathy and cooperation or compliance!:

I notice that many journalists actually side with the sane and thinking among ‘the people’. The problem is that the overlords have access to the majority of ‘the people’ and that seems to be a connection that is solid and really works for whatever perception management they want to pull off. In this day and age when anyone with money is supposed to be superior or with such supposed evolution in society via tech, the internet, PC, diversity etc, with all this progress supposedly, the rule still remains that smart people are usually edged out by bullies and thier followers. Or that the masses are usually none to bright about such things.  Nothing seems to have changed it just that the majority of ‘the people’ who go along with the rulers have been made to feel very legit nowadays-hip, rich, trendy, educated and very ‘IN’.  Just like every dictatorship there no longer seems like any threats are in existence from artists, intellectuals or journalists. The public has been brought up to the level of pets of the rulers, and in order to preserve that, they simply ignore the artists, intellectuals and journalists if they do NOT feed and support the machine that feeds, supports and exalts THEM.

Its a brilliant way to gain the cooperation of ‘the people’. Make THEM feel like the stars, the wealthy, the special. Specialness is mass marketed. Truly special people are torn down in front of ‘the people’ s eyes via witch hunts, and tabloids. This legitimizes the ultimate power of ‘the mob’ especially when subconsciously they are well aware they are working on behalf of the machinery that gives them the illusion of superiority and legitimacy. This seems to be the function of reality shows, American Idol and the negative side of it, the destruction of so many innocent talented, beautiful people in the media.

This is what many of us mean by the NWO. It includes many angles of the falsely created environment around us.

Its very attractive to people to be part of an era where ‘the people’ get to be the special ones, especially under ‘god’ smiling on them– as long as they provide compliance.   Right and wrong become distorted and justice takes  a back seat to the collective ego trip or even an expression of the primitive protecting one’s territory or defending one’s tribe. All these human behaviors can be induced, triggered an then manipulated.

Its like living under a dome- a totally false environment created to house humans.  Its like the system is trying to see if  it can be done, most likely for thier insane plans to move to Mars or some other plan to escape environmental disaster or overpopulation. Perhaps this is what is intended or perhaps the overlords are just trying to find, like the book 1984, the formula for the perfect dictatorship.

Still there is Free Will. The talent is to con people out of it, its that simple. That is all they are doing.

So this is why many TI’s hate the outside system as well, what they refer to is the NWO. They sense something is amiss. Perhaps these people are targeted due to something in thier DNA providing  a threat to the new system like some rebelliousness that is genetic or some talent to see through bs, or to see the truth. Perhaps some of us possess actual DNA that becomes activated to fight for human freedom under these kinds of conditions..I dont know. If anyone would be paranoid enough to know that info it WOULD be ‘the state’ believe me.

Many TI’s are wrapped up in this world wide fight right now via being targeted. All across the world there have been protests against different parts of this system and the media generally ignores it. Its been on the internet for years.  Deprogrammed people get hit very hard and really beaten down due to the threat we pose against brainwashing as we would be most resistant or at least recognize it.  There is no way, after what I have seen or what I know about internal programming trickery, htat I am going to believe that God is talking to me or any suggestions outside my own Will.  They would have to beat me down and destroy me via brain damage- a good lobotomy is what they want. A happy, peaceful citizen.

Its sick is what it is and in the process of making me “manageable”  they have destroyed an artist with great potential as well as a woman who only wanted to help other women. If that is not a crime in itself that should be paid back in spades I dont know what is.  If ever I was or am mean it is becuz of what the people around me put me through- before I was targeted and now after years of it. Of course all this will be used in any smear against the Target.  Romney’s spawn there- Laura, told me “well you hate people anyway”. She was such a bitch. I cant imagine what Ann must be like…auugh.  I just sat there and asked myself how she knew that or where she got that perception. As the little drunk babbled on over the days more and more was revealed like her saying “oh, Jake is a horrible person” and other stuff that shows she knew all about my situation. After saying she has never been in MA in her life. Gee maybe her alters have been to MA huh?

Whatever, at least Romney’s dad talked about mind control publicly.  And for all I know these a-holes might actually be the people on my side.. I can never tell.

I dont want to help terrorists and I am not a fan of Muslims either, like in Holland terrorizing everyone so they cant party down anymore or gays cant hold hands in public.  I dont want that kind of oppression either but I also dont want ANY religion telling me anything. The problem these days is that some form of cult mind control is always involved in what side you chose- there is no concept left of true government or of justice.  You’re either sympathizing with MUSLIMS, loving your American country with heated patriotism as a CHRISTIAN or you’re an Obama bot, in the CULT OF CHANGE.  That is the problem right there. There is too much of this getting into gangs, corporations, secret societies, cults of social belief or religions.  There is something innately wrong with a system that demands that people get into factions or tribes to survive. Humans tend to get into tribes to begin with but these are now very manipulative as to their creation and existence being exactly what the system wants.
Some people will say this is good as ‘disconnection equals danger’ concerning terrorism, or that “9-11 killed the ‘ME’ generation” and people are seeking community.  ‘Community’ is not a cult, a gang, etc. This is all bullshit and its part of the NWO to make the whole world nice and manageable via CULT MIND CONTROL and if you dont conform after being terrorized (9-11 and its trappings) then perhaps getting targeted and using remote influence will work (hypnosis and suggestion) which is simply forcing cult mind control on you with force and precision using a sophisticated system…which must mean you weren’t stupid enough to be sold on it outright. You have to be..uh, ‘convinced’ or rather coerced.

‘For the good of the world’ is the thinking of the people running this nonsense. But its enslavement and people are dangerously asleep right now. I mean most of society usual is but to make a world where its basically illegal to NOT be asleep is unacceptable. People who see through corruption and the system’s bs are not terrorists and they must exist in the natural world for a reason or they wouldnt have been coded in genetically to behave and think as such especially under duress. Its no surprise that this system is so into creating false environments and understanding more about nature just so it can manipulate it in a god like manner. From this perspective it almost seems like private imagination is being very phased if only the system is allowed to create a false environment in a godlike manner and not the rest of us in privacy. That is also unacceptable.

What we are experiencing is the ultimate temper tantrum thrown by the elite that we will ever see. And they have the toys to get thier way this time in very dangerous and real manner. This tantrum must be not only punished but stifled.

I believe a ‘time out’ is in order but being old fashioned I still believe in spankings and a good ass kicking. That’s is exactly what they need.


~ by onmc on July 18, 2010.

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