Mark Phillips and Cathy Obrien vid testimonies

This couple of survivors have been one of the most confusing pieces of evidence or resource I have found.

First of all the earlier videos are much more convincing and helpful to me. It may be that I can relate to them at this age they are in these vids due to this being my approx age group for last few years. Something about the white hair immediately makes me mistrust moreso as in the more recent videos.   Also I am now really hearing what he is saying. Something about viewing these before I couldnt  take in what was being said…it was probably info overload or part of being targeted.   Its also that these older vids focus on the basic info that needs to be put out there. Its simple and too th point.
(the only creepy part is at @ 3:42 after he says “John West is a heavy player in all this..” you an hear somone laughing in the backround under the vid dialogue and sound. I cant tell if that was far off in that very studio or if it was added to it later as in layered in to be a semi subliminal. Its thier typical bs the perps pull, sounding all insane and craaaazy. That is just the kind of dark circus crap they pull too. They live in fear and creating evil sh*t to make people half insane.)
The newer vids are so overproduced that it just seems suspect.  I also immediately DIStrust some of these modern vids but I dont distrust him in the older ones, so what gives?

Two things bother me about thier claims now, which is that instead of focusing on the fact that there are mind contro slaves out there who are being forced deprogrammed by the very abusive methods that Reagan wanted to put into the mental health system  and prison system as he mentions, in recent vids he seems to say things like “becuz no therapist has that kind of time”, as if he may actually be backing a system of covert deprogramming, which is NOT what he is saying here he’s genuinely saying that its WRONG to do to people and that letting slaves re program is the healthiest way to do so.   Also it may be that I had an instinct NOT to take in info from other survivors until I got my own story  straight.  I am sure many of those perp bastards are going to say I am making this all up by just taking from these vieos or the internet.  Why would I do that anyway?  It would be a waste of time.

And I am NOT pleased with this video which I take very personally. I dont like the look of the woman in the introduction first of all something about her is major Red Flag- also I dont appreciate the downgrading of prostitutes especially since its been basically intimated that she either was one or that at least he himself has said that there are connections to prostitution rings so victims can be found there as well, most likely more expendables. The statement in this vid went right for my gut when I heard it and it hurt, which means someone is playing games, whether they know it or not themselves.  Why is it so important to say that anyway, that is what makes me wonder?

II want to believe that they would help other survivors but I also know the way slaves think and we are gladiators with stand alone complexes. Battling among each other and being competitive is second nature. You are picked to survive and be programmed based on your possessing this trait as well as trained.

I would  be really super pissed off moreso than I already am if some moron somewhere actually believed that I had to gtbe shelved from being a legit survivor or be heard becuz somehow I wasnt appropriate or wasnt what they wanted to represent you average survivor.  That is just the attitude I got in those conference calls as well.  So other survivors or the system around them are going to treat exependables like expendables as well.

I always was a bit peaved that people like her get ‘rescued’ and have money and sh*t like that and all these important peole assisting.  She gets to write books and tour in safety and I cant even be left alone to write a blog post forget a book. WTF??  I tried my best for the sake of the cause to not allow my envy to interfere which I am very good at, but this vid really pissed me off.

And what is up with the New Age esque ‘ding’ noises that have to be put over what he is saying. It actually takes from what he is saying and it makes it more suspect.

I know I go off on these blogs and I also utilize things like heavy metal that people dislike or consider perhaps suspect. I am honest in my work and I can say that and stand by it. The thing I dont understand is how so many of us can be saying all THE SAME THINGS for so long over a SPAN OF MANY YEARS and it doesnt seem to be taking any effect or nothing is changing. There are multiple survivors doing things in thier own ways towards the same ends and still its as quite as a still pool of dark water. Somehow the perps keep what should be major earthquakes causing tsunamis down to mere light ripples on the surface. This is their greatest power- keeping all this disbelieved and out of public common knowledge. Its unfathomable until you see it in action and its ridiculous.

I am grateful however that I finally SAW what he was talking about. All that I have experienced and discovered is right here on this video. So its true what I have been experiencing. And I did not start really watching these vids until just a recently like a few years ago.

So I was right then- its all the Nazi’s supporters families like the Bush’s. I cannot believe that such things are going on and no one is doing anything about it. Its like this IS the Nazi secret to time travel that is rumoured about. Influence over such a long span of time and with such support, influence and power. Thier influence can be felt even now, as if there is a rip in time, as if this time line should not be but IS. I keep feeling like something is just not right.
Perhaps this is why its undesirable to have me visible as a legit survivor- I go off into theory too much and vague ones at that.

At least I feel more validated now, as if I shouldnt have before, that I was right all along. It is behavior modification (ouch ankle just got burned- Boston is very big on using that burning sensation. Moreso than any other area I have traveled to or lived in. They love to make you feel like you are being burned here and its used to condition one to deter from a certain behavior. I just ignore it now.)


~ by onmc on July 20, 2010.

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