More bait- WHOisSALT the new movie bore from the machine called Hollywood

Those pieces of crap- they would do anything thier told. I really think Hollywood is nothing more than a constant propaganda machine. I have not seen ‘art’ come out of that hole in years..many decades in fact. Here and there perhaps but most of it serves an agenda, straight up.

Many survivors of programming are treated so badly- like slaves traditionally have been treated in fact, that they are really made to feel they are not important. Treated like dogs really. So when movies come out about spies and covert activity its the same cliche- either “the book was better” applies or “Hollywood totally takes things out of reality and glosses them over”. Its true. The closest thing I have seen that feels accurate are the old Bond movies with Sean Connery. He seemed to give the character mulitple dimensions: vulnerability, abused, exploited, betrayal common, loss, death, sex, intimacy, intimacy betrayed or lost, quick exchanges of intensity, fly by night, ego, strength, childishness, brute force, dedicated, loyal, just, stealth, quick thinking, clever, self sacrificing, brave, risk taking. Every other portrayal of these types always has this unrealistic confidence about them, as if they are gods of some kind. Note how many spies get literally left out in the cold after they are used up or want out or wake up to how corrupt the system is. Bond is the closest I have seen to really portraying a programmed person as human, as its never fully revealed that he is indeed programmed but for those of us who understand that he most likely IS in order to perform his functions, the portrayal is wonderfully private, as it communicates this via his actions and behaviors without something as crass as Borne (boring) which has to spell it out to the audience but then of course still cheats them by NOT totally being honest about mind control programming.
We live in an era it seems where the public are being used by the designers of our society by letting them in on just so much to make them think they know how things work. In fact I have seen many instances where they are merely being played with and bits of valuable info are dangled in front of them, and tests or games or played using bits of info. Its mostly put into forms of entertainment that are harmless. It may even be a weeding out process to see who is a sleeper or who is smart enough to somehow ‘see’ more than your average person is supposed to ‘see’ or understand about such subject matter.

What pisses me off is the way that they keep twisting information in order to fool people. Like the Homeland Security guy in this trailer. If he is privy to info about ‘sleepers’ then he should be laughing at this movie but its part of his job to spread paranoia by not being totally clear cut about the info he does have or in putting it out to the public in a way that causes fear.

Becuz what he is saying is from Homeland Security and they mostly seem to deal with overt violent threats like terrorism he is most likely speaking about suicide bombers who are sleepers. But since its taken out of context like most entertianment its made to seem pertinent to the character in this film. Anyone who is programmed may be refered to as asleep I suppose, but survivors of mind control programming are not necessarily suicide bombers- I am or was no more of a suicide bomber than any of the deprogrammed survivors with testimony on record. But I notice that the same system that tried to piss me off to no end and coerce and push me to do something violent over the last decade are the same people trying to instill fear about ‘sleepers’ and such. Which means this whole movie is full of sh*t like every other piece of propaganda they put out. They know who the sleepers are who are dangerous and if they dont then yes, the person may act out. But since many of us- my kind of programming, many survivors with courier, sex slave, theta and other such programming are often pushed to see if we will snap. That is NOT acting out of programming from being asleep that is the system trying to mess you up so badly that you act upon human Will to survive plus programming for self defense and they know just how to manipulate you so you react. MY ONLY SAVING GRACE IS THAT I AM FEMALE. There is something about estrogen, opposed to males who often take the ‘death by cop’ route by acting out in one final blaze of glory. Women who have lots of male qualities or strength seem to be given this treatment to see if they will snap.
The Homeland Security person is totally inappropriate for this level of programming or ‘spy’. There are factions that act completely covertly or at least dont advertise themselves to the public like Homeland does, that takes care of its own or things going on on that level that the public dont need to know about is their attitude.

Its never this glamorous nor this simple. And as usual they steer clear of connections to pedophilia, money laundering, organized crime, prostitution etc etc. Its seedy, sleazy and underhanded alot of what goes on. Like overt war they need to romanticize it so the public dont start to realize its a business- that supports its existence on destruction and crime. Its alot more simple than they portray is but its alot more seedy as well. Hollywood provides fantasy but often stolen from real life events or life stories. They should never be trusted to provide any kind of educational value by representing the truth nor the facts- and they are inherent theives, so shouldnt be trusted AT ALL really. Do you realize how many life stories or even artist’s work has been stolen by the Hollywood machine? When people state that Hollywood is out of touch it is amusing as they know exactly what they are doing most of the time. They are VERY very in-touch believe me, all the time.

This story is uh, a bit too close to many programmed survivors stories and yes, its another slap in the face. Its also a pathetic attempt to weed out more people and to gain more confession-this time not thru interrigation but through ball breaking and ego poking: ‘ha ha no one believes YOU people but on top of ruining your lives and marginalizing you, and making you disbelieved and discredited, WE are going to totally steal your reality and make bank off you as the system has been exploiting you your whole life anyway- SLAVES.’ And the purpose of this may be to piss off those survivors that are so under duress, especially highly creative ones that have been kept down and stifled, that they come out with thier own information (gained confession via torture all in all thats what the result is from the methods used over time) via being normal, healthy, competitive creative people.

So if you can relate to this little mind game its more bs dont fall for it. Its more stringing you along to insanity and destruction. Besides, Jolie and Brad Pitt reek of involvement in something covert their damn selves. They are both such whores, I mean its blitheringly obvious they have the sexual part of this down, of being victimized thus gaining power over ones sexual personas or being sex objects. And I am very curious and also amused at Donald Trump’s dislike of Jolie. I cant knock a man who believes in second chances. I also think that someone that wealthy and powerful must know a bit about what’s going on for real instead of cover stories and smoke screens.

Just ignore Hollywood’s bullsh*t. As a survivor that means you have survived the harassment campaigns, suicide programming and hopefully the totally unecessary and unethical covert behavior modification/continued human experimentation programs. Part of survival is to stay away from new media when it comes out after you understand you are targeted. Wait a few years, it’ll be on DVD or cable or whatever. Much that is released is merely set with triggers, very nasty mind games meant to really hurt and injure emotionally or psychologically or worst of all strong suggestions as part of the behavior modification programs.

The environment seems different lately. I see alot of apology, attempted support as well as like this film, invitations to tell our own stories perhaps in safety. But I will NEVER trust again as I once did in my innocence, the machinery of this system. I have seen what it can do and how deeply it can perform sick, sadistic and twisted psycho surgery using private and public spaces as well as the media outlets and of course good old fashioned abuse by human forces. Its just like this system to destroy someone’s life and then reach a hand out to help them up.

F*ck the system. It kicked us down, meddled in our lives and kicked us almost to a pulp when we were down. This is a mind game that is a desperate act towards trying to once again integrate us into society. I know for ME, I did everything the world asked of me to become a better person and instead they came after me with a fury, danced on my motherf*cking grave, partied on my corpse and then buried me for dead. Now the sun is shining and its happy ending time.
Once again I say ‘Dont give it to them’. Dont make it that easy for them. Its more managing of slaves is all it is. Its simply Massa come round to us, brushing the hair from our eyes, and reaching a hand out saying ‘ I respect you now. Want to come home?’ No, I really dont. Not after what you pulled.
Its just another way to get out of consequences on the cheap. The fact remains that this system takes ACTION against survivors and is well aware of what it is doing while it is doing so, then it comes round to apologize and take you home like the cons that they are.

IS THIS NOT TOO FAMILIAR?? Have most of us NOT been treated like this by family all of our lives? Beaten down every time we try to grow or get away from being controlled? The system pulled something very nasty on many survivors during the Bush reign and it should not be forgiven.

She could perhaps be a sleeper but there also may be programming in there that is simply to go against a president that is SCREWING UP and then that would be just if not necessary. Also, the system may use a political figure against a survivor then the person may run for president. Romney had actual family members who were friends of my associates messing with me directly. He was govenor of my state when Bush was in and my life went to hell and I was targeted with full force. That nasty neocon group Bush, Romney, Guliani, McCain- all in during the blitzkrieg. Do I hate him? Sure. Do I believe he should never be allowed into the presidency? Yes. Do I have fantasies of shooting him if he dares to enter into the Whitehouse in 2012? You bet the f*ck I do. Would I ever actually DO such a thing? Nope. See how that works? I am not a violent person by nature- I mean I am as violent as any artist especially a painter first and foremost, and a blocked or stifled artist is a naturally explosive character. But I dont know how to use guns or weapons and the subject bores me really. My writing is my weapon. Also many programmed people such as myself have alot of control over thier programming or actions as well as are extremely insightful into internal programming. Note that there was no pre programming content concerning this political figure but since his involvement in my demise was shoved in my face as a taunt, I am expected to act out or be suspect of acting out further vilifying me or making me ‘dangerous’ potentially. Once again the only thing dangerous about me is my future expose which they are terrified of as it ties in everything that was done to me and other TI’s with Nazi human experimentation, MK Ultra and certain factions wanting to bring that to use in the mental health and prison system- having been voted out of doing so legally it seems they just did it anyway, using the war time conditions as opportunity. THAT is what makes me dangerous not some action I am going to take against a petty individual in this mess.

What the movie doesnt tell you is that she is probably being set up by the same jerks who have been exploiting and making profit off her for years and they seem to enjoy using programmed people in games of power or entertainment. Also extreme jealousy seems to be a motive for many people in on knowing who the survivor is.

Also why is the character once again this rich, pulled together person? Usually expendables are prechosen with cover stories that make them appear to be whacked out angry ‘lone extremists’ if you want to use the modern term. The involvement of covert factions is covered up before they are put into action and any documentation or proof of something suspect having gone on is usually downplayed to be ignored by the public as well as painted as conspiracy theory.

Whatever you are doing if this movie affects you then just ignore it and keep on doing what you are doing YOUR own way. Survivors take on a lifetime of abuse and we discover that we have provided a life time of service and we are rewarded by being snuffed out or treated like dogs. Stay in line, stay focused.


~ by onmc on July 21, 2010.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.