An article on SRA

Its an ok article. At least it establishes a few things like Recovered Memory Syndrome foundation is questionable (but does not provide ties to certain agencies that others have done to show doubt). That there is hard evidence in existence, for more overt kinds of SRA and it shows that witnesses have provided testimony along with hard evidence that shows that people from all walks of life are part of the cults caught doing murders.

Its kind of useless for those of us who recieve stalking and harassment as well as RA where there is no hard evidence or outright murder involved. Its useful in that it establishes the existence and secrecy of such people. It also makes mention of society not wanting to face facts which is that systematic ignoring we deal with every day.

Its useful in that it establishes the existence of such cults as real. From there survivors are going to have to map out the very complex system that connects to programming. This kind of RA related activity is accepted perhaps as an oddity- not part of everyday life- you know, like our slow murders via torture. Ignored like that for instance.

This is nothing new its always been in existence. These cults shouldnt lean on people until they comply or if someone realizes thier status as surviving programming they should not have to deal with absolutely no way out for the rest of their lives.

It only seems more overt I believe due to people having access to the news and info on the internet.

I’ve been being harassed in these camapiagns to become a Satanist or a Christian for years. It makes no sense if you dont believe in Christianity. What I am dealing with seems to want to get rid of Hermetic related belief. This could even be where Jews and Satanists agree in some sects due to the Jews wanting to get rid of any power or belief system that rivals their’s from ancient times. Any connection to ancient Egypt doesnt bode well for them at all. They believe thier ‘God’ is the true god and that should be everyone’s reality. It doesnt surprise me that they would consort with Satanists to get thier way. However there are some Satanic factions based in cultures that do not take kindly to Christianity or its roots in Judaism. Nazi’s mostly. But hey at least there’s a cross section. These same factions have also mentioned getting rid of Masons. Many Satanists start with LaVey which is so annoying- if yer gonna destroy and hate then do so.

Masons have thier own potentials for abuse but its a different organization of systems and beliefs. It seems different.

When one gets into this far enough and looks back at what is natural to man, you wonder which faction is right. Christianity is just ridiculous as it uses a blood sacrifice but then damns all ‘blood sacrifices’ like abortion etc. Its all really annoying due it all being organized religion. That is the problem with ever one of those belief systems except for the Masons and thier highly organized as well. Also Christianity is too easily corrupted. That last bout the US had with Neo Cons might be why Satanism is on the rise in media ‘soft Satanism’ I call it. It never delivers the brutality which is actually involved- like all American media culture its cleaned up to look presentable to the public. Then they will consume.

The apathy or lack of dealing with this issue is why every survivor gets the idea from the harassment that no one is going to believe them as well as no one really cares or is going to deal with this anyway. It seems they are correct.

The system is being ridiculous..what should we do then, walk away and hide for the rest of our lives or let the harassment kill us or turn us into evil hateful beings ourselves? The arrogance is spectacular really. The attitude nowadays being that there is no way out or no other options. Or that becoming a Christian is the only option or way out..which is highly suspect in itself really. Justice has nothing to do with religion.

Its interesting that many people find help and some of us are just wiped off the face of the earth systematically. People like me seem to be monitored so when we start remembering or researching we get slammed with a gang stalking campaign and a set up so before we even understand what is going on. NO CHANCE at all for  ‘recovery’ or a normal life. Murdered slowly over time with very little protection.

Its why we’re called expendables.  I notice that no one really wants to draw the connection between RA and programming or mind control.  Thats where you get cheated and its why you feel like survivors of govt mind control are not  genuine. Everyone in this is holding some info back-becuz no one would believe the whole truth…survivors themselves cant even fathom it in one sitting, like maybe for a moment.  Its like trying to view a mountain too close in its entirety.


~ by onmc on July 27, 2010.

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