Compartmentalizing information in the mediascape
I love these documentaries that play ignorant and dont connect all the dots so to keep one still uniformed.  Ritual abuse or programming and other mysticism and occult mixed with politics, intrigue, wealth, power with also the use of spycraft is never weaved together to make an entire explaination that actually makes sense, as well as linking the presence of spiritual entities on our planet to any of it.  Its all so simple.
What is most disgusting is the total lack of females included in all these secret societies and power games or structures. zWhere are htey all? and wanbst Isis a woman, who without her Osiris remains never would have been recovered.
also these belief systems r spposedly in worship of a female principle at some point. So where is that mentioned? And with much Masonic symbolism I feel comfortable moreso sun symbolism, but when I look at the symbol on top of their door, the double headed eagle I feel threatened.

Why do these documentaries always throw Rosicrucian systems in with Masonic? There is so much history behind all of the different factions, but the dont even mention that there are factions. What about the hospitalers?

The connections to ancient Egypt and beyond ring true for many different factions involved. Its so..generic. And let me tell you something: You cannot build world based on a Republic practicing democracy by utlizing cult mind control ‘brainwashing’ tactics and especially denying humans free Will by utilizing technologies capable of interfering with thier free Will. That is not a Republic, that is enslavement of mankind.

Somebody is lying or full of sh*t. Unless your great plan is to prepare for horrible future enviromental conditions by packing up earth utlizing tech and science and going to mars, a space station or underground. Is that thier great work really? If not then why utilize tech that so severely interferes with man’s Will?

Also its misleading, due to people getting the concept of a world wide Republic mixed up with a New World Order of peace on earth such as Bush has spoken of. The glitch here is that you can take rulership out of the hands of monarchs all you want- but this would NOT change the nature of men which is partially to make war and there will always be crime. And how are you going to create this perfect ever peaceful world, with the presence of a military industrial complex that demands war exist to survive?

When you take the power out of the hands of monarchs, you have to then ask who is it that has such a taste for power that they believe they can do a better job? What I see right now is a president in office who is diverting attention with race and economy, away from one of the most facist, dictorial, unfair, power centralized cabal of an administration who had total disregard for law, and did NOT listen to ‘the people’. They now have a police state in place that is not going away and serves as permanent social control over the public.
Corporate culture has enslaved mankind and taken over people’s lives basically in so many areas, again they do not listen to ‘the people’ either. By the way, many of the powerful men involved in recent activity can trace thier ancestry directly TO royal monarchs. So where is this great work?

If anyone did NOT rule according to the laws Pharoah is supposed to obey, it was G.W Bush. There is a story in ancient Egyptian lore that Ma’at is supposed to come and call a leader on his misdeeds as such.

There is a spiritual war that has gone on for thousands of years and the Masons look as if they believe they can avoid influences as long as rituals keep things straight for them. Thier very attitude towards women is ridiculous…but that only means that only a woman could counter them or thier actions. Isis was a woman. I believe a white Europeaness has taken a hold of anything connected to the ancient lore of Egypt. These men resemble anything but knights.
The souls of past knights may grow and evolve..while this faction remains the same as it always was.
I believe this faction still insists on being obsessed more with mortar and stone than men’s minds or spiritual conditions. Just like the movie ten commandments where the master builder orders the stone crushing an old woman not to be stopped due to letting nothing get in the way of building a structure- nothing much has changed. Many Targeted gang stalking victims are being treated like a raw material that needs to be carved and broken down to be formed into a shape, like a brick, to ‘fit in’ to the larger structure. This is just thier thinking too. All mechanics, measurements, laws, practicalities. What about men’s souls, or thier spiritual conditions? That seems to be more Rosicrucian of a concern.

They are not the same as Rosicrucians. Many factions claiming to be connected to Rosicrucians may practice the same but have no real connection to originals. The Masons are for from the end all be all on this planet. There are many other factions. And by the way when you create this perfect world, what are you going to do with Seth’s people? Who always have been and always will be? They represent chaos and darkness not peace. It seems that enslaving mankind would be something they would be great advocates of really–not a Republic of world peace.

In order to accomplish this goal on needs to be honest not creating weapons or technologies to take over men’s minds. True humans argue and fight over their god’s and religions. But…it just seems that enslaving mankind and causing such a darkness as has taken hold of this world now, cannot be in the interest of a peaceful world nor a ‘Republic’. Its too in line (or should I say in league?) with a Satanic agenda. There is always a Satanic agenda..its part of the world humans live in, but things are out of balance and there is a deception going on concerning the plans for a world peace.

Why is Al Keda so dangerous? What has truly led to that becoming the state of affairs?
Much of what is going on now is the just desserts of man abusing his knowledge of technology. Not using it in harmony with nature and refusing to use science and tech differently all in the interest of man’s basic ape like animal predatory nature to dominate espcially other humans. THIS is man’s greatest problem- its within himself not technology. There is always a crushing of people like Tesla, and others who come close to showing man how to approach technology or should I say utilize it differently.

If man discovered how to use tech in harmony with natural forces within and without would he do so if powerful factions would lose dominance over the earth? I think not. There is something very wrong with a world power structure that stays with old, outmoded ways that are nothing but detrimental to mankind’s health, well being and evolution.

And our forefathers on close examination were just men..who had shortcomings, vices and nasty habits like other men.

I also note that in hte new corporate/ YUPpie hell false environments that have replaced the genuine culture of man cities and towns, here in MA, has wiped out much of what was present to display Catholicism, especially Celtic artworks connected to this, as well as colonial style decorations such as furniture, wall papers, artwork, and much of what existed in outside public spaces to remind us DAILY that we WERE the heart of the American Revolution. Only places who have the money to be able to reject this infiltration of a mindless, boring, artless, inhuman culture like YUPie or corporate mindset provide can afford to retain the orginal character of what was the true BOSTON, New England or Yankee landscape. Places like Lexington, Concord, Lincoln etc.

So if its so damn connected to the men who signed the constitution and thier actions so admirable, then why the necessary change in landscape.

Also I recall that those nutcases, the right wing conxervative Christians were right there during Bush in 2002 when the shit hit the fan…having more influence over affiars of STATE than any CHURCH should…George Washington didnt go to church and when a church leader got uppity with him for it, he let him know that he was tolerated, but had no real power.

These are all inconsistencies with what this faction is claiming and what they are really doing. And the documentary is typically mis info if not disinfo, placing far to much importance on mysticism, without delving into the occult or mystical subject matter to begin with.

In order to maintain control info must be kept seperate, so one can never understand the whole story.


~ by onmc on August 1, 2010.

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