Capturing and breaking down StarChildren“star-children”-alarms-russian-church/

US Move To Capture “Star Children”…

Now the main goal of Haushofer, the Vril Society, the Thule Society and Adolph Hitler (and with the full backing of Western bankers and industrialists, including Prescott Bush, the father and grandfather of 2 American Presidents) was to “control” the “arrival” of these “Star People” upon our Earth (or more accurately stated the managing of human beings whose “hidden code” of their DNA was being “awakened”) and create for them a utopian society for them to live in through which they could then spread out and repopulate our entire Planet bringing true peace and prosperity to our human race for all time.
Unfortunately for Haushofer (and all of us actually) was that Hitler, and those Western powers backing him, had entirely different views as to how to “manage” the awakening of these “Star People” ,and so in being in fear of their losing their power over humanity opted instead to engage in the mass genocide of anyone even remotely showing signs of “awakening”, and using every device at their disposal to ensure that those who did “awaken” could be “totally controlled” and “manipulated”….forever.


~ by onmc on August 9, 2010.

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