An old link works to provide validation anew

I have posted this link before but never really took in how it relates back to MK Ultra. Which is what every smart targeted survivor out here puts together over time for themselves anyway.

It does indeed seem to be what is happening now. Many targets are people that have been sucked into covert behavior modification programs.

Many of us know only in the beginning that we experienced what is a world of internal programming, and some of us experienced suicide programming.

It seems that instead of allowing any more testimony to be believed relating to either MK Ultra and human radiation experiments- that whole mess, and RA as well, its easier and much neater to just break the person down and behavior modify them.

This must have been the warning that one of our own kind sung as his swan song in his dying days- that Russian spy that was poisoned He gave a massive warning sound : ‘They are coming after us. There is going to be a massive clean up effort and they are coming to wipe you all out. Be prepared, be ready.’  It was along those lines. Perhaps it was something attached by someone else as a warning, thus one of the reasons for his death being so..noticable. Plutonium isnt exactly the subtlest method I can think of. Its hard to accidentally run into out  in regular society. But it certainly was a LOUD way to die.

Mind controlled slaves  or programmed persons often have an immediate communication with one another. Alot of info is transferred in just a moment.  And what he said has turned out to be true. For those of you who are not experiencing this in your campaigns then it just doesnt apply.  OnGangStalking might be of the most help for you. But if you understand what I am talking about…and you know you are a survivor of programming, then this may be helpful to you.

If its not already too late. Also it does not seem like anyone is going to do anything about any of this anyway due to the fact that no one acknowledges programming, RA or survivors of mind control or even gang stalking as legitamate.

But perhaps when people become fused with computers or machines or the inverse, computers gain full artificial intelligence capacity which is probably more advanced now than is being let on to, then what we have suffered through will make some sense and people will finally understand.

They are going to have to eventually accept that the human mind can be programmed like a computer or when fused with computers as in implants or chips when computers think for themselves or people become computerized but its common or officially recognized.


~ by onmc on August 10, 2010.

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