Church of Satan: human sacrifices by proxy

Let me get this straight. ‘Gang stalking’ for those of us who know we are survivors of high level programming is definately at this stage a behavior modification program to ensure our silence about all that has happened. But there was a different feel in beginning much like something designed for such a purpose. Lots of terror that really wouldnt serve any other purpose other than this. And then if the target commits suicide- you have your needed completion of the ‘sacrifice’: the person’s physical death.

And in my case I have posted how that ridiculous book ended up in my home and there was much content at one point concerning LaVey. I just never took it very seriously. What was interesting is the use of tech that is documented to be used in psy ops overseas in such a riduculous game as this. Nice use of taxpayer money. Maybe its for use by the people who are contractors, who run or manufacture such ‘toys’ for the miltary and other factions. Just becuz something is utilized for one purpose legitamately does not mean it could not be used irresponsibily.

Does anyone realize just how much money some of these people have or these private contracting companies have? At that level if you were so inclined to such belief systems who is to say you would not utilize such technology for play as oppsed to just practical military use. Torturing your victims to death without laying hands on them would be most beneficial. And I do recall that LaVey wrote that if an “obnoxious person” were to be sacrificed then all the better.

What interests me is the timing. A person who has been targeted thier whole lives and is finally deprogramming might seem pretty ‘obnoxious’ to outsiders. And its a practical way of getting rid of a victim witness who wants to start going through memories that may become embarassing to certain parties.

So thier solution is to hand the person over to these kinds of Satanists? I have to laugh. Either that or its some other faction and they are just framing up people in this belief system, but from my research and my personal experience I dont think so. Many of the parties involved are pretty damn self righteous.

It may be that the victim is promised over to such cults from birth or this may be an intricate part of the intergenerational programming scheme. At some point, the military, Satanic factions as well as high level programming seems intertwined. Its not clear alot of the details but it is clear that its about use and abuse as well as sacrificing human beings “by proxy”. I cannot concieve of anything more obnoxious than that really.
And what is alarming is the sheer amount of people involved in this sort of activity.

But as for myself the timing was very convenient- just as I start recovering memories then the activity is increased and there was definately a campaign to destroy me going on. I just wonder if its as simple as getting handed over to such a faction so that they get the life energy they require or rewards and a very inconvenient ‘problem’ is gotten rid of for some very important people that dont want to be exposed.
It would be so highly embarassing for me to accept the idea that the Church of Satan took me down or did substantial damage. Cant I be destroyed by people a little more credible? Its like thinking about getting hit by a car- if its going to happen let it be a really great car that kills me, like an antique Bentley or a decent real sports car with an engine that sounds as good as it looks- not some common car. Its death- you only get to perform that trick once.

SO for me to accept that such a group was involved is just highly embarassing. Yet this being the USA I can see, especially in places like Cali where they have plenty of money but no respect for history like in the East, that people would take on such versions of a belief system, not knowing any better or having this class or education to decide on something a bit more sophisticated or with some historical weight to it. Sadly its a very good chance that something like ‘The Satanic Bible’ would have alot of cred nowadays. If you’re going to choose evil exclusively cant you do it properly? No, becuz most people dont know how to do anything ‘properly’. Taken down by common assholes with money, access and a goofy little black book with not a hint of historical weight to it. Embarassing is all I can say.

And since the new high priest of the Temple of Set is a priestess now who is an African American female it might explain why there are so many blacks involved. With all thier claims to thier culture coming out of the churches they are the last ones that anyone would reallly suspect. FOr some reason blacks are not percieved as ‘capable’ of Satanism or normally associated with it. Like serial killers are usual lone white males- that type of thing. Voodoo or just plain evil actions as in gang life is what is percieved as normal for African Americans. Being formally associated with Satanism as a belief system just isnt usually what people think about blacks. With Italians, Irish and Latino’s there is alot of behavior and actions that might be considered satanic but often these cultures perform such actions while retaining a Catholic belief system. But on the whole, I have experienced most African American’s to be Christian not Catholic.

The main thing that is suspect is Aquino’s association with psy ops. This is what makes most people focus on him who are targeted individuals. Human sacrifices by proxy with what is obviously psy ops- how much more obvious can you get? The problem is that its done so well that whoever is truly behind this covers thier tracks reallly well and everyone in society is afraid to overtly assist the victim.


~ by onmc on August 22, 2010.

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