Article on Sexual Abuse Disclosure

…and it admits to the existence of RA as well as a special caution to RA survivors to utilize caution when attempting disclosure.
I found it very useful in seeing the parallel between an entire country and a dysfunctional family. Its surprisingly accurate.
PLEASE NOTE that there are situations where your safety would be put in jeopardy if you speak of your abuse publicly. Ritual abuse is one example of that. Please use extreme caution if your disclosure would put you in danger.”

So what are we to do then? I love this gray area we have to exist in. Since the 90’s there has been an ‘official’ debunking but if one looks at the sources like the False Memory Syndrome Foundation one finds very sketchy types involved and a definite conflict of interest is present if you will. And who is a mere foundation to dictate such things? Probably there was a purposefully careless witch hunt within those years to cause such a defense to be created thus leaving any future victims out in the cold.


~ by onmc on August 26, 2010.

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