SRA in recent years

Due to all that has been done in the past decades to shut out survivors as well as debunk any findings or even official police reports on Satanic Ritual Abuse there is a perfect cover now for a problem that in reality is actually growing or on the rise according to anyone involved who isnt on the side of PC that forbids a return to supposed ‘satanic panic’.

With much of what goes in related to programming as well as trauma based mind control and other kinds of RA there is a problem with proving one’s memories. However a good gang stalking of a victim out of thier lives, thier futures and the total betrayal of family members might be one indication that ANYTHING THEY HAVE TO SAY IS A THREAT TO SOMEONE SOMEWHERE.  And that goes for trying to label survivors who are being indoctrinated into a gang stalking campaign gone 24/7 before they even understand what is going on.

This is also a good reason to never validate any gang stalking leads to too many other questions. It was also a good reason not to validate too many survivors of  MK Ultra and related projects. Much of it relates to RA and no one wants to believe the experimentation happened to begin with, do you think they would believe THAT?

In some cases much of what goes on IS supposed to be impossible but unfortunately it isnt. I wish it were.

Those of us that did NOT go to therapists are a fun and special kind of threat to the perps, as our stories are ‘text book’ cases if there was one and yet no one can be accused of implanting memories or any other such nonsense.

One has to accept the existence of forces of evil on this planet, however things seem very out of balance and that might be the biggest concern. Also there is no safe place for survivors or even an area where there is help without going public or trying to bring it to a legal justice system that is ill equipped for such subject matter. There needs to be a much better system for the casualties, one that is realistic about how the world has always worked but yet accepts that survivors who do NOT want to continue to act on behalf of or in the interest of such activities or programming have a right to say no or to investigate other parts of thier spiritual nature.

In denying the existence of such things so vehemently,  it leaves survivors in a limbo that does  NOT work.


~ by onmc on August 26, 2010.

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