Religion and power RIGHT NOW
As a person who is basically held hostage and kept from excersising her right to free speech let alone civil or human rights like being able to seek medical care or work or have a place to live, I dont think I can understand the world the way that an educated person can due to the fact that I am kept from getting an education.

What I do not understand is where Satanism in high places, not the run of the mill kind but the kind practiced by very powerful people, along with  what many refer to as ‘the illuminati’, which is actually documented to have existed and pretty much documented to have been caught doing what they are accused of today,if they were admitted to still exist, which is monkey wrenching covertly situations and events to get a desired result that serves them best.  If that is the seat of power in the world- the WHOLE WORLD we live in ultimately, then where does Christianity fit in? It is being shown from much evidence that the military has Christian factions that are rather determined to run everyone’s lives. Its even suspected that military power in the US is focused on a small group of evangelist males.

Forgive me but I have brain damage from mold exposure as well as gang stalking terror for years now. Its all so confusing. Satanic factions which I can attest are involved, Nazi human experimentation taken into the US and furthered by psychiatrists in Canada and the USA funded by the CIA and the military and that is documented not conspiracy. Christian groups that seem just as violent and oppressive as Satanist groups, as thier belief system seems very rigid and based on getting saved, or a cult kind of  view oppossed to healing people or loving your enemy etc.

NONE of it makes any sense..unless the Christians are just a front group who are mind controlled by much higher forces. And they simply utilize them as troops in a way. And what about all the other factions in the military like high level Satanists who must have other people who believe as they do.

I am so dead tired of religion being a focus when the focus is truly and obviously MIND CONTROL.  How to get any group to believe in a cult manner to perform acts of terrorism. Cuz that is what they are all doing in case you did not notice. The meaning of religion nowadays seems to be terrorism or fighting for your group’s survival..or thier dominance over every other group.

I am so sick of this. Grow the fuck up and stop screwing around. The environment isnt getting any better you idiots. Why are humans so stupid, repeatedly century after century. They got you little bastards good this time. They got tech now and chemical warfare you cannot fight.  I highly suspect that the Jim Jones group was a test group, just to see if you can turn a group into a cult.  Like Manson’s- but the women in his group had many ties to Church of Satan and the people they murdered like Palanskis wife, well he directed Rosemary’s baby right? So we are probably looking at a sacrifice of the first born in Sharon Tate’s stomach or somebody pissed someone off very badly and paid a price for it in the prescribed manner. Much of Susan Atkin’s recall of “Charlie” and all that led up to those acts sounds very linked to Satanism as well as to mind control.

I do NOT trust an entire planet that gets frickin side tracked at a  very important  point in time with terrorizing the hell out of each other over who’s ‘god’ or belief system is more valid or powerful. It sounds and looks just like  a set up really. The ultimate diversion.  So what is really going on right now, other than the environment obviously, that Someone does not want attention to?

It could be as crazy as the elite wanting to trash this place so the excuse to go colonize Mars or live in a space station or underground can be totally validated. Right outside Harvard Sq there is already a store window with a fancy diarama of sorts, of what it will look like to be on Mars. MIT has ads up glorifying its investigating Artificial Intelligence.

I would say that pretending that Armeggedon is here or making circumstances appear that way is  a great way to move things in your favor, in your direction so that you can get a desired result. The tech that exists has the power to make people think a number of things EN MASS. And it also has the power to prevent them from thinking about certain things or at all.  What must be watched for is not the tricks that the magi is playing on you or for you but what is his other hand doing. 

With the lack of feeling or respect shown for any of the people like my mother who suffered due to being exposed to radiation in those experiments and related projects, sub projects and MK Ultra, that is a tip off to an attitude about the future: the powerful and rich and elite or whatever is going on, are going to survive and going to move on to a new world or a guarenteed future survival plan somewhere and anyone they have to sacrifice to get that future is totally and completely expendable in the long term. THAT is probably the best assesment of what is going on. Cloning, genetics, programming of human beings as a refelction or the inverse of human programming of computers and the making of  very human like ‘robots’ with the use of AI or a fusion of human and machine- especially helpful in a future where the air quality may make the earth uninhabitable for normal human lungs. Who is to say that the horrors that many TI’s have experienced, like experiencing a scientist actually attempting to take human conshusness and squeeze it into a small machine space  or virtual goggles being involved- who is to say that that is not really occuring and that powerful people are investigating ways to survive either on this planet after the environment becomes uninhabitable to normal human bodies or to survive deep space travel?

There is definately something going on when humans cannot leave each  other alone to worship in peace. We could blame the internet and say that people finally realize how f*cked earth is each day they are alive via knowing what is going on world wide now through the info highway. But it could also be that now we have become more intolerant of each other and each belief system’s presence due to being constantly aware of  other groups existence-via tech.

Humans use communications to make Hate and intolerance more efficient just as they try to make the world a better place as well. And this bs is NOT going to be solved by those modern hippy liberals known as YUPpie’s with thier PC and diversity sh*t. These groups are serious about terrorism and all out war on ANYONE who does not agree with them. THERE IS SOMETHING INNATELY WRONG WITH THAT.

The idea of  Christians making war on other factions in the name of ‘God’ is the most offensive. I should tell you why I suppose.

I wanted to save this for my book as its a great start and also putting it here will make me look even more so NOT credible but I dont care anymore. It may even gain me some new enemies but I dont care about that either.
As in other posts on this blog, if you know anything about high level programming you basically understand that I have made claims that I experienced suicide programming in three levels and that I was most likely used by some faction who’s identity is unknown to me for a few different covert tasks without being aware of such activities or only understanding a very simple level of it:
-sex slave programming or at least sex worker programming
-courier; photo, audio and ‘video’ type memory enabling me to take in information and then regurgitate it or even for it to be read in some manner by whatever party is responsible for my being a courier to begin with. Being able to take ‘pictures’ of documents or computer screens at a speed readers pace.
Understanding Spanish in an altered state of conshusness and having an above average vocabualry for my education level, not recalling where I learned most of it to begin with.
-Theta programming and I am not comfortable with revealing what is the potential utilization of such a ‘quality’ but it was obvious that someone was very afraid of me being accessed or utilized by OTHER parties again unbenownst to me conshusly
-Having MK Ultra like techniques being used in what is obvioulsy a behvior modification/brainwashing program in order to not only reduce my power but to erase memories from childhood if not from life before the reprogramming within the ‘gang stalking’ campaign which IS a the behavior modification program. This is what MK Ultra was supposedly created for- to gain confession out of ‘agents’ which means people they know damn well are programmed to not give information out due to being compartmentalized as well as respond to the pain of torture like normal people either.

Suicide programming is basically the ultimate tip off that one is an expendable programmed person. It doesnt get any plainer than that.
And I cant say that it was the right time for me to go through such a thing. It may well have been induced by mold exposure in my apartment causing brain damage- and its up to question wether or not that would have been on purpose, in order to cause that very damage. Its documented that in Russia mycotoxins were used to dumb down dissidents and we are all too familiar with the role of LSD (synthesized from mycotoxins) in MK Ultra. As well as many fun facts about the military utilizing mycotoxins in bio warfare like Yellow Rain- then other factions claiming that mycotoxins are NOT harmful to humans. Really in an indoor setting its dependant on the building’s stats like age and structure etc and the health of the occupants inside, wether allergies are present to mold etc and then what kind or molds are we dealing with?  There is no absolute answer of NO its not harmful to humans or YES all mold needs costly removal. BOTH sides of the extreme claims seek only to either NOT HAVE TO PAY OUT MONEY or to MAKE MONEY. Both are geniunely greedy morons whose existence and thier points of view on mold should not be considered any further..except to say that they are total idiots and many total idiots are found in the world of BUSINESS that seeks only to MAKE MONEY or stop from PAYING OUT MONEY if it can be helped. We are not dealing with rational  thinking beings, we are dealing with businessmen and women–who as of right now no longer exist in the world of this blog. (Somewhere we can get safety from such kinds eh?)

It seems that I should save that first memory for my book. I think I will but its boringly predictable.  What I can say is that I have experienced past life visions years ago and sadly like much of my memories has been wiped away or is in pieces or is very fuzzy to my recall now and not clear.  After seeing what possible with creating worlds of internal programming as well as the tech in use for psy ops, documented, to make humans think God is talking to them etc, I doubt alot of my memories and wonder if anything we remember we are not sure of is anything but screen memory.  This may be the middle ground where the truth lies- perhaps much of what is found in the mind of survivors of RA and programming is indeed implanted but not by therapists; by the very programmers themselves.  I am not saying that RA does not occur or exist. I have seen evidence of its existence in the actions of gang stalkers themselves and of thier supporters whom, after commenting on a TI’s situation right to thier face will then claim “gang stalking does not exist”. The only people who are sure that gang stalking does not exist from my experience are people who are total innocents who dont know it exists. Anyone who seems fully aware of what he is denying is highly suspect in any claim that it does not exist. Due to evidence that documents similar actions by human beings taking place in history books for centuries.

So I dont trust my past life memories as they occured to me far to easily as well as conveniently in most of them I am some sort of warrior or slave which of course sets the tone for my believing more easily that this lifetime is acceptable.  Certain things like going through a hole or portal to see a vision of an Indian man walking the streets of India starving to death, but coping due to the idea of Karma in that society, I once believed moreso due to the idea of  a hole in time opening before this clear vision. However, what the ‘gang stalking’ or enslavement system would gain from this is convincing the recipient of this vision that to suffer NOW is normal. To walk through the streets in this modern time without help from anyone is normal and accepted. Its NOT supposed to be like that in this culture. The occurences of such experiences are what makes most ritual abuse surviviors not believed. And much of what goes on IS quite unbelievable. But what makes it believable is the desired result it produces in someone who is enslaved to be fed bullshit like this throughout thier lives in order to continue to be kept under control, fooled, and played like a sucka for life until death.

In fact I am sure of this being part of the system of enslavement as I have had some very scary perps, two at least both male and both eventually fit the profile of a pedo or someone with a criminal record with offenses of that nature involved. I have had them make comment about  me being an old soul. Now what is a perp doing being able to comment on the ‘soul’ of anyone or having knowledge of that?  The only other answer is that they gained this info as they did all the info about me by intell collection and that includes survaillance. It would also explain why much info that was hidden deep within the back filing system of the brain or human mind is unaccessable to them.

The trick is this: The perps that are so curious about us that are basically trash types involved in gang stalking note how they only can use against you info that YOU originally gave them via them snooping like the desperate pervs they really are? Then they use this to make you believe they are all knowing, and somehow all of that wrapped up with gang stalking and the other tortures results in you, the TI, in time giving up information that they did NOT have access to. This would complete the picture of them merely using sophisticated psychological warfare as well as all the other parts of gang stalking to gain confession through interrigation.

I recall the story they fed me basically consisted of only info that they could have gotten from my internet activities like doing research on my geneology as well as  other sites I was reading on various things as well as info from medical files, freinds relatives, and good old fashoined spying.
I dont believe that THIS faction is the faction in charge in the big picutre. They seem to consist of alot of pervs especailly people who have sex offenses or are rapist of children or abusers of women. The stand up criminal types that arent sickos are the ones who will sell out to save their asses but they will tip you off as they retain that strange sense of justice among criminals. Bank robbers are NOT pedos, nor are theives. Often these people believe that the system, which involves much corrupt law enforcement involved in this, is WAYYY out of line doing this kind of shit to human beings that are basically not criminal minded and its out of thier league basically.  Pedos and rapists get thiers in the old days in jail for this very reason. There is something fuckin wrong with you if you have to mess with women and children and that still stands today- WHICH IS WHY EVERY TIME A GANG STALKER MESSES WITH YOU AND YOU KNOW ITS RELATED TO SEX SLAVERY OR ABUSE OF WOMEN OR CHILDREN OR PROGRAMMING you can basically disregard thier aggression as not legit. For years the system will try to convince you that you deserved this and you are some kind of criminal..and of course none of it makes any sense considering the criminals who seem to be involved as well as the system rewarding criminals around you like in my case  and going after an innocent instead.

Then the question is who is feeding one screen memories or other ‘visions’ in order to maintain brainwashing or cult mind control?  This is where it gets very confusing as well as much of what goes on is unbelievable as well as then one must ask who are the seperate factions involved in events that are NOT supposed to be able to occur. This is where the TI goes insane. You dont go insane from what they do to you, you lose it eventually by people not supporting you or no one hearing your story and everyone just writing you off. Its simply human interaction thats missing- its proven that human babies will die without touch or interaction. I see this on the streets all the time- the luckiest homeless or street people are ones that have ‘Someone’. Someone to love them, to watch out for them or to travel with them. The isolation I see experienced by people who are mentally ill yet may have at one time been merely targeted into this state, is excruciating to watch. Its not willful alone time like many of us need to be in touch with our internal worlds, our memories or our alters, its a lone state that is forced upon them by their circumstances. That is something the TI must avoid at all costs- that might just be where you slip into insanity.
A starving Indian man, a kept Arab female bellydancer harem type, a Jewish woman in a desert going for water at a well. The first one I was brought  back to  was a very fuzzy look at something cavewoman like having to do with the origins of when humans kept with wolves and believed themselves to be part of thier packs;  I was female and had a female child with me in a cave.
Two more detailed ‘lives’ I saw were a jewel thief in some middle eastern culture where a large ruby was concerned and I paid with punishment for that which may explain why stealing is not my thing in this life and to do so is very uncomfortable for me.
Falling asleep out in a very cold place with snow and pine trees, a male dying of old age in a culture that just didnt respect the survival of the old and it felt very natural-it was some older culture before Christianity.
I do recall that way back in junior high school that I met another girl in school there and I hated her on sight.  I actually saw that she was this man who shoved me in that lifetime where I was a desert dweller going for water at a well. He shoved me coming from the well.  Strangely I fought with this girl and after I shoved her I felt no hatred for her any longer.

The three most disturbing are one where the only recall is one of being a male, a scientist with dark curly hair, sort of Greek looking , working on something important and then- a flood or some sort of quake, then falling into the sea everything destroyed and the last moments before death are one of seeing a very large white statue head of a female falling into the waters with all around us- gone. THAT one sucks due to the distinct impression that someone of power blamed me for causing such a disaster wether that was true or not.
The other two- one is a life in Asia, like China maybe. I cant see who I was, all I know is that I see furniture and buildings. I know that growing up at my mother’s house I hated everything Chinese. I used to hide her two figurines she bought in Chinatown every time I dusted. I hated anything Chinese. Then when I got older I got comfortable with these cultures I hated but did not understand why like China and Arabia. I hated Arab men but found a certain type irresistably handsome- most likely a result of  memory of enslavement as a female.  I always loved India from first experiencing that in this lifetime, and tend to focus on the beauty of the women not caring for the males, which would make sense if I was a male in that culture.  
I found that being around Chinese buildings I would have a feeling of being there once again. The Aladdin Hotel in Vegas, I got lost in time in there once 2001, laying on one of those cushioned structures and learned that I was not quite solid enough in this life to not get confused with other ones just yet.
There is a disturbing vision associated with Asia. It is very dark and it appears to be a female entity who is somehow insane criminally so and is in the act of drowning someone in black waters in the countryside. That is all I get from that and I do not want to accept that it could be one of my incarnations if there is such a thing outside of ‘screen memories’. There might be some other lives there but the far eastern memories are nothing but impressions of China or around that area, I never get to see anything clear about circumstances or a definate person.
For all I know these may also be ancestors. I dont know about all those different cultures though. Being Eastern European the chances are higher of having Asian DNA somewhere. Arab could be picked up in Italy easily. Jew could be from anywhere. And plenty of my ancestors come from colder European places. Its possible, but why just particular ancestors then? Why these particular story lines? Its interesting to consider the connection between our ancestors and spirituality or thier lives as part of a DNA strand, which science is now trying to make out to be simplistic and all powerful but I suspect that the juicier and more powerful parts of what they have discovered they are, per usual, keeping amongst themselves. Its things that have been practiced or known for centuries anyway. Now progress gives a frightening amount of control to those already in the know. Either that or factions that probably should never ‘know’ such things to begin with are nosing around trying to gain an edge.

The third most disburbing, and most detailed past life story one that the perps seemed very interested in and very keen on exploiting. First I get this view of a water carrier then I get a view of being in a certain fighting force where the militant men are on horses going through muddy terrain.  And I have visions of being part of something riduculously wealthy and priveledged, where I towed the official line while knowing damn well that what we were doing was wrong.  However, within the castle walls there are always spies, which I saw as well, always making sure the fighting men of this order dont think or question. Any moment alone even looking like you are worried or out of sorts thinking to yourself is spied upon. Whatever was going on I can firmly say that being in a female body now and not being of a high status brings the relief that I may say what I please without such risks being  a factor. Doing something as part of a militant fighting force, like stealing land and gaining wealth in the name of a certain entity and knowing that you are taking from people and its not in the right is a torturous life. Holding up the flag while on the horse in line with other men of your status, nervous, knowing you are not in form with your true belief system. 

The reason I have such disregard for the way I am treated right now in this life is not only do I recall being powerful as a major pain in the ass, I have information that regular people dont have- on a few different levels. And if satisfying myself  with my inner vision and enlightenment is destroyed by intrusive constant harassment, then I can play lowbrow and start whistleblowing on REAL people in THIS  life who have some pretty embarassing dirty laundry I could air. Every time I see the public who believe the cover stories I just smile or ignore becuz I know what people much more powerful than them are up to…and who those men own thier asses basically when it comes to money and power.  I also know that whoever wants me to tell everything I know so I get myself killed off is NOT going to win that easily. There is SO much more to this than some bunch of bs info that they already have anyway but refuse to pursue…like they need ME to tell them anything they dont already know. Its so ridiculous and its so obviously higher ups playing games. Today the feds came the Harvard Sq to deal with some bs, probably a student or someone’s family whatever. But looking at them, with thier nervous manners and thier creepy Germanic haircuts I sensed that they were the types that would do what they were told no matter what as long as Power told them to.  Like robots.  It occured to me how much money and power in the US just does as it pleases and it has the manpower to pull it off unquestioned.  Some people really get off on being part of that, and that is the problem with many gang stalking cults used by the higher ups who really know whats going on. Its no surprise to me that the perps I encountered who knew much more than any other faction of perps were the ones that eventually I found out had records or offenses that were rape or pedo related. THAT is who really knows what makes this world go round- the dirty tricks dept thats who.

I think my point was that due to this memory in particular, the idea of Christians terrorizing people in the name of ‘God’s Army’ is particularly annoying.  Also in my last posts I had realized with the help of a computer programmer friend of mine that  a mind control slave can be progammed just like a computer with dual boot programming. This is the only way to explain why there is Templar content alongside what seems like Satanic content, niether of which knows the other exists and does not interact in any way.  It also gives me the advantage of not choosing a side in any riduculous religious battles.  First of all Templars may have done things under the guise of Christianity but they are not Christians. Within my understanding there is some connection to Egypt and Pharoahs not Hebrew content.  And there is a code of justice and order within that culture to be respected.  If you want to call that ‘god’ go ahead but its much less childish than the idea of a Hebrew ‘god’ and much more civilized. Its humans having to take responsibility for thier own existence and rulership of thier land and civilization.  And battles over religious beliefs that result in terrorism world wide is NOT part of  that. So its a bit hard to grow from such life or past life lessons whether real or implanted and to see people fighting over a belief system. Thats not religion, thats barbarism which is basically our group vs your group. Its a primitive form of human behavior and one would think by now humans would have more control or awareness.
Not with the recent system  and events which is so obviously to deny human beings any self awareness and to basically stir up all kinds of chaos really in the world.  One must accept the existence of forces that cause chaos on earth but there is something wrong when they gain such a stronghold. Something is out of  place somewhere or there are forces that are allowing even utilizing such chaos in thier idea of order. To create false chaos then a pretense to form order out of such chaos. Cause a problem, solve a problem.  When you have a president in office who claims that the USA’s “best days are behind her”, and please note the reference being in the feminine, it reminds me of the way that Targets are pushed into believing much the same things when in fact- both are victim to purposeful destruction. America did not have to end up this way, just as I did not have to end up this way nor any victim of a destructive force like gang stalking.

This post started off by me being genuinely pissed off and really feeling that if I ever find out that any of this bs is due to Christian interference in my affairs I will go all out to be as vengeful as possible. But its a little hard to decipher what is going on when it is made to appear that both Satanic factions as well as Christian ones both are involved.  And the worst of it is the attempts to get me to chose a side when I am fully aware that these are NOT the only belief systems in existence…not in our modern world nor in the ancient one.  So why is it so damn important to harass someone basically across the nation with both Satanic and Christian conent, both NOT of the person’ own Will? 

Just like a women involved in the justice system said of Susan Atkins conversion to Christianity-  basically one religious cult like belief system has been  replaced for another. Mind control- CULT mind control victims seem to never be allowed to exist of thier own Will. 

And THAT is the one factor in all this I am sure of.  This system, and it IS  as system, is to keep the victim from ever living soley under the power of thier own Will. That is the constant and anyone who has been imprisoned by the gang stalking system needs no proof of that.


~ by onmc on August 27, 2010.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

The Dirtiest Secret Behind Child Abuse

Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.