Hand gestures used in organized stalking campaigns (behavioral conditioning)

HAND GESTURES are not the same as perps using HAND SIGNALS. Hand signals may freak a TI out and that may just be part of the plan but hand signals are meant to be used as a direct communication tool when speaking is not convenient. The military, police and other factions use hand signals during excersises or operations as well as many older people recall when motorists utilized hand signals regularly on the road. Bike riders still do so.

Hand gestures are not utilized for direct communication but INdirect communication. One could say even subliminal.
We see examples of this insanity, abuse of psychology and what amounts to nothing more than BRAINWASHING in advertisments all around us.   Here is a perfect example from an ad I caught  looking outside the  train’s window at an underground stop in Boston:

The green muppet-thing is a horrible corporate creation I assume is known as the green monster, taken literally and made into a childish corporate mascott  for what Red Sox fans had named the great green wall in Fenway, back when real true to life creativity Boston style hadnt been chased out of this area just yet. Back in the old days when Harvard kids would put Latin dirty words on thier sports score boards. When this was genuinely a college town and a real working class town of regular people.  No true ‘regular’ people can even afford to go to a game nowadays anyway. This type of mascott goon is better suited to the midwest not New England. A true Bostonian should be insulted by the inference that sports fans here need any kind of  creepy alter ego for thier beloved Fenway or sports ‘spirit’.  And the level of childishness is insulting in itself. But that is the new world captured by corporate sameness across an entire nation.  You would need to create a childish alter ego if you destroyed an entire culture along your way to becoming ‘world class’- whatever that means nowadays.  In the true sense of the phrase Boston was already ‘world class’…I think they mean New World Order class. Well, that it certainly is now. 
This older civil rights era aged black woman who I am very fond of in one of the businesses I frequent, dropped a piece of info like they do for me sometimes. She said, in the middle of conversation “They drove everybody out that didnt have“.  And we were discussing the way Boston used to be.  And she is right and everyone on the internet working on this kind of activism knows they are right.  However, there is somehow a disbelief to our own observations of what we KNOW is happening around us in the world today. If a decent African American woman from Cambridge  in the 60’s sees it and calls it, I for one, believe it. 

Aside from my personal feelings about the changes in my city and my country- the ad itself is akward to a Bostonian in that its obviously bullsh*t. Why is this green thing appealing to me anyway? He’s not real. WTF?  Why am I being marketed to like a Cheesehead? This is the way you’d hope a genuine New Englander would think but with how much you need to be making to live here or go to afford  games perhaps everyone who sets eyes on this is either tired, medicated or dumbed down- or all three. It certainly gets one thing right from this area: concern over heath and medical issues and doing charity.  I must say that the thing I missed the most about my home area when traveling west is how helpful everyone is here, in a detached sort of way. Believing that its not too much to assist a woman with something on the street or help a stranger improve thier dignity level at that moment. Thats what people dont see about the Northeast when they bitch that people here are cold or mean. Yes, mean one minute but after that stress passes they may do something very helpful or kind for someone they do not know. It goes back to all the classism and past class/race issues which are VERY complex here due to so many European ethnic groups holding thier ground in small neighborhoods. Really I would say its typically Italian or Irish here- I was SHOCKED in SoCal when strangers would talk to us and then realize we were perhaps houseless or destitute and there was zero pride or dignity. One waitress asked carelessly if we needed any money after engaging with us normally as equals and then realizing our situation and her demeanor certainly was different upon asking that question. It was so awkward. I kept trying to make the kid from Florida I was dating understand why it was so appalling, he didnt get it. I mentioned a bit of Irish pride when one is doing hard times and one does not, out of kindness, ask such questions or make judgements about someone’s situation. Also, we have alot of very rich kids here either experimenting, rebelling or seeking refuge from abusive homes on the streets – in the northeast you never know who anyone might be. The stories from New York about bums who turned out to be millionares or the rich crazy lady in a boarding house hiding from her relatives are actually true in some cases.  Why would you help the oppressor (Anglo’s or whoever) by putting a fellow poor person down? Unless it was directly personal or business. It makes no sense.  And like in that Pink Floyd song: “good manners dont cost nothing do they?”  No, they dont. I have seen very scary gangsters as a child have very good manners and that didnt stop what we all know goes on. In fact that guy might be the most dangerous of all.  America has become a great land of jerk offs who talk trash, wave thier guns in public and like to be seen doing things and do jail time for cred. Rudeness does NOT make you bad ass and its just another pathetic case of  group think, a mob mentality, conformity and being victim to the great dumb down of our ‘world class’ nation. So ‘world class’ now means being stupid and affluent. Greeeaaat. Cant wait for that passport to come in the mail..Aughghg.

So the appeal to the local regular guy types is in the way the muppet is dressed as well as the appeal to charity. It could be appeal to a corporate type as well. But it IS an appeal you must realize.  The hand gesture is what I was interested in. Note the muppet man’s mouth is slightly open but you cant hear him. His hand is in the air making a gesture, as if you were indeed really talking to him in person.

This is totally insane as its just a damn muppet costume on a flat wall. No sound, no movement. But the effect of all of it, especially the  mouth intimating being caught in mid speech  and the hand gesture also intimating being caught in mid speech from the perception of YOU, the singular viewer. It serves to bring to life something that is flat and lifeless. If you pictured this as a piece of classical artwork you can see much better the mind tricks it uses. Viewing ads this way is very helpful in not being so easily fooled by them.   Or just realize that he is NOT talking to you, he isnt real and he is NOT in front of you. The ad is very manipulative. 

In a world full of such negativity nowdays, especially to a Bostonian, its an appeal to the child within to make it a better place- like the helpful guy in the street you encounter here.  Which really angers me  most of all. People also kn0w that this is a very Catholic area and an appeal to take action instead of just donate or preach is going to be responded to.

How this relates to gang stalking is the hand gesture. This is very very important to anyone who is hit full on with years of harassment and they try everything to get you to do ANYTHING (from suicide to murder to..acting out in some way or just becoming worn down over time).

Hand gestures may just be one of the creepier type of tactics that are used. I have dealt with hand gestures like this infrequently over the years and they are ALWAYS an appeal just like in the ad. When perps grin or smirk, hang thier heads when they walk by or wave those are much more aggressive moves.  The appeals usually come in when they do thier thing with trying to bond with you or manage you’re reactions like activism or exposure.  These always come to me from men and its always working class types in a work vehicle or pick up truck.  Which is interesting considering the muppet sort of representing the same class of person in my example ad.

Perps will stop and do such a hand gesture to communicate such things as: “WTF? We destroyed your life. Give up aleardy” (Boston Fire truck 2 years ago). That was more aggressive. Nowadays its more of an appeal, but its saying the same thing. What I have seen lately is almost an appeal for peace or for me to accept them or bond with them.  A hand out with a look as bizarre as the muppet- just as much of a mind f*ck as the damn muppet as well. And once again they assume, just like the makers of the muppet ad, they are pandering to a person with a kind and good nature that may, if ‘appealed to’ (brainwashed) enough, may give up and go quietly for the good of all of course. Once again the person viewing the appeal or ad is a sucker and obviously percieved so by the advertiser.  DO NOT FORGET THAT NO MATTER HOW TIRED YOU ARE, WORN DOWN OR BRAINWASHED. YOU ARE A VICTIM. YOU ALSO HAVE THE POWER TO EXPOSE THIS SYSTEM. TOO MANY COHERENT VICTIMS WITH STORIES TO BACK UP THIER CLAIMS REVEALING THIS SYSTEM IN DETAIL HAS GOT TO MAKE SOME IMPACT OVER TIME. IF THIS WERE NOT THE CASE THEN THEY WOULD NOT HAVE TO OPERATE COVERTLY AND THEY WOULD NOT HAVE TO APPEAL TO YOU TO KEEP SILENT ABOUT THE ABUSE. Do not faulter or give in. For someone to work this hard on a person they really must have to cover thier assess. Remember its not wartime, Bush era fun time anymore. The cowboys are not in fashion now and they have alot to answer for from that era- they want to make us forget, to lull us into a sleep after ruining our lives.


YOU  ARE BEING PANDERED TO IS BECAUSE YOU DID NOT COMMIT SUICIDE.  How the f*ck does that grab you becuz that is the hard reality of the situation. Not the fantasy world that the smiling muppet nor the kindly perp would have us believe.  That perp is part of a system that supports high level white slavery as well as covers for war crimes/high crimes like human experimentation, the kind my mother was victim too and myself obviously. Just picture Mr Fuzzy green a-hole with a rifle pointed at you or some other creative re arranging the next time a perp panders to you when you are dead tired and almost ready to walk into a dream world of safety..with the damn enemy.

For me I now see how deep into programming this act goes. For those of you who are programmed it may be even more subconshus. In my third level of suicide programming there was a dark haired, bearded man of somewhat stocky build who represented a father/lover/god figure. In that level of suicide programming in order to suicide, the programming sequence simply illustrates that act as taking this man’s hand up some stairs into the ‘castle in the sky’ . ( this sequence was attached to the song Delta Dawn from the 70’s. In my programming “..mansion in the sky” is replaced with “..castle in the sky”. Delta Dawn whats that flower you have on/Could it be a faded rose from days gone by?/ And did I hear you say, he was a’meetin you hear today/ To take you to his castle in the sky. ) From infancy that song made me think of suicide and I spent a lifetime not understanding why- but strangely somewhere I knew why. Deep down.

What is going on now is obviously someone is stopping people like me from suiciding only to attempt behavior modification which is worse than death: to make the person aware of who and what they are, then wipe them completely from thier own conshusness, then try to re-create a self in a desired image.  Really sick stuff- not much better than the contents of the original programming. Worse in fact. If I had died within my internal world- taken my own life physically, I would have been preserved spiritually, protected from the reality of what was transpiring as well as a lifetime’s worth of pain and suffering. Whoever is in charge now wants people like me to not be innocent when they die. They want to drag us out of safety, torture us and have us die damned. THAT is much more f*cked up than just programming someone to suicide. 

The man in the truck appealing to me with his hands out on a lower level is yes appealing to be for silence as well as attempting to bond with me on some level.  Its what cults do when someone is worn down..and I will NEVER let it happen.  It cant.   But now I see that on a subconshus level this is an attempt to take my hand and guide me to that final resting place for my true Self and my memories of everything that has occured thus far.  If only I would take his appeal, let him pander to me, I could finish the modifcation program and allow my true Self and my true story to be suicided..while I physically stay put and live out my life with a new alter or whatefver they are going for.
Its all about silence. And for some reason they are absolutley obsessed with dragging one out of one’s programming only to destroy the person as a spiritual entity. 

It is so typically male as well. I recall the photographer who went to find that woman who is famous for having bright green eyes on the cover of National Geographic. She is what some people refer to as a Aryan Arab.

The photographer was very into getting her to remove her veil for him which is firstly a sign to Americans of freeing the women over there from oppression and secondly on a more sinister level, a man forcing a woman to give him what he wants. I took great offense to this. There are days in the USA wher I had wish I had a damn veil to wear, finally some privacy and protection from men’s constant groping with thier eyes. To take that from them in a culture that takes pride in fooling us- in the double think of making us believe we have equality yet all men have to do is look at us as objectified and they have all that power back again- just with the primitive act of a glance. Its a hell of a system folks, and let me add that if I was a rich girl my experience would not be as exploitative…but that is also the American illusion or delusion of power. I know what power I have and what I do not. It is the mistaken American male and his traitor female counterpart who foolishly believe that I would be so easily disempowered by illusions like mere money vs all my genetic advantages. If we lived out in the primitive world I know what my status would be. Gang stalking supports and keeps these falsehoods a reality.
The photographer was only satisfied after he got her to take her off her veil. It was disgusting really. What is sacred to HER in her own culture is what we should value if we claim to respect her beauty so much. Also, did he then give her years of royalties due her for snapping that pic of her obviously by surprise when she was just a teenager? I think not..what did he do instead? He exploited her further.
I am beginning to see the full scale of damage done by males en mass who do not think outside of the male mentality as such. And the appeals from the perp or the green monster are the same: you are the sucker and we will not cease until we exploit you further and get what we want- in my case its results they want.
All appeals and pandering to give into intimidation, emotional, mental or spiritual rape or silence concerning any of the aforementioned should be strictly refused. The green monster is an illusion as is the beauty of that young girl existing in a ravaged very poor area. Look at her more recent photo…that beauty is gone. But if you are not afraid of reality, that in itself may be more interesting than the beauty they wont let die on the original cover.
But America is afraid of reality, and the gang stalking system ensures that its citizens do not have to face the truly unpleasant circumstances of just how they keep on affording such a high standard of living.
They know there is dirty tricks dept- I just think they dont want to know. They just want the results.

By the way hand gestures are used to train dogs and other pets…so you can see its use in human behavior modification. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/174052/training_a_puppy_or_kitten_the_importance.html?cat=53
If you dont believe in programming as its so based in utlizing post hypnotic suggestion that is unbelievable unless you have dealt with it, then just look at the first part of my example- and believe that ad campaigns and gang stalking campaigns use many of the same ‘tricks’, which is why reading up on subliminals in media such as ads or even classical artwork is helpful for defense against psychological warfare campaigns.  The works of Wilson Bryan Keye are an excellent resource as he was a professor and got targeted for his work…which means he was on to something. 

Now you are free of any influence from a perp using this stupid method but more importantly perhaps the green monster will die soon of a corporate mascott disease like ineffectiveness or unpopularity and we can have our city back again from the clutches of some advertising firm of people who probably arent even from here. But it wont matter for TI’s..we cant vandilize them like we can ads on walls- unfortunately. Or perhaps all TI’s blogs are drawing mustaches and beards on thier ‘great works’ (snicker).


~ by onmc on August 30, 2010.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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