The Use of Psychic Warriors

I now firmly believe that we as TI’s have to look very seriously at the use of psychic warriors involved in organized stalking/harassment as behavior modification. THis is a very serious issue and I am finally so spooked and so damn in fear for my health that I am willing to actually speak about this.

Its a very difficult subject as its more unbelievable than claims that tech is used. What TI’s who are not tech savvy cant be sure of is what occurs that is tech and what occurs that is human powered ‘remote influence’.
I know this all sounds crazy and unbelievable but what connected to MK Ultra does not sound unbelievable at this point? I have found strength in that therapist in the Pres Advisory Committee vids who said to the commitee “I know this sounds unbelievable..” just in reference to the stalking/harassment and “monitoring” so experimentees are either kept from remembering or silenced if they do remember.

Tonight I was on the train. I hadnt taken a Benydryl for hours and forgot to do so.  My allergies are always slightly active here though not as bad as SoCal so when the Benydryl wears out I am fully aware of it and start to have slight symptoms. (After I was given Bacrtrim in December 09 an went into anaphylactic shock that had residual effects for so many days after wards that I had to take steroids as well as alot of Benydryl, I have since had a remaining condition of what seems like my body going into a similar yet milder anaphylaxis state. I also developed all the major allergies to food etc which were not present before. So some places like big polluted cities or farm areas make these reactions very noticable. In farm areas like driving through the midwest there is a reaction even if Benedryl is taken as maintenance.  But taking constant Benydryl daily makes it so that I dont go into full blown anaphylaxis.)  I was told by the doctor that any getting very upset could make a reaction occur or over stimulation like hard excersise. 

 It was very hot today and tonight. I hadnt done well ever since  leaving a certain city I was in to do an errand.  I mean I was aggitated and really getting pissed at people and it did not feel normal.  I was on the train and I was feeling watched yes but also I was feeling lots of outside influence and then I got caught up in what I refer to as a ‘psychic net’ by two men on the train. Its very difficult to realize this while its happening. With all the damage that has been done to me emotionally, mentally and even brain damage there is no way that I am going to be able to control my mind as I used to be able to. I can control myself and my reactions but reliving moments of torture happens so frequently everyday that I have no life at this point anyway.  I walk through life but alot of  my energy is diverted reliving  torture.  This book even though I dont want to do it, seems the only way to air out those memories so that others can live them as well and they are no longer simply hidden by me- even if no one believes me its worth it for me to not only get revenge but to siphon out some of the poison.

I was getting light sexual stimulation- lately it seems there is an effort to make me feel worthy, sexually attractive- wanted or desired. And its just as pathetic and fake as the torture was. What I need is validation and for people to understand what happened to reach other targets as well- not some bs validation from a society that originally not only rejected me by targeting and destroying the real ME but by trying to behavior modify me- obviously I as my true Self, is not acceptable. So therefore this means that thier interference in my life is not to be tolerated.   

This was coming from two men on the train. Its what I now refer to as being caught in a psychic net, but  as with other holding patterns targets get snagged into by perps, its very hard to realize it as its happening. You just cant conshusly recognize it.  

When this all became too stressful I realized I had not taken Benydryl for half the day. Due to the stress I began to have a reaction, though mild, its more alarming when underground in a train. I always get nervous as ever since there was a fire down there a few years ago and we had to be evacuated off the train it occurs to me how really stuck on is in an underground tunnel. Trapped really.    I took 2 pills then got out the epi pen. This is not a big deal to me as it is just the results of years of the campaign and having to travel alot- circumstances just added up to this. But perhaps I should look at how the perps seem to always get results as well as have perfect timing- in many cases as if they know what is going to happen way in advance and plan accordingly.  Me having insight into danger up ahead moments before its going to harm me is NOTHING compared to what these f*ckers can do. Its like they have conquered all of time itself.

When I did have this reaction and took the appropriate steps to control it I noted that the ideations and feelings I was having that seemed so oppressive left me. I also noted that two men close to me on the train looked slightly like they had been caught doing something as well as a tad guilty.  That is the only reason that I even realized that it was them and that this was actually occuring. When I went to get off the train one of them got off, the dark haired one and he had a slight smirk, very slight. He also looked like whatever they were doing was blown but he didnt feel badly about it. The other man, shaved head with green or ice blue eyes, looked a bit more worried about being caught as well as the operation being blown..and slightly guilty about making such a reaction occur.  And I got off the train, turned around and looked at each of them- one as he got off the train and the other still on it. And it was very obvious that there was some kind of connection or had been.  When I first realized on the train that this was indeed occuring, you could tell they were involved these two particular men and that they had been busted and were frustrated with having to stop what they were doing.  

It was like being groped by two guys on the train- that harassment you read about that can actually be caught and dealt with. How is one supposed to protect oneself from psychic warfare?  It isnt as bad as it was a few years ago where I was being truly tortured with instances so severe that its inhuman or being beaten down obviously to get me to become a mindless sex slave WITHOUT any alter egos or compartmentalization.  It seems now its about management or continuing behavior modification specifically in order to get me to have what they percieve of as a better life. Going to UMass is still being pushed and I get flashes of either seeing UMass Boston campus or feelings of comfort when then responding to those flashes of seeing the campus.

I love the fact that outright torture that was very severe took place during Bush and yet now they are attempting to make nice and fix everything- using a milder form of exactly what the torture consisted of.  It is exactly the same thing as American troops going in and destroying, terrorizing and invading a country and then providing comfort through handing out food, then occupying that area, then rebuilding that area, usually in an image it finds acceptable compared to the original culture.  PEOPLE are NOT countries. To destroy an entire person via torture and isolation then to try to bond with them via making a nice life for them is not acceptable. Once again note how sex is used. It is used as the main key to get into the Will power of the human being and its then used against them to torture them, then its used to heal the person.

All totally inexcusable. Especially as I note its always male dominance very much linked to sex that is utilized. There are females involved and this might be more damaging psychologically than anything else. Like if you are being harassed in that way, its making you react, you cant control it, and are surrounded by women like in a shelter setting for instance and its obvious there is a large group in on what is going on. It makes the TI feel that there is no way out and that the whole group that is now the only human company the TI really has approves of such behavior and abusing the scape goat in such a manner.

I notice that many times either pedophiles are involved who are  child molesters or men with convictions for raping women. 

How is one supposed to protect one’s self  from this kind of  influence. Its obvious to me now that human forces directly provide interference or ‘remote influence’ through psychic warfare. It sounds more crazy than claims of weapons or technology being used. People dont want to accept that such a force exists as its very hard to imagine how one would fight such a force.  Its easier to believe its all technologies which may be percieved as easier to control. You can turn a machine off- how can you turn a person ‘off’.  Believe me you can, you can rip thier wiring out so to speak- to lower greatly thier psychic abilities. The problem is that obviously many TI’s are victims to this and the faction doing such a thing has psychics using thier abilities who are on the side of the powerful and thus are probably percieved as controlled- thus not a threat.

I dont want to admit it either but its got to be said. The thing I have yet to figure out, other than always being accompanied by allies wherever you go, is if you ARE alone and being targeted in such a way- how can you counter this when you can never be conshus of it occuring?  Its very hard especially along with what feels like something not so human influencing large areas- which is probably a blanketing of tech en mass for mind control.

It sounds unbelievable and crazy but what connected to MK Ultra is not?  Now I fully understand why they intimidated survivors from being at that Pres Advisory Committee as well as then denied the existence of recovered memories. Its to put a cap on either human experimentation that is highly illegal or to prevent the true nature or progress of those experiments from ever being revealed.  Also using such techniques domestically when they are usually shown to be used as ‘peaceful conflict resolution’ overseas would result in such public outcry that they cannot afford to be exposed.


~ by onmc on September 1, 2010.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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