The Satanic cult that rules the world

Just interesting to read as its not outright conspiracy quackery. Like someone took details into consideration. Was thinking about how hopeless this is, was tortured badly tonight. As usual whatever it was lifted, I feel healthy, balanced and somewhat normal now if not worn out and tired. A return to my strong, solid true self.  I looked at the computer clock upon feeling I had gained some relief from an absolutley crippling feeling of deadly depression- lifted just like that. Of course the clock said 12:00 am  or  a few moments after. This has been occuring for years.

We now live in Hell I am sure of it.  There is no way of getting out of what the sysetem has created, not without dropping out of humanity or off the grid totally.

Someone, somewhere wanted me to see that being on the internet itself, having an aircard may be part of the problem. I didnt want to look at the fact that Sprint was bought out by Nextel, who owns the towers on top of the building I was targeted so hard in when I lived there from 2002-2006: 335 Washington St Brighton MA. I needed a good company with reliable internet service but I should be more realistic about the provider and any internet service at all really.  I was really not looking well at all. I am down in the T station and there are people going by as well as a camera. Someone must have seen this, me looking like I was literally melting as my internet service cut off and would only go to roaming- which is when I felt a slight relief, enough to continue on and not feel so very put upon. And of course when midnight came I felt whatever it was lift totally.

I believe that the only way to get away from this is to live without cell or internet..which of course gives the system what it wants which is instant removal of a Target from society. Never to be heard from again, and never to inform the public of what is going on.

But it doesnt seem like the public care too much about any of this or want to change anyway.  It would be so typical for this system to  brainwash TI’s into some apocalyptic prophecy or some other rationale as to why we must leave the cities and all tech behind.


~ by onmc on September 4, 2010.

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