Sundays in Boston area/ programming and The Prisoner tv series

As usual in this geographic location its Sunday. I woke up with no self doubt, anxiety or being mentally jammed. I felt all right.
Of course today there is much in person harassment that is overt (while being covert in nature, its ‘overt’ to a seasoned Target) ..its Sunday I realized. This is yet another documented instance of an obvious formula being used in a gang stalking campaign involving the triad: stalking/harassment, chemical warfare and remote influence.   All dependent on timing and geographical location as well as physical location such as structures being variables.

I can depend on Sundays in this geo location there will be felt a relief from ‘remote influence’ but there will be a step up in the presence of in person harassment and stalking.  Pretty systematic for something that is not supposed to exist and is supposed to be a product of a mentally ill person’s mind.
Wake up. The country is now under full mass mind control. I dont know if it only affects those who are ‘tagged’ or born into being enslaved to begin with by such a system or if its a constant presence for every human being in various countries. Or even if it is only used on the masses  in certain situations like say… oh, elections for instance to get a desired outcome.

It is present, it does exist and for some of us its a living hell, a prison with no way out. Even suicide cant be trusted for relief as if it IS indeed a system of utilizing brain mapping etc then who knows the horrors that can be made to occur after death of the body when the brain still has electrical activity for months afterwards.  I would not be at all surprised if these bastards want TI’s to suicide just so they can enter the realm of human death via monitoring a Target during such an event.

Whoever is doing this does not consider targets to be on the same level of human value as themselves.  We are akin to lab rats in thier perception of us, thier actions dictate that. There does exist people so wealthy and educated and in a position of power that this is also totally feasible, especially with the technological capabilities humans have now at higher levels.

It often seems like whoever is doing this makes it their business to manage society by such means. However what they are doing NOW is different from what was pulled during 9/11 and Bush and that cannot be forgotten nor can the way this ‘program’ is run NOW ever be perceived as separate from those Bush years. It IS part of it, it is part of the same long term program with long term goals. We must NEVER forget who we were before Bush and for us, the horrors of the 9/11 era.
This is why so many targets are interested or express views on 9/11 or a New World Order. It is somehow connected as the timing is very accurate and calculating in connection to individual TI’s  situations and 24/7 harassment campaigns.
What it culminates to is a process in which the TI is actually killed or tortured to death (during Bush) and then brought through a hell of sorts, now it is attempted to create a false sense of safety and closure in the present time span.  One can feel the lack of human life force in one’s body and a draining lack of Will. A TI is of course separated from loved ones as if the Target is indeed dead. Most of what is done is to not just mock a murder by torture of a target but to actually have the person experience this WITHOUT DYING PHYSICALLY. And by that I mean the heart stopping or all brain functions ceasing.  However, in order to achieve this there had to be some BRAIN DAMAGE done in order to simulate death to a certain extent. Which is why mycotoxins as well as torture and psych warfare are so important to MK Ultra which is what this process is obviously based on.  (LSD if you recall was experimented with frequently. I believe they discovered the age old value of mycotoxins not LSD specifically has to be used. Many TI’s can attest to be dosed frequently during the Bush era. The affects of the drugs seem to be they have perfected in detail psychotropics as well as what has been described as blockers or drugs that can really wipe you out mentally temporarily so that you are just vegetative. Over time along with the other parts of the campaign these drugs do damage to every aspect of the person. But its the content of the psychological warfare and  behavior modification program that determines just HOW that process of damage is going to be used to modify the targeted person.)
In the end the person has actually experienced a controlled brain death which is used by this system to condition them.   Its obviously the use of what was created as a system to reformat human beings using MK Ultra methods. Mycotoxins (LSD), isolation, brainwashing etc.

It now seems that attempts at repairs to certain TI’s are being made as well as trying for various versions of happy endings for each person’s  life.   However what is suspect about this is always there is an attempt to get me to believe that writing an expose is not desirable. Therefore every wise TI must resist these attempts even if it does more damage ultimately.

ENDING UP IN A HAPPY PLACE IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR TRUTH.  And such an ending to a persons story should not be tolerated. Think of all the threats I have recieved over the years. ‘You’ll face a life of loneliness if you tell the truth about what happened’.  Of course its typical brain washing as it makes no sense under scrutiny.
I was lonely before but I had MYSELF to depend on.  I am certainly never LEFT ALONE to be LONELY as I am constantly stalked, harassed, engaged with or there is attempted brain washing by forces of remote influence.  What they are threatening me with is a life of not belonging to any family or group as they make sure they take you away from all yer support systems and surround you with perps who are your constant companions and they basically  condition you constantly as their only interaction.   What they really want is for you to settle down into the cult or the group or some handlers becuz after years of this shit you should be tired enough to finally drop somewhere and they will be there to start a whole new existence for you.

Recall the Prisoner tv show from the 60’s.  That show was not ahead of its time- but its a specialty show. If only many of us knew that it was THE traditional way to deprogram mind controlled slaves (spies, couriers, etc) we might have fared better during this process. But the very fact that only certain people are very interested in the Prisoner shows that they perhaps dont know the truth about thier own existence- until its too late. There are things about that show that you don’t understand and remain mysterious, until yer targeted. Then its very obvious and you could just kiss Mcgoohan for sneaking it under the noses of tv programmers back then who weren’t really watching Python etc for content. Python is also very helpful but you already knew that.
In the end McGoohan tells you its the Masons and he doesn’t really tell you how to escape- which becomes less maddening as yer gang stalking campaign drags on. What No. 6 provides us is a constant reminder- a return to our Will and the will to Resist. THIS is what is most important throughout this ordeal, not some perfect answer on where is the door or who exactly is responsible.  Its the tactics he uses and his constant refusal to leave his inner programming and urge to survive, or abandon his dignity of Self.
The offer is always on the table: just slowly give in to the reality of the Island or whatever they refer to the prison as. I think “the island” was what the Simpson’s used in thier spoof of The Prisoner which is not only funny but its great when Lisa just turns the computer off to get rid of No. 2. Its the same message: You have the power to fight this just use action and yer free Will.   Though its not as simple as a switch. Its a bit more dodgy as in the tv show’s episodes. Imagine that character keeping up such a fight for years on end. Every single day. Surrounded by people who’s status is always unknown as friend of foe. The Prisoner only gives you a glimpse as entertainment (and assistance/instruction for targeted persons) into what such an existence would be like. Its a television representation of such a situation and I respect it for only trying to be a representation not attempting to be a reality show (ugh) or a full story line with an ending. Its in good taste as it handles a very hard subject matter. And for those of us who really needed to be attracted to it enough to watch it through, it offers information through symbols and we are attracted to colors, shapes and style of the way its made. One is then pulled in by something familiar in No 6’s character. Perhaps we just believe that we have been cleverly dogding an oppressive overt system of social control in society all our lives and this is its representation. But as we are targeted and become painfully familiar with the fact that we are survivors of high level programming and that we are to be destroyed if not totally marginalized for our gifts and sheer ability to utilize our Will.
Sadly the show becomes less enjoyable and more necessary as each mysterious section or part we couldnt figure before comes into clear focus.  I never would have figured out that due to them playing with his programming and compartmentalization that this is why he requests to be caned 12 times “so I can remember”.  You start to have to go to such lengths as they mess with your mind more and more each year. The affects you begin to suffer- whatever is left of you that is desperate to survive takes measures to ‘manage’ whats left of your mind and its systems.  Also in that same scene its eerie that childrens songs are attached to programming in ways that are deadly serious.  Pop goes the weasel is not a very nice piece of programming and I will not get into it. But “pop” is more akin to death in the minds of its recipients in programming- the programmers name who is going to be the ‘weasel’ who gets ‘popped’. And this may not be literal assasination- it may be instructions to fight a certain figure till death if necessary in some other way.
Also him arguing numbers with letters.  This is a common trick used naturally by a programmed mind to deflect intrusions.  A programmed person may find themselves counting numbers mentally on one side of thier mind while going over letters visually on another ‘screen’ in thier minds and this seems to deflect any intrusion. Reciting the alphabet song is useful as once again its a childrens song and is easily remembered and recited mentally.

Then again its a bit of a useless process when on arrives in a very infiltrated place of living hell like St Louis MO, where a stream of blacks in a train station come by you and many of them lean into your face and recite the alphabet song or other parts of the tactic that you recently used to defend your mind from intrusion or destruction. And remember: you never said a word or made a sound outright. It was ALL mental.
This indicates that brain mapping may be used if in the case of non psychic forces observing or monitoring or psychic human forces are used and you do not know how common this is. Its disgusting how much inner power you are given as a programmed person and then how easy it seems for the perps to just dismantle you.  Like you are nothing, as if you have no power at all.

The Prisoner can make a target not lose sight of that power. We see a mirror image of our stubbornness, our intelligence and our Will. The Prisoner is obviously more valuable as well as better and smarter than those around him trying to destroy him or use him to impress No 1 or the company they are part of.

The number one reason that  a Targeted survivor is made to feel so bad about themselves especially if they are attractive (which many are due to the programmers wanting thier assets to be able to gain easy access anywhere) is they want them to separate from physical mirrors.
A simple tool like a mirror can assist a survivor in healing.  Especially a person deprogramming.  You never really saw yourself clearly. And when suicide programming came the image in the mirror was a death sentence as ONE WRINKLE around the eye indicating imperfection and you no longer look 20 (of course you look 20 and yer 32 but that isnt good enough for a system of Luciferian perfections)  as a layer of programming tells you:” Its time to go”.  Becuz you dont look perfect anymore in the assessment of a system that demands perfection under threat of death. And its not taken personally, its very computer like. Its simply time to destroy a program that no longer functions- mind controlled slaves can do this to alters easily. So why should the larger overseer system have any trouble erasing YOU just as YOU erased an ALTER.  This is the true inhumanity of the programming system. Its like a giant computer rules over everyone who is programmed in it. But I will tell you something- its alot easier to tolerate than the bastards who come after us seeking to damn our souls, pick us up as crumbs, scavenging us out of Lucifer’s trash bin and seeking to get info out of whatever is left of us.
Remaining Luciferian till our deaths in some part of ourselves, we begin to hate ourselves and this perversion of our true fine natures.  In order to fully achieve this the’gang stalking’ system MUST take us away from healing as well as any reflecting or studying of ourselves.  So we are made aged, ugly, self hating and mirrors no longer hold any fascination or usefulness as who were once were in Truth is now a very different reflection from what we behold in the mirror today.

This gives the system control over our perceptions of Self. In this way they can define who we are, what we have become and what we will become in the future.  Its the internalization of such ugliness without a balance or contrast of fine beauty that destroys us inside over time.  The Luciferian or Hermetic- whatever you want to refer to it as, perception of things is dual. We need to feel those scales weighing all the time to feel mentally active and alive. The satanic forces that come after us seek only to keep us, to chain us and to absorb us into the fold. There are attempts to convert our systems to Christianity but its just too far fetched- both contrasts are very damaging to us. To ask such a creature to choose either dark or light and Christianity being only a representation of a light not an actual Light itself is destructive.

If we cant see our reflections then ordeals like the one above, people getting in our faces and reciting our deepest thoughts define us. We begin to see only thier ugliness, thier mobbing of us, our weakness, our not winning over the enemy which in the past was rewarded now we are mocked for even trying. We fail and in a Luciferian system, that is unacceptable.

The greatest weapon against programmed survivors is to bring out so much emotion and make this all so personal that we can no longer be in touch with our computer like system which provides an impersonal approach to everything and this IS inner peace of existence. That is why the gang stalking system seeks to over stimulate, bomb with stimuli, isolate yet never leave you alone, lonely but no true privacy, anchor and sensitize to stimuli.  Its cult brainwashing and its meant to rape you into being so sensitive that you no longer have any separation from your rapists. You are now part of thier family and part of thier system. Eventually they will trick you into giving in to this as you get worn down, desperate and lose strength and life force.

This is the value of the character No 6 in The Prisoner to every targeted survivor of programming.  He provides a reflection when the targeting system is not allowing you one of yer own bravery, cleverness, intelligence and well as stubbornness and refusal to give up on one’s dignity.

Lately there is alot of concern by me that its useless as no one will believe me or that people will believe only that I am mentally ill.

This system and the people around me closest to me did such a damn good job in the beginning of this by creating a wall of doubt- and fear of  being labeled. Now I understand why they did it in the beginning as they did. They never expected that I was stupid enough or sloppy enough to get myself labeled or fall into traps, but they knew that all that intimidation, betrayal and creation of bad memories that would repeat themselves would create such a mental prison for me that I could not possibly escape it easily. In fact it may kill me. I now realize thier plan was to make it a psychological prison, a guard on information that I cant break easily years down the road. The results of which are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing right now. With a bit of daily maintenance, this system makes it virtually impossible for me to disclose anything at all especially in an articulate manner.


~ by onmc on September 12, 2010.

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