My theory on man’s survival being seen as key connected to space travel is validated by NASA

In this post I talk about how music is made somewhat lifeless now due to the tech used to play it or produce it.  And how many emotions are either flattened or manipulated in our modern false environment. I was going to include this as part of it but I decided to isolate it into its own post:

Howard Stern used to refer to a similar phenomena that he found tasteless. He used to call it “false excitement” that was being manufactured by trying to sell something. Its like a studio audience’s reactions to things and its obvious that they are told to be that way.  In the old days they used ‘canned laughter’ on sitcoms like MASH and it was pure torture years later. As kids we had to listen to this laugh track from a radio show in like 1930 something. It was the same laugh track they used for years. THAT was up to qualify as torture. It was an early form of mind control or creating  a false reality and it was acceptable before the public became more sophisticated and savvy via the internet and the 90’s telling everyone anything was possible for any individual.  So now the tactics of mind control or fooling the masses has to be more sophisticated…and its much more poisonous to the human mind and dangerous.  Its become necessary to be very intrusive into people’s minds and emotions.
That old laugh track has this woman on it that would say “oh oh” as if something was about to happen in the show it was originally filmed at. There was this horn blowing as well, probably to signify a joke like comedy shows will do with a drum kit.  But to hear that over and over for was very damaging.  False environments have been being formed for years its just that in order to control the public now they have to go to great lengths even dangerous ones to humans and thier mental health. And its obvious that Mars and deep space travel is on thier minds or living on space stations or underground to avoid environmental conditions. False environments may be the only way to contain humans in the future, or to convert what is left of a habitable world into something part fantasy and part nature or physical reality. This Harvard professor used to tell me that in the future there will be holograms of everything due to shortages of materials. He did NOT mention however the human psyche having to be cut down so it may be packaged either for deep space travel or to put into mechanical containers like robots to survive worsening environmental conditions or lack of oxygen in space.
Its been obvious for years that part of what they are working on is to tame the beast in humans or learn to handle it so that deep space travel or other kinds of close quarters living will not be a disastrous venture.  I understand that humans as they are need the earth and to take us in our present state out into space or underground- we’d f*ckin kill each other.  To perform a sort of psychosurgery on human beings, to see what makes the animal within be manageable, is very practical.  And the purpose of conditioning them to live with terror as a natural part of thier lives might be to control the human beast nature within.
There are other ways however. And all of this is to keep man from having a spiritual evolution worldwide. Human gentleness and feelings are not valued in the future and neither is privacy but that is, I assume, the price of conditioning man for his future survival.

“As we move out in our solar system, expanding human presence, we can’t prove what we will find will be useful.
“It was understood in Columbus’s time that if voyagers discovered new lands they would find valuable things. We can’t prove today that we can exploit what we find to the benefit of humankind.”

However, in the long run, Griffin believes “human populations must diversify if it wishes to survive.”
In explaining his goals for NASA in testimony to Congress in 2004, Griffin said: “The single overarching goal of human space flight is the human settlement of the solar system, and eventually beyond.”I can think of no lesser purpose sufficient to justify the difficulty of the enterprise, and no greater purpose is possible.”
In this effort, Griffin told AFP that cooperation between nations is key if mankind’s calling to the final frontier is to be realized.”

It seems that they will do whatever is necessary to make this a reality. In these situations people like me and other TI’s are lab monkeys who are totally expendable.  By the time the transition is made and these industries are established, any human rights violations will be forgotten. Kind of like never really acknowledging that Native American genocide had to occur for America to exist. Its just something that non Native Americans are willing to live with as part of the price of having an United States of America exist, though in true reality it does not exist and if so its totally illegal.  This is another example of creating  a false environment or reality and having people totally accept it as normal.

There are probably some very wealthy people already lined up to invest in these industries. The second you have serious investments like that anyone’s life is expendable to make it happen.

Also note how they are saying China can be a partner. A bit strange considering China’s gross human rights violations. If you havent figured out these bastards codes they use to communicate already let me clue you in on what that little piece of info means: ‘ we will go to any lengths (as quoted above) to make this work and we will make use of any country necessary to do so’.  Or any ONE it seems.

After the transition experiementees like myself and other TI’s will be about as remembered for our suffering as a single Native American is for thiers.  No one even wants to hear about the Trail of Tears existing much less really ponder it or feel for it as a true event- much less think of any individual Native for giving up thier lives.  Its easier to hate Natives, to blame the victims so you dont have to face the sh*t you pulled.

And now its so disgusting for TI’s to have to watch this PC liberal leftist bleeding heart farce that both sides secretly laugh at- the trend now is to apologize for shit in the past but not really do anything about preventing it from happening again to some new victims or to really heal people from the fallout of the deed, black slavery being an example of this.   The frickin Vikings from Denmark are apologizing for invasions for X sake. Its ridiculous.   To apologize so long after the fact is a joke and everyone knows it.  And viking invasions are tit compared to this torture. Blonde thugs messing up yer village is normal human behavior.  Taking over an ENTIRE country of ALL its land from MOST of its indigenous populations is a bit more severe. Invasions and conquring weakening empires is one thing. But what was done to Australia as well as North America is outrageous and what is being done to human beings with these technologies for human experimentation or social control is also totally out of bounds. Not that torture isnt normal for humans but in this day and age to be able to still do this to people IN PUBLIC SPACES while doing it COVERTLY as well as threatening the victim with no one believing them BY MAKING THEM OUT TO BE MENTALLY ILL is also up there with totally out of line outrageous acts against humanity.  Pillaging villages and snagging women is not unusual for males to behave especially if they are starving in their own country or just thugs by nature or have Christians up thier ass about conversion so they decide to start pilfering thier neighborhoods.  Which are all suspected rationales for viking criminal behavior. But they didnt take over an entire fucking country and wipe out the rest of the population. Nor did slave owners destroy all of Africa- but they are still trying it seems.  But they were guilty of torture.

A TI is someone who is being not only tortured to death but wiped out of existence.  To be  captured by the enemy or occupied is one thing- to be wiped out of existence by using torture is outrageous.  It happens alot on earth nowadays. There have been many instances of  ‘ethnic cleansing’ and it passes by the news as just another story nowadays.   People are very into thier false environments. This is thier survival now. Compassion is bad for competition and that is survival now.  People care as much about me or destruciton of populations world wide as people cared about stories of viking invasions centuries ago.

This is not progress or evolution. Man is simply taking his horror show on the road out into space. Whatever spiritual evolution that could have happened after the 90’s is crushed now and the transition into the computer age has been made very differently than it could have been.  The old guards ways have been re established. Now its time to expand into outer space with the same brutishness as on earth. The only reason I assume that they want to control humans is to control slaves in other environments. MAN WILL NEVER GIVE UP SLAVERY. You can bet on that. It will never happen.  This feel good cult of political correctness systematically ignores the plights of many many suffering peoples in order to create  a niche for the feel good liberal crowd within the new false environments created. If that were NOT true then they would truly assist thier fellow man, not have an attitude of ‘oh well you are toast but we are helping so many inner city kids’ or whoever is thier new cause. Trannies or whatever.  People like me dont matter. We dont appeal enough to liberals.  I guess I have to have boobs AND a dick or be more ethnic to count for assistance fighting oppression.   This is why I like conservative Republican delusional sickos much better- the abuse is certainly more honest, forthright and overt. I know who is trying to stick it to me with no lube this administration, not some creepy cover up with ‘feel good’ crap all over it. Which makes fighting the enemy impossible becuz they keep insisting there ISNT one, which makes you even more pissed off.  I want to know who hates me, why and I want them to hate me to my face or overtly. I will then return fire. Its very simple people.  I do NOT however want to sink into sorrow over being oppressed, while losing sight of being oppressed, then told its over when its clearly not, to be cared for by the system with a low income  apartment and a medical maryjane card to help me retain what is left of my sanity.   Notice how I am losing it during this administration?  The torture was much worse during Bush but so was my ability to fight back or counter.  Being told there is no war when clearly there is one still going on is the worst thing for a warrior nature and that is exactly what is going on now.

Our weapons are being taken from us as is our Will to fight, and we are being handed paint brushes and told to wash this fence nice and white. So that nice picket fences can be  a reality again in America.   This happens every time they freak out an entire generation with a war. Dont you see the similarity from the WW II generation? June Cleaver is the anti Hitler.  She and all that culture of denial are direct results of coming out of the war so traumatized that no one can think straight. And those men had compartmentalized memories I can tell you that from having a former Marine with multiple tours in my family from that era. There was no help back then so they just forgot it and it caused major problems through the years.  When you traumatize a nation with a war and terrorism you are going to get a bunch of stupified very complacent human beings who, as my grandmother said “We just wanted to forget about the war”.  Yes but what is it that corrupt authority has pulled that you are forgetting about?  It cant be good in any era.

And laughably this modern era of people believe they are impervious to such things due to modern psychiatry or big pharma telling them thier problems and then medicating them for them.  Its the same con it always was and its being worked just the same.  If you want a clear view of the era you lived through in any time period just try to imagine what the history books will look like and say about it years from now.  Will it be  a just and true reflection? What is it that they are missing- that YOU the people allowed to be covered up?


~ by onmc on September 14, 2010.

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