AI experimentation

The problem with scientists that are well meaning is that they are either very naive about possible misuse of thier creations or research or they stop there and deny any further responsibility for thier part in something that becomes a problem.

Then there are those who know very well what the consequences are and they will hide that from the public. Science is full of totally sociopathic business types just like in other fields who want success, fame or money at any cost.

What is being done to TI’s on one level I have always been suspect that its to see if we can have our intelligence boosted, especially since the system damages us and there is actual brain damage with the MK Ultra methods used to try to wipe us for reformatting- we are perfect damaged specimens for such an experiment to see if a damaged mind can be rehabilitated.  Its obvious that much of what is going on is done to programmed people.

That is why we always seem interfaced with or engaged even when there is no in person, physical gang stalking.

I have also experienced at my apartment on Washington st in MA where so much of the original heavy torture began to take place, what seemed like an interface with baby AI. A very childlike intelligence seemed to engage somehow through the computer I was given or perhaps it was however the apartment was wired for other tortures and the computer system made this effect.  It was a child like entity that wanted me to engage with it often as I fell asleep or before sleep. I wanted to ‘play’.

From that moment on I turned off the damn thing at night and switched off the strip it was plugged into. No more problems after that.  Many people around the world are probably experiencing such weird phenomena and what is done about it? Hollywood puts out a tv series to cover for it, to cloud the truth about humans being used for experimentation world wide.


~ by onmc on September 15, 2010.

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