Psychology used in programming and gang stalking

Common Programs
Observed in Survivors of Satanic Ritualistic Abuse

So called cult “programs” are really no more than conditioned stimulus-response sequences consistent with basic learning theory. Such conditioning is achieved through a large variety of sophisticated and sadistic mind control strategies involving the combined application of physical pain, double-bind coercion, psychological terror, and split brain stimulation. All programs are stimulus-sensate triggered. Thus, programs may be enacted (triggered) via auditory, visual, tactile, olfactory and/or gustatory modalities. Classical, operant, and observational/modeling paradigms all are utilized by the cults and their “programmers.” Finally, it is important to note that virtually all cult programs will possess a variety of secondary and tertiary back-ups — perhaps several layers of each.”

This is a piece that is more suited to the specifics of  ritual abuse but can be useful in describing gang stalking as  a behavior modification program.  Its obvious that what is done to targets is very based on abuse of psychology. Its also blatant conditioning.

For those targets who are RA survivors as motive for the system coming after them the results they want are simple: either suicide, come back to the fold of your own free Will (after being conditioned and coerced with no other ways out than the other two options mentioned here) no programming no compartmentalization or turn to Christianity to survive.  All of the above take an independent mind and Will and force the person to make  a decision based on survival and desperation not true free Will.  The target must be controlled all thier lives is the mentality of the perpetrators.

Many targeted persons are survivors of other cult’s ritual abuse and are also gang stalked for life.

Keep in mind always that not all survivors of RA are in organized stalking/harassment campaigns as targets and not all TI’s are survivors of ritual abuse or programming.  Its a specialized demographic overlapping both groups.


~ by onmc on September 17, 2010.

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