Projected Destiny And The Presence Of Occult Masonic Symbolism

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Many coincidences are interesting as they can be viewed as orderly or having a certain order to them not just random. Take the following photos. For people who seem to be, in thier early years unknowns, the attention and focus given them in photos during thier youth often seem Luciferian in nature- as we view the presentations of official power positions in the two later photos.
The use of geometry when expressing or ‘framing’ powerful people or a person filling a powerful position of office is not so surprising and is expected.
What is disturbing are the many photos of historical figures in thier youth where they seem ‘chosen’ or illuminated or favored even before such a powerful position becomes a possibility to them.

This is not fate. This is I now believe a covert system of dealing with power by utilizing people as pawns on a board with long term plans hatched way before they come to pass.

A young Obama school photo from Hawaii:

The Guardian published a piece about how dysfunctional Hitler’s family was and stated its news to the public. Maybe the mainstream but many different people over the years have been familiar with books even before the internet came about that gave a historical picture of Hitler to that effect. There are also books that portray him as being tortured by some unseen force(s). His madness may have been induced. I often wonder if his turn to hatred of Jews was due to a campaign of psych warfare of such force along with his discovering his place among military men that he became hateful, bitter and warped. Its quite possible.
This constant wondering about how he turned from drifter to mega powered hate machine is laughable without factoring in covert warfare.

Young Adolph Hitler’s school photo:

Hitler school photo

A few photos made specially using certain geometry to form an expression of power. Note the similarities to the layouts of all other photos displayed:

George W Bush when president-

GW Bush office

freemason-skull-wallpaper-droid-quote  George H W Bush in Skull and Bones from Yale University in Conn., USA-


Read about geometry in art works using  this principle:


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