Brainwashing in America

Take note that when they speak of children being shown “pagan” imagery and taking that on opposed to Christianity or logic as part of brainwashing, as far as the NWO goes, its New Age type of pagan content not true ancient pagan religions or belief systems.   THAT would support nationalism in some belief systems or it would directly rival other non Christian belief systems like Judaism.  And it seems that Christian Right types that went along with Bush are all for this mass mind control system.  Perhaps the author is refering to old values from Christianity such as morality, decency, sensibility etc.  The new Christian Rights dont seem to be about that. They are about money, sexism and waging war on anyone that doesnt believe as they do.

This is the problem with many articles and other content on the internet  that challenge the globalization/mass mind control scheme.  One needs to realize that it is now apparent that both parties and many other factions that seem in conflict with each other both have a stake in the NWO.  Anyone who really sees what is going on doesnt trust  Obama  as much as they didnt trust Bush.
It may be that what defines Liberal or Democrat nowadays is very different from what defined it years ago.  It seems that both parties have a vested interest in seeing the public brought under control and then cult mind control being used to manage them effectively.

The author is pretty dead on about what is going on. And the perpetrators and handlers who are present and are pushing this agenda seem to work for the agenda not for whatever party or belief system they are supposedly part of.

The problem is not with socialism. There are plenty of socialist like countries that also believe in personal freedom and are nationalist. Its merely a way of running govt. What is going on now is what is usually part of a socialist or communist countries attempts to rule over thier people through brainwashing. Some European countries are socialist- do they have such a way of thinking or governing? No. But in countries like Russia and China yes, there were and are such brainwashing schemes. When socialism is used to brainwash people to ultimately control them its brainwashing not socialism.
I for one think very much like a person who lives in a tribe or collectively with other people but not a blood related family unit. Many of us that had hope during Clinton think this way. We then go form or live in intentional communities (the modern commune- run more sensibly and responsibily than our parents era of casual communes) or households. The problem is not a socialist way of thinking its the use of thought control systems or ‘brainwashing’ to enslave human beings under the GUISE of socialism.

Whatever is going down right now EVERYONE who has any brains at all or true good intentions sees right through it and knows that its misguided. People should want to take on such a change to a new system of governance of thier own FREE WILL- or such like minded people can form thier own communities. There is something very wrong with people being brainwashed into taking such action. And I notice that people like myself are targeted and I am far from a Conservative or a Republican. But whatever the hell has hijacked the Liberals and the Democrats they are not anything I represent or are interested in. They seem to be very against someone like me, just as I got messed with during Bush, and very much by BU kids from conservative backrounds. So it is not a form of socialization nor governance we have ever seen in the US before- we have seen it however in movies about communist Russia or brainwashing tortures in places like China or other parts of Asia noted for such mind control tactics over thier people. That is not Liberalism.

Its called infiltration. And I have first hand seen it in some Christian factions in this fight as well. Just keep on qualification in mind: mind control. If it smacks of brainwashing, mind control or behavior modification and doesnt include true fairness, justice or logical thought then it is just that: thought reform. Not whatever other system its claiming to represent.

It makes sense that everyone like myself left the country during Bush and now everyone who is like myself but happens to be conservative, wealthy, Republican or of that ilk is now leaving or has left before Obama. So how is it about political parties or political belief Liberal or Conserative? Its not. Its about anyone who is scared to death of living in a world that seems to no longer think and demands by intimidation that you smile, look cute and love yer brother- godamnit! When people have to be beaten down to start believing a certain way, or when peace can only be reached by people being killed off intellectually or as individuals then that is not peace, that is a cult.


~ by onmc on September 20, 2010.

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