Abductions of Targeted Individuals Compared to Alleged Alien Abductions

This is a complicated subject. Every Target’s story is different.  I have found a very interesting article that is not the norm. The links in it are worth checking out.

illegal CIA rendition” link: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/05/world/europe/05italy.html

“MK Ultra mind control torture” link:

In my situation and my lack of formal education as well as getting a crash course in the way the outside world works I often miss lots of news stories that would be helpful to me. Also I am very emotionally involved and suffering severe psychological wounding due to being targeted for years. Its not easy to do just as much activism as I have done. Its not easy to be the victim AND the advocacy. So thanks to whoever linked these useful articles for definition or example. Wikipedia is getting old as well as they are sometimes censored or biased.

Before you read this article you have to keep something in mind. Much of the information that is of use either has disinfo in it and is being used for that purpose or its just plain ‘framed’ and presented wrong by the ignorant (mis information).
If you are familiar at all with the subject matter at hand you will note that the links involved are very real, very useful and substantiate the claims of many human experimentees, MK Ultra survivors as well as victims of intelligence agency abuses or abuse of covert ops in warfare on a target. And the validation of covert ops themselves. “Its our job”..ugh.
But conveniently that is all then funneled into an article about aliens which of course is not as credible.  It may be just the desperation of any author trying to get a very unbelievable subject some cred by utilizing very credible links to similar materials.

The following article is very useful. If you change the words “alien” to “humane experimentation by parties unknown” (though there are the usual suspects) it opens up to possibility.
Much of what is said is very true…but its true of people claiming to be Ritual Abuse survivors with some connection to CIA or Military human experimentation or high level programming. Many of these survivors and Targeted Individuals have never ONCE seen an alien or any evidence of aliens as written into this article. I am one of those people. And I refuse to go that route until the day I see some gray bastard with huge eyes right in front of my face. Which is ridiculous as thier heads couldnt be supported by thier puny bodies.
But I am not one to deny someone else’s experiences I just havent had that experience. (If they do exist they’re probably afraid I would lunge at them or something. I notice that perps are very not into mobbing my personal body space the way they do other targets. They watched me at Southie beach a month ago, thinking that my health had affected my body strength or that like my mother I couldn’t swim. Many of them looked kind of annoyed that I could swim somewhat beautifully and my muscular build had not been totally taken from me by psychological warfare.
That is becuz I possess what you have GOT to possess if you want to beat these *ssholes. I have always faced my own fears, self mastery. I was as scared as my mother of water as a child. And I wont get into it but ritual abuse for programming purposes is partly why I was so scared of getting into water. I would almost claw my aunt down into drowning when she tried to get me to swim (which I commend her for.) also it is shown to be genetic possibly this fear. At 12 years old I just looked at the ocean, felt its potential to destroy me, and decided to make a deal with it. It was time to move into destroying this condition. In that way I am told I am like my father- that dreaded DNA my mother’s family fears so. Its probably a very Slavic or Russian way to be, to have the discipline to put your mind to something and it just becomes a reality.
There comes a time when fears no longer are necessary to our existence.
Yet new fears always form I notice. I am now afraid of heights which as a kid I could have cared less about. I had no problem tempting fate with heights.
I also realized that not knowing how to swim was very impractical and never wanted to die for such a stupid reason.
Sadly, these qualities are what the gang stalking system seeks to destroy. To make us slaves again as we were under mind control programming and gang stalking-as-management.)

I am just highly suspect of the fact that articles like this come out with all the content of the circumstances that surround RA survivors, programmed assets or expendable mind control slaves as well as connections to documented military human experimentation but then they ALWAYS have to connect it to UFO’s and such content. Disinformation 101.

Its the case with many of us that we get immersed trying to figure out what is going on or the origins of our own cases through history. I have always understood that this is a diversionary tactic- “busy work” as the article words it. This is why one must do research but keep in mind the psychological manipulation of the system as the main thing to watch. Besides, the info on finds in the conspiracy set as well as in history is the same old sh*t that everyone finds..which I had read years ago on my own anyway for amusement. (Which has NOT influenced my rendition or memories of experiences in being a gang stalking target- dont even try that with me).
The reason I am very sure this is the case is something said to me by a bus driver perp, a female here in the metro Boston area said to me at the height of the gang stalking. She looked at me and stated that “If anyone can figure this out, you can”. Which of course is a load of bs becuz in order for her to be privvy to any information about who I am and my part in any situation of this kind, she would’ve had to know herself what was going on.
The tactics the perps pull are SO stupid but over time you can see that if someone is very brainwashed and traumatized and physically beaten down, one may start to believe such deceptions. And this is all about deception.

That comment- that moment in time, that memory may be one of the singular most annoying instances within this whole campaign. The absolute arrogance of it smacks of insult.
Its like they create these plays for you to be in so that you never have the power to write your own life script according to your own Will.

And that is the very key to all of this- to every situation any Target or survivor finds themselves in. From alleged alien abductees to RA survivors to human experimentees to gang stalking targets. THE COMMON THREAD IS TO ENSURE THAT THE TARGET NEVER EXERTS THEIR OWN FREE WILL. If you keep that in mind you will readily see through deception after deception time after time again.

Taking on Christianity may seem like a good idea to heal or escape the power of whatever ‘evil’ or ill will you are targeted by. But taking what I just stated into consideration, you must then consider if under these circumstances is religion not just another mind control cult or a managing of your Will? Are you taking it on of your own free Will or are you doing it out or coercion, desperation and fear? One should never join any cult or religion under duress. One must ask who is forcing your hand to do such a thing…that would be more useful in gaining justice.

Deceptions and disorienting a person causes them to stop thinking logically. Thus we cant reason, then we cant truly be Willful or exercise our free Will in our best interests.

There are many kinds of abductions. What interests me is that everything on this subject on the internet involves either aliens or the military abduction of alien abductees.

I have seen very little on abductions for humane experimentation or abductions of people with high level programming. I have never read of anything involving abductions of SRA survivors for further torture or ritual. It does exist and the military do seem involved on that level.

Rarely have I ever inquired publicly or privately ‘What do they want?’. Its obvious that they want power, money, access and an edge on some competition. This is the nature of humans and of war.

With my experience in the gang stalking or TI community I learned very early on to stay clear of them or the mind control crowd and I assume the UFO community. There must be operatives, disinfo agents, infiltrators, or handlers in that community because what this seems to be about most consistently is deception: never allowing any one victim to know the whole truth. That is the only consistency you can be sure of.

Here is a page that compares SRA with Alien experiences. There are similarities.


And before anyone freaks out and says that comparing the two discredits RA survivors that is not my intention. I personally find it useful due to the two obviously being of interest to what seems like military or some other faction.  Here is an article on a perp who was associating with False Mem Syndrome Foundation.

What one has to understand is that all of the information that is pertinent to this and all related subjects hides the truth about what is genuinely going on- the ultimate answer. Either by purposely using smoke and mirrors or victims never seeing the answer. What is so astonishing is that people dont believe a human being can be programmed. That is the most believable part of all this actually. One must understand that SRA or any kind of RA is subject to the kind of disinfo campaigns that all covert activity gets. I cannot believe that SRA was eventually dismissed due to ‘Satanic Panic’.  Its becuz the system got involved, especially the dreaded social work and mental health sector who cant control thier own people or even see the reality of things like homelessness for what they are.  Satanic Ritual Abuse does exist but so does other forms of Ritual Abuse. And much of the more sophisticated varieties dont have all the over the top imagery that is marketed to the public.  It depends on the geography, the cult, thier way of operating. And people need to stop being freaked out by all this. That is the number one reason that no one believes survivors stories. Also, many survivors testimonies I have seen, some of them are suspect even to me. Its all hysterics and drama and many of them remind me of varifiable head cases.  I have seen this legion of head cases before..in the conference calls of the TI community. They serve well the disinformation campaigns to discredit real gang stalking targets.

Its the same with survivors of RA. Getting the nation in a panic is not the answer. Realizing that greedy, powerful people get off on sadistic, elaborate control games as well as many parts of this serve the purposes of military or intelligence agencies (disposable, slave labor)  is just being realistic.  Trying to fix the world into a Satanic free happy place is never going to happen. Ever.  Denying victims any validity or assistance is however a much worse option.

This is where humans confuse me. First they get too sympathetic and then if something cant be fixed and they are intimidated they just give up completely.


~ by onmc on September 21, 2010.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.