Truman Show Syndrome and Behavior Modification

Truman Show Syndrome
is a bit of a joke among Targeted Individuals. Its actually admitted to as existing and its been in news on the Internet. Most of us suspect these are experimentees or persons who are Targets who dont realize they are Targeted Individuals.
Its quite obvious due to the conditions and events they describe what is happening to these people. Its the same phenomena that Targets notice even before we understand we are targeted in a gang stalking campaign, before we somehow get connected to the main gang stalking activist sites. My first experience was searching on Google ‘police harassment’ after after severe health changes due to mold exposure I moved to the hot dry climate of  AZ in 2006. If I had not connected to I would have probably gone with the other subject I was Googling- which was to spend the settle out of court money from the moldy apartment on legal euthanasia. I read it was legal in Oregon and some countries in Europe. If I don’t win this in the end, I am probably going to wish I had taken that route.

I believe that in gang stalking campaigns there is some video and audio monitoring of the victim and it does seem that its taken as entertainment by the people who are in on it. Who TI’s call ‘perps’ when they realize that they are targeted and this is gang stalking.   However, after this anchoring much is done to the Target over the years asd its not such a joke anymore when the harassment that is we now know is psychological operations turns into outright torture and what is used for that part of the triad of gang stalking campaigns is chemical and tech warfare. The tech that TI’s have dealt with for years is just starting to appear in print in mags like WIRED.  WIRED and other publications and journalists have been covert friends to Targets over the years, in an environment where people cannot help the target directly for fear of being targeted themselves.  WIRED regularly alludes to such things being used on classified levels or ‘perhaps’ being so when in fact the military claims are that they are just working on such ideas for future.  After it all comes out that we were not crazy it will be too late for many of us. Either or lives were spent fighting or many of us will be dead from suicide or ill health.  PEOPLE GO ALONG WITH THESE PROGRAMS AS THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS. As in many products you buy others have suffered including animals needlessly for a consumer culture to exist. Which is not necessary just like the waste of the military industrial complex which is what we are victims of.  Dont just listen to me- Eisenhower warned us about this years ago and he was military for X’s sake. What does that tell you?  We are treated just like animals in labs being experimented on even if the company does not need to do animal testing any longer on that product often they still do. (I am not a vegetarian nor a tree hugging animal lover. I grew up for 6 years in a foster home with hunters and a gun rack behind my foster father’s big easy chair. I understand primitive realities of mankind. But testing on animals is NOT sport nor is it for anything necessary like food or clothing. Many times its just not necessary. There have also been instances of extreme cruelty and Frankenstein like mentality from the medical field with experimnetation on animals and taking this in as well as the recorded atrocities from the human experimentation throughout MK Ultra and its origins in Japan and Germany, one begins to see how Targets claims can be validated just by gauging man’s behavior historically. Who says that scientist and medical people arent sadistic pieces of sh*t? Many are surprisingly. Surgeons had the highest rate of suicide a few years ago. I am sure that seeing humans as machines or meat while oneself is still human must be a very strange psychological predicament. I also believe that aside from what the field may do to one over time, the nature of it as well as the politics, I truly believe that criminal opportunists choose the medical field to hide just like sex offenders choose to be coaches or priests to gain access to victims. Except in science or medicine it seems that not only are these urges and acting out on them validated, if one is caught in the USA there is no consequences according to the Geneva Convention anyway. So for it sickos!!! Its a golden opportunity for them just like the non profits are a shining beacon to white collar criminals. GET A CLUE ABOUT THE WORLD WE LIVE IN.)

Part of the abuse via what seems like tech is being constantly hit with a feed it seems that one is being watched by an audience by some covert method. These could include satellites, a linking of surveillance cams in public spaces as well as retail or cameras that may exist for anti terror that are hidden to the public in any kind of spaces. Many people say they feel watched these days even in private bathrooms. The secret to nailing covert warfare in their mode of operation is that its always multi or dual purpose and it always has a cover story. Like if hidden cams are suppose to be just for Homeland Security or anti terror they could be either hacked or directly used for classified programs like the behavior modification programs/ target neutralization programs we call ‘gang stalking’.  And I believe knowledge goes in levels. The regular security guard may not know the cameras are there. The cops are special police or some other specialized force may know they are there. Then another faction is using them for covert ops even without the knowledge of the  people who know the cams or there for anti terror.

Not only does the MEANS (technology) exist for this to be totally feasible, so does the MOTIVE.

According to the experiences that Targets seem to have it seems like a very strong part of behavior modification even though experiencing is torturous.   It might resemble a biofeedback system or more likely part of the dynamics that cults use in brainwashing which is very much what gang stalking is about.  It provides the victim with the idea that their every move is being monitored, so there is a peer group always present. As well as love bombing is provided by this kind of con the system perpetrates on the person. There seems to be a sense that the Targeted person has ‘fans’ among the observers. People who support them or are like them or on thier side. These are all tactics of classic cult mind control which IS behavior modification.

I am sure that if this is the case that the nature of the made up audience is will be created to suit the weaknesses found in the psychological profile that is surely done on every Target. We know this is the case due to the way the in person harassment or psy ops psychological warfare campaigns are done in the beginning when the isolation from the TI and thier old life as well as the breaking down process is beginning.

The timing of many Targets campaigns may be a factor in this is well. Many of us were in person harassed and gas lighted/ psych warfared with psy ops during Bush when it seems they could do anything to anyone they wanted. Torture was part of the programs back then. Either Obama coming in or Bush leaving signed some order that said that torture of the nature that was used during the Bush years could no longer be done. This is when many TI’s found that the torture let up or in person psy ops was not so prevalent or overt.  We are very fortunate to have understood it was a program of behavior modification and psy ops before the Truman Show movie came out or many of us were so hit with media trigger etc that we were smart enough to realize that alot of what was being put into the media was propaganda and beyond; much of it was outright psychological operations materials in itself for the nation wide operations that were being perpetrated (if not internationally according to some Targets who left the US to try to change thier situation.)

These unfortunate people who simply saw this piece of mind f*ck and do not understand the rest of the program are going to take to this movie as an explanation if not a mysterious one, of being Targeted Individuals.  This is the nature of the deceptions used in psy ops and black ops. ‘Oh its this  and that. Yes that is what is happening to you’ not what is truly going on.  I notice that this system artfully crafts lies along with leaving out valuable information as a way to create a cover story for what is really going on. The Truman Show provides a place for victims and the psychiatric community alike to hold steady while psy ops continue undetected.

The main thing to focus on is that all of this activity, like any activity that seems to manipulate the mind and emotions of the Targeted persons, ends at approx 12 midnight or is dependent on environment as in building structure. All of that indicates it is the use of technology and specifically microwaves or whatever WI FI works off of.  The science of these weapons is not my expertise but if you read enough of other TI’s work you will find the people who are and can tell you more about the exact way this tech works. Many TI’s are scientific minded or have actual degrees in engineering etc.

The effects of such a program would be to shape a TI’s personality over time by controlling thier actions and re actions to stimuli. Again classical conditioning.


By the way the people that are effected by such means are going to be victim witnesses the system wants silenced just like psychiatry is abuse in Russia known as punitive psychiatry so dont think any of this is  a good idea. The fact its done covertly is enough to see the potential for criminal use or abuse of the system is higher than if it were overt and victims had some cred to thier claims.

The false belief the TI is are bombarded with is that there is an audience either watching them in a certain location or even monitoring Internet activity. What is so confusing about this is that in the beginning of the campaign the target is broken in to be eventually controlled by this system more and more each year, by having people give them definitive signs that thier privacy has indeed been invaded and people have had access to thier private moments. Strangers knowing more than they should, things like that  a network of strangers  across the country.

As far as behavior modification goes the system actually can condition the Target through making them believe that different people are ‘watching them’ through this hooked up reality show. Very specific identities. The problem with this is that its basically a psychic hook up- under normal circumstances a person should not know they are being watched nor should they be receiving psychic impressions from the ‘audience’ that is hidden from the Target. This is where torture and behavior mod comes in. Its used as a constant call-return cycle.

This is very suspect considering the suspicions of many TI’s concerning not only research done into psychic powers but projects that perhaps deal with using tech to induce psychic abilities in humans or just doing human experimentation with psychic abilities.

Bill Gates proposed such a network, similar to the internet but for psychic contact between human beings. I posted that before somewhere on OnGangstalking. I will have to find it again as I dont expect you to believe me with no link for proof.
The use in behavior modification comes through the perceived contact that the Target has with supposed onlookers who are supposed to be part of the audience watching them in a Truman Show type scenario. When the target acts, there is a response from a perceived audience member. Thus everything they do or think is intercepted and a reaction formed in response to their every action. This gives the system the ability to form the person over time via behavior modification or perceived judgments by a group.

Wondering if its real or not serves to control the Targeted person daily as there is a possibility that such an operation could be used (dual or multi purpose remember) to generate profit if broadcast. There is evidence that ‘secret’ websites have existed and do exist for just that purpose as well as its been alluded to that there are channels and access points on satellite cable systems that are provided to only those in the know or who can afford such a luxury. It stands to reason that the very wealthy with tastes for such things would like to pay to have thier boredom or indulgence satisfied.
Over time it destroys the person’s mind which I am sure is one of the goals. What is hoped I assume is to modify the person’s responses via conditioning. To alter even thier most private thoughts or beliefs.

It also helps if the Target cant walk a thin line in dealing with this system daily and acts out. Which serves to discredit them further.
However, some of the circumstances and psychic impressions are too real to be ignored. The sensation of being observed like a lab rat with some one else’s reactions and perceptions or observations is so strong or real at times that it seems like it may be really occurring- at least some times. The daily harassment of this kind may be totally fabricated simply to keep the target in line, controlled, paranoid and still experiencing behavior modification.
Its pretty consistent in major cities in the USA but am told its especially prevalent here in the Metro Boston area.

In the end its just more torture for the purpose of behavior modification and to silence a victim witness while satisfying the tastes of some very wealthy Satanic types or to satisfy those that believe that One World Peace is only achieved when man is totally mind controlled, robotic and his soul, spirit mind and body belong to ‘The State’.

My summation is that Truman Show Syndrome is part of gang stalking activity-psychological operations on Targets. Its a cover story that relies on being part dis information and partly the withholding of information to create a cover.


~ by onmc on September 21, 2010.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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