Christ As Human Sacrifice

Many Christians from down south in the USA are very into Jesus and Mary is not the central figure she is in Catholic str0ng areas. Mother Mary is not something you’ll hear down there. Its all about the male figure of course.  Worse many of them claim to be Christian but handle themselves and thier affairs in not a very Christian way- its just what you do if you are from down there.

From first hand experience I have experienced Catholics who who act out not in ways they preach or pretend to act otherwise, but seem to  disassociate into each role separately. They compartmentalize the abusive memories and drives.

I have heard southern Christians often tell me about getting saved. Thier description sounds an awful lot like human sacrifice.

My approach to spiritual matters is very complex. What I aim for as in anything in my life is attention to detail as well as trying to come up with the purist possible version.  The problem with Christianity is that often in history we see that humans deal out death in the name of thier ‘god’.  That is just disgusting.  Also the idea of Jesus dying for me is pretty creepy as well.  I dont need some guy to die for me, as well as it makes no sense as he has died long before I got here.  Ultimately I dont want a human sacrifice in my name or for my benefit.
Anyone, with any aim at healing and who has retrieved thier logic from years of  being under mind control is not going to want a human sacrifice or anything that remotely sounds like that involved in thier lives.

What I have experienced is Christians being helpful to thier fellow man or woman and saying “Jesus loves you” as if he were alive. In this respect its a bit of a cult then but it would be nice if people just did things like this for other human beings. Why does ‘good’ in someone’s nature or human care for other humans have to be controlled by a system?

This is why I cant accept Christianity. Besides the fact it gets so cult like at certain points that its dangerous. There are plenty of right wing Christians that are far more dangerous than you think and they act out as terrorists on people they believe are sinners or whatever thier problem is.

If every Christian was like the best ones we have met in our worst days of trials and hardships in the gang stalking system then the religion as a whole may not be so suspect but there are too many evil people hiding behind just a religion and there are too many factions of Christianity fighting with each other over details for them to be trustworthy.

By the way I tried to go to church in 2006 when this was very bad when I was with that abusive jerk Scott. It didnt help at all. I tried a Baptist Church locally once and then I tried a Unitarian church here in Cambridge which had a few perps in there when I attended. They were obsessed with the fact I was attending church- they didnt care as long as they got to follow me and let me know I was being harassed wherever I went.  And since then I have seen at least one person who is part of the oldest church here in Cambridge (where all the hardcore year round local homebums go in the morning for coffee), he looked at me with that stupid look that people in on this sometimes give you. Its not mean or nasty or pity..its worse. Its this really goofy smiling face that somehow has a brightness to it. Like yer thier hero or some sh*t but its handed down to you from a place of being in a better position than you.  Its not a look of true sympathy or empathy such as I get from many women or some doctors I have run across who are not in on being sadistic jerks or enjoying this like a game like much of the medical field has here.  Its one of the most deadly looks you will encounter as its effect is to keep you down in your place by making it seem like its all good.  Which of course its not.  Some of us are on the brink of suicide out here or we are losing our health daily.  Many people seem to know but no one cares or will take action or help.   I cant tell what that look is.

I also have to be very suspect concerning exactly who is in on gang stalking.  There have been satanic factions I know that but Christians can be out of thier minds as well if they are cult mind controlled.  When both sides seem to be in on gang stalking how can you trust anyone?  This is the problem with Christianity being the answer to being a TI or survivor of RA.  There are so many screwed up people, perps or infiltrators hiding behind religion its hopeless to use that as an escape from your situation.

People can believe what they want but when one is forced into a religion as the answer out of pure desperation then its not right.

Who can you trust anyway?  I have been with Christians who know my situation but you can tell that they are using Christianity for selfish purposes. LIke people out of jail do this alot. People from prison mentality are people you should be very cautious with as far as buying into thier Christian views. It seems like they do so in order please authority or get out of being seen as ‘criminal’.  Its just another con.  I had one kid who would use Christianity to fight off gays but he used it like a weapon. He would talk sh*t behind my back of course becuz he is not a Christian- hes a con and a sh*tty one at that. With Christians like that who needs Satanic enemies?

There has got to be something more sensible to believe in when it comes to defending oneself in this war.   Like justice for instance and law.  This is also why covert warfare is based in belief systems to begin with they are cult mind control end of story.  And belief systems can undermine legal systems- dont you see that is the purpose?  This is why church and state are supposed to be separated.


~ by onmc on September 25, 2010.

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