Many Satanic Hand Signs Seen in Media

We’ve seen a few pics of Bush giving the horns. And of rock musicians of course. This site however has a collection of all kinds of people celebrities and world leaders alike. You think nothing of it until you have to deal with how nasty such a cult can be.

I truly believe that there is a Satanic faction behind what goes on in gang stalking. It may just be intelligence work under the guise of national  security dumbing down dissidents or forcibly deprogramming mind control slaves. Even dealing with RA survivors due to the connections to programming that they dont want yet another testimony about on the internet. Especially if like myself there is a connection to MK Ultra via radiation experimentation that is documented within the family.

But I always noted the way in which its done. The way the worst perps treat a target is beyond cruel. Its not just moments of cruelty or a session of crueltly its years and years of cruelty. And the way the psychological warfare is done is beyond just a program laid down by some military or other faction with special interests in destroying the Target.

The only explanation is that these people think and believe differently than ‘normal’ healthy human beings or at least from what we are told is the character of  the people in our nation.  This is not what ‘America’ is supposed to be about.  But here is the evidence right in one’s face for years of the existence of a huge network that exists where people are capable of such brutality, sadism and coldness that there is no other explaination.

I could deal with my maternal family seeming to have a violent nature they hid or something so cold, greedy, selfish and destructive that its best averted whenever possible. But to realize that there is a huge network that believes as the evil in your own family believes and have to deal with that for years on end is going to change you forever.  What my family wants ultimately by thier part in handing me over to this network is for me to give p and finally admit that they have all the power that they are in with the people who have all the power therefore- I should admit that I am null and void.  I shunned them for years and kept them at bay and I can do the same to an entire international network if necessary.  Peer pressure aint sh*t.  And they arent even my peers. They are low quality human beings who band together. They are a mob.  And for any of them to be into this kind of thing they have to be either controlled or hiding something they dont want exposed- which means they are not worth ruling over me thats for sure- at least not with my consent. Besides the fact that everything they do is covert so the public wont see or believe so they must be in the wrong. The people who support my family, my ex and my old associate who is a career criminal prescribe to the ‘might makes right’ mentality and if you give into that you are an idiot then.

What you have to do when you wake up in the morning is realize that there is a network taking over the world that you cannot trust, that hates you that only wants to destroy you. In order to be left alone you probably have to give into thier supremacy and hand over all your power. The public are not going to help you as they are either brainwashed, cowardly or into it as well.

This site has some pics that are not so convincing and others that are kind of useless as they are expected. Gene Simmons? Well duh. That isnt so surprising and at least people like that and many others in the music industry have the balls to be overt about thier position. Its easier when you know where people stand. And the actors dont surprise me either.  Justin Timberlake- not so shocking when you see his reaction to Brittney getting destroyed- it was a high 5 I believe.

The world leaders I believe are more worrisome.  They handle our affairs and are in positions of responsibility that affect all of our lives. Also they are supposed to seperating church and state and that includes a Satanic belief system as well.  If such people are going to simply use the govt  and justice system to  serve thier special interest group or cult then we have a definite problem here.

Its also very deceptive to claim to be Christian or even utilize Christianity (Bush) in your campaign or got position when its obvious you are truly serving some other more dangerous, destructive faction.

I have no problem with Satanism…except when its starts to affect world politics at the level it seems to be now. Let the rock stars and black metallers have thier religious freedom. Actors nowadays are a bit more dangerous due to how much  the public is influenced by them and its interesting that thier status in the cult is even more guarded it seems than world leaders.  That in itself should tell us that Hollywood and the mainstream music industry is what runs this country with the cult of personality,  or brainwashing, hero worship-whatever you’d like to call it.  People are so influenced by famous people nowadays that world leaders have much less power in reality. Within the little worldview of your average person who is more influential?

Its interesting the people in pics who are flashing the horns that seem to be doing it in mid sentence or while communicating something totally unrelated to the hand gesture.  I have seen people do this while talking and noted it.  But I myself have never made that hand signal as a lone gesture or in conversation.  So one must wonder why it comes up seemingly ‘innocently’ or by chance while someone is speaking.

(I actually did use that hand sign just once. I was over tired, on the road, in some strange location unfamiliar to me. I wanted to psych out a security team so I did it to a camera. This was also before I was used to functioning without sleep. After I did it I knew it was a mistake, not becuz of some religious belief but becuz I know is not right for me. Its not really who I am. Even with my own childhood RA or association with cult activity, partially Satanic, that hand signal seems stupid to me. It seem like a group effort which I cant stand anyway and it seems like a very desperate move to belong to something which I usually reject.  Any such energies that come out of me or familiarity with such subject matter comes either naturally or is much more subtle. It doesnt come from a sustained effort to belong to something thats for sure.)

Usually Christian authors are very useful for finding subliminal content. No one else seems to pay attention to such things.  I dont agree with alot of what else is said as the person is doing his activism from his religious viewpoint not from a concern of a conflict of interest in who is governing the nation if not the world.  Information must be cherry picked from wherever you can get it. On the internet you must pick through people’s garbage to find the stuff you are looking for. The old saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ is still true.  Alot of old fashoined common sense is still applicable..not this obvious effort to re arrange the world by claiming that technology is going to do that by its very nature. No no dears. There is plenty psychological warfare on the public that is doing that as well. And its on purpose- it doesnt have to be this way.

I think we can dispense with paying attention to the musicians. Only if McCartney gets into office would I be that concerned. But the attention that should be paid is to the fact that powerful people congregate together and have similar interests. The influence that they provide via money and position may enter into the political areas where then it is of concern.

Its amusing how the author keeps pointing out instances and then discrediting the excuse that its all about the Texas long horn gesture.

The problem is not the existence of Satanism, Luciferian belief systems in our world as they always have been. The problem is there is an imbalance now. Who said they could completely take over and leave all humans with no other alternatives, no privacy and no Will of thier own?

Again I think that when Christianity is misbehaving then Satanism was a healthy rival to break people out of thier being oppressed or cult brainwashed. However what is occuring now is a take over. That is not acceptable. Much of it does no remind me of innocent rebellion at a rock concert either or a personal choice of one’s own Will.  Its like communism meets Satanism which is bizarre considering the love of individuality within many Satanic belief systems. There is something wrong with that. Its off, it doesnt feel right.

Satan is a character that is supposed to decieve, seduce, fool or otherwise lure one into temptation. He is not however supposed to have a world govt take over. Satanic forces have always had a footing or strong hold in some areas but in balance with any other belief system. Who the f*ck said he or they could come out and tell everyone else what to do or believe. Also where are the opposing forces?

No one tells me what to do even if they have a world wide network as well as lots of expensive tech or any other sort of way to brainwash or coerce. The plan seems to be to disillusion everyone so that they believe that this is all a very good idea or there is no other option anyway. Which of course could never be pulled off without a system of psych warfare on the public including all the brainwashing tactics and tools.

Christianity has nothing to do with this- its about personal freedom.  I personally dont want ANY religious affiliation running my country or my life. I would rather see a world of atheists other than this network of brainwashed,gullible fools running things into the ground.  Forget religious alarmists and start focusing on how crazy half these people must be in the grip of cult mind control to buy into this sh*t to begin with. Its supposed to be personal. When a cult gets this big and tries to take over the f*ckin world there is a problem here. And the public needs to go back to focusing on law, order and justice and the science of government, law, law enforcement etc not some cult mind controlled system of oppression.

I have experience with RA and some of it is SRA.  I am not scared of these f*ckers, why? Becuz its supposed to be very personal not some bizarre communist cult. Nor should the cult be that damn big. Its obnoxious really.  Perhaps much of govt symbolism is Masonic but THIS is not what they had in mind believe me. There is a difference between Masonic content connected to ideals of justice, balance and order that originates from the Templars and what we are seeing now. Perhaps they are ‘Illuminati’. If you want to label it that fine. But ‘Illuminati’ are not Rosicrucians and they are not Hospitallers and they may not even be connected to various Masons.

Osiris may have been brothers with Seth and thier sister Isis but they were, as you recall, very different gods and all ruled very differently.


~ by onmc on September 27, 2010.

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