The Anna Nicole Clown videos..Its About The 9 Year Old Not Anna

I watched a few of these. I cant believe the public doesnt get it. That its the 9 year old they are terrorizing not Anna Nicole.

Why would a grown woman who is famous and pregnant even have time to have a play date with a 9 year old. On the witness stand her father said he will never forgive Stern for not allowing the kid to call home through all this when she wanted to.

With that in mind focus less on poor Anna and more on what both of them are doing to the kid.

It might be true what the kid says which is that Stern gave her something out of a white bottle with red stripes soon after the little girl arrived at their home. It could be that Anna is messed up on something but from my knowledge of reacreational drugs nothing could cause this. People messed up on cough medicine are this incoherent but not this responsive.

I thought it seemed like she was acting when I first watched it. She was no dummy thats for sure. The only drug that could cause regression like this would be some sort of mind control drug. Its possible but it does seem like she is acting sometimes.

The biggest question everyone should have is not about Anna but about the little girl. A responsible person (a lawyer as well) would have taken the child out of the situation immediately not let her play with an adult in that state much less torture the kid by not only putting her through it, making her deal with Anna instead of he, but also not responding for her pleas for help.

This is clearly about torturing the 9 year old female. And if Anna Nicole was under the influence of a drug (substance unknown) then its about torturing her then too. Its a sick scene all around.

He can make excuses on Larry King all he wants. Its not that the vid was supposedly stolen and released its that it should have never happened to begin with. I wonder if it getting stolen was even a bullshit ploy done on purpose. But why?

Its amazing how using Anna as a diversion makes people not look at the kid in the vid. Perhaps that is why it was released if it was stolen. Perhaps that is what we were supposed to see about thier private lives.

This also raises the question if he was making production notes and doing all this directing, then its obvious that the video was going to be for release at some point. But to whom? It obviously wasnt the public as he seems like he needed some editing done.
The other possibility is that she is in an altered state and the sole purpose of this was to let out one of Anna’s alters either for some part of handling her or for exploitation like allowing a select paying few to see the finished product vid.

The only other explanation is that they had entered a creepy little world unto themselves where only they knew each other so well that they understood each others cues or peculiar behaviors. But the 9 year old shouldn’t have been exposed to that either way.

THAT is what people should be focusing on.

You’ve got Anna supposedly regressing into acting like a 9 year old with drugs. So how is that an acceptable play date? And if its pretending for the kid’s benefit then why are they terrorizing the 9 yr old.


~ by onmc on October 7, 2010.

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