A Theory on Celebrity Stalkers/Lone Shooters

This post is very ambitious. I may even post it and then add more or edit as I go along.

The subject matter is very delicate and must be handled properly. I will provide links and references to back up my points.



Basically it seems as if a number of, not all but certain cases of celebrity stalkers are connected to mind control.
The way it works is that someone gets targeted by the system of psychological warfare known as the ‘gang stalking system. The chances that the particular TI who is pushed in this direction is programmed to begin with is very high. Most likely an expendable mind controlled slave. I am unclear if this class of expendable that is misdirected to do shootings/stalking is selected and programmed in infancy or if this person is taken at some point and there exists a reliable system to make a ‘Manchurian Candidate’ out of a full grown adult. I personally believe that the movie by that title was misleading and simply did not want to reveal that RA was part of trauma based mind control.

What makes these cases stand out from other celebrity stalkers or lone shooters is that they always have a seemingly coincidental tie to something political whether obvious or not. And its usually useful to someone in power.

Examples of this that have arisen suspicion such as Hinkley taking shots at Reagan…with Bush as vice president and the ties between Hinkely’s family and Bush’s. The beneficial outcome if the actions had succeeded are obvious. Also, there is some pages on the internet that claim there was a shot fired from elsewhere as well. A repeat of Kennedy.

There are examples of lone shooters who were celebrity obsessed or carried out actual stalking at some point. There are also examples of people who become celebrity stalkers who are obviously Targeted Individuals and the connection to political intrigue is more than obvious but the waters tend to be murky…the subject matter is much more complex or involves something the public isnt usually aware of. Such an example is a woman who stalked Michael Aquino and eventually went off the deep end and also stalked celebrities, eventually making death threats.
One can see the obvious tie to something that benefits someone politically. This woman was a councilor and came upon many cases of Ritual Abuse, of the Satanic variety.
Years later she became more and more unstable and eventually was involved in the above activities.

These actions according to my experience and my research are linked to targeting a human being with the system of psychological warfare known as ‘gang stalking. In some cases the target is most likely a person with some level of trauma based mind control programming most likely from infancy.

Both of these people were of use to someone in power. One was used as a means to an end, the other was used to cover for covert activity that was exposed to the public and had to be covered up again this time through discreditation of the victims and thier supporters.

I will sight many other examples later.

TI’s have experienced the gang stalking system as basically a triad attack system. In person psychological warfare, chemical warfare and the use of technologies and often human forces remote contact or influence (psychics).
All of this may seem unbelievable but what isn’t connected to MK Ultra? What isnt bizarre connected to Project Paperclip? At this point what isn’t possible?
There is also outright proof and documentation of technologies available to the military that has been used in psy ops over seas for ‘peaceful conflict resolution’. There is then a possibility that this could be used domestically. Also the military is now just putting into publications that they are working on or have newly developed ways to track and destroy INDIVIDUAL TARGETS. It is then also within probability that these technologies could have been used on Targets already either for testing or to go after a Targeted Individual where the related subject matter is classified, protected under national security etc so that it was/is done covertly and without disclosure.

Only within the year has it seemed possible for people to finally understand the way these systems work and also to be able to perceive how a person who seems like a ‘nobody’ or discredited as mentally ill might just be telling the truth about being Targeted.
The American public has now experienced the touch of evil that those of us from intergenerational RA families have had to live with for years. Now you understand the level of depravity, cruelty, sadism and deadly efficiency and cold practicality.

There is no way they could have understood what it was like until getting a taste of abuse from two administrations and a media scape that is no longer coddling them but managing them with torture and dark content. Welcome to Hell.

Its no surprise that TI’s from intergen families or who are programmed have lasted longer through this as well as predicted Obama was not going to be what the people thought he was going to be. Those of us who are from these backgrounds understand how artfully deceptive they are..and the fact that these factions do NOT f*ck around. Its results or death.

The problem with the average human being is that they do not have the resistance to evil destroying thier entire being or lives as many of us seem to. They did not form helpful, happy or child alters to keep thier spirits alive during infancy.

I dont know why some of us can survive this and some of us end up like Hinkly or Diana Napolis. http://www.scribd.com/doc/4981526/Diana-Napolis-vs-Michael-Aquino-lawsuit-2008

I do think I have mapped out the system that drove these victims crazy. Many TI’s experience the same system- the ‘gang stalking’ system.

For many victims the gang stalking system serves to destroy such as drive to suicide or permanent insanity. Many of these will fall victim to acting out in some way out of the unbelievable stress of living under such duress. Such as eventually striking out at the phantoms the system puts before one as in the two cases or acting out through a seemingly random shooting spree often ending in self inflicted gunshot suicide or ‘death by cop’ (knowing police will shoot you down).

These actions are the results of stress so extreme that no human being could possibly withstand those levels of stress. If the person is programmed and somehow can understand themselves, their internal systems and how the gang stalking system is going to try to use thier internal content against them, they may have a chance at survival.

IN THE END IT IS ALL ABOUT THE WILL POWER. If you allow the aggressors to gain control of your mind by manipulating you and getting inside yer head so to speak, then you are under THIER Will. This is dangerous at all times. (In some cases there is an attempt to reform the survivor/target through behavior modification. If the target is strong enough to not suicide then the program seems to be turned to an abusive behavior modification program. This asks of the survivor/target to give in to the Will of the system finally and forget all that has happened during the gang stalking campaigns as well as their entire former life including the original memories of RA and programming.)
The gang stalking system will not rest until you give in to its Will.

If you do not act carefully under your own Will, the system will manipulate you and get you to act out again from high levels of stress and other emotions. Its nothing more than torture to try to get you to break- either to suicide, act out then suicide or if you are too strong you are manipulated to live as a silenced victim witness again under the Will of the system, but to outsiders it would appear that you are existing under your own Will- that you simply had a hard time or a break down and are back to functioning now or getting yer life together and moving on. THE FACT REMAINS THAT THE TARGET IS NOT REALLY LIVING UNDER THEIR OWN WILL BUT HAS BEEN CONDITIONED OR ‘BRAINWASHED’ FULLY TO LIVE UNDER THE SYSTEM’S WILL COVERTLY. This is just as dangerous if the person was programmed originally in childhood as the system has not allowed the person true healing but has performed a Tavistock Institute type of cure for trauma which is to re traumatize the person into forgetting. Its what rich people do to thier kids when they start acting out and people ask what the hell is wrong with thier family- the kid gets taken to a behavior modification camp, a highly illegal one on some isolated location somewhere and they beat the kid down until they ‘behave’, which often consists of fully admitting that some abuse you endured was fully your fault etc. Its just a way that abusers keep their victims quiet. Often society looks on in approval as it makes living in polite society easier for everyone, due to the fact the person appears functional after modification. But its not real healing and in the case of high level programming from childhood what you are essentially making is a time bomb. The person will probably go on with thier lives and go normal as everyone would like and conform, however internal programming is very complicated and the person will one day act out, probably suiciding. It will be one of those ‘he was such a nice man, I never thought there was anything wrong’ scenerios. So the system gets survivors to suicide anyway. And if not the person will live in an inner Hell being far less than human but functioning. Inside they are totally destroyed.

There exists in our society many people who would rather see a person conform and behave- get a job, car, career and become sociala nd ‘normal’ than to see anything revealed about how the world we live in really works. They either have little concern for the victim’s true emotional well being or they simply do not possess the human sensitivity to understand what they are doing is very wrong. You are essentially destroying a human being and asking them to then seal themselves into a mask that is a happy normal facade for the rest of thier lives. Many targets have also expressed a theory that these operations may even be run by some sort of AI or partially managed by computers. Many instances have occurred where the actions of ‘the perps’ or actors in gang stalking within the remote influence sector of the triad of attack seemed inhuman or even illogical. As if the entity responsible was not human and had only a limited understanding of normal human existence.

This theory is not so far fetched as there exists documentation of a behavior modification facility in MA that was a behavior mod facility for kids and used automated programs to assist in much the same capacity.

There is the basic outline of who is targeted. Whistle blowers or people who are of use to someone that knows thier status as being programmed. In both cases acting out benefits a faceless puppet master. In many instances its obvious by deduction who that might be.

The way in which this is done it seems is to keep at the target by various means with ideations about key celebrity personalities. Creating an obsession around the celebrity in the mind of the Target is key in manipulating them to act out.

This seems to be achieved by once again a multi attack on the Target. Information is planted in the physical realm, the media-scape and the inner life of the Targeted Individual. Planting information in the physical realm may consist of perps saying things directy to the Target or intimating things. Actions around the Target socially or involving thier intimates or other real human social contacts may also be to plant ideas in the Target’s mind. Usually there is some planting of information or triggers connected to this in the media. For those of you who have experienced any psy ops in media content you know how manipulative it can be as well as during Bush there seemed to be some way through technology used in media that had a way of isolating the ‘hit’ of information to the Targeted person viewing- which would make sense if there is being designed a program by the military of being able to track and mess with an isolated Target in public spaces. (Usually you will find that whatever is being done in covert warfare is often parallel to what military sources are coming out with in thier recent activities. This can give covert warfare victims much validation in thier experiences.) Of course the information ‘hitting’ the TI through media was always backed up by the actions of in person human gang stalking forces. This is also validating, albeit a very negative experience.

Through the various means of the ‘gang stalking’ system an obssession is placed in the mind of the Targeted person. In time its worked so that the Target is manipulated into, rather driven to act out and its is hoped that they will in turn target the focus of thier obsession. Often the Targets are manipulated into believing that the chosen target of thier induced obsessions are somehow directly or indirectly responsible for either thier situation. These people are literally driven insane then brainwashed into going after specific persons.
Usually as I said it has some benefit to a powerful party somewhere involved in the Target’s predicament. Its definately to get rid of the Targeted person such as death or at least discreditation. It may go a step further than that in ways that are obvious such as Hinkley’s case. But often the end or second target who suffers from the original TI being manipulated is being included in such activities for motives known only to the faceless designers of these scenerios.

An example is Valerie Solonis who shot Andy Warhol. Not only is there something suspect about her story that sounds very much like that of an expendable mind controlled slave but there was also some very suspect and unusual things about Warhol himself. His own cirumstances and life seemed fated and if one studies his early pictures of family and his early years, he stands out the way that many people suspected of being involved in covert activity or chosen by the powers that be do.
It may be that someone wanted him to change his direction in life which being shot certainly did or wanted him outright dead for whatever reason. He may not even have understood he may have been programmed. At times his life sounds exactly like that of someone targeted for life- an asset kept under control by gang stalking-as-maintenance. He was from a long absorbed little country in Russia…who the hell knows? People kept dying around him in odd ways.

At any rate, Solanis gave the typical story, which was that Warhol was invading her thoughts- her mind, and stealing her ideas. Something that Warhol himself would claim often enough. And after reading many books on him, his scene and the various minor personalities around him, it may have been the honest truth. And many Targeted Individuals know that this can be done, for years in fact. Some of it may be simple leaks within the person’s social circle.

Solanis gives the classic bits of info: she mentions recalling involvement with a covert faction, exhibits ingenuity and intelligence beyond what is normal for her education level and social strata and lastly is being driven to violent actions by being convinced that someone is stealing her ideas via either psychic ability or plain old spying. That is enough right there to leave one wondering.
When Warhol died only one person left him flowers. He died mysteriously during surgery and he was very afraid of someone taking advantage of a situation like that for just that purpose. When he was gone his paintings were worth more than when he was alive naturally.

I often find that if you study these situations it seems that both the original Target or expendable that is being manipulated to act out and the target of thier obsessions are both most likely programmed or handled by the mind control system. It could even be something as pathetic as a publicity stunt, a sophisticated covert one at that or to gain the celebrity sympathy in some way.
It may also occur that both parties are targeted to be suspect of one another. Turning people against each other to benefit the manipulator is classic warfare anyway. These actions and creation of such a situation serves the designers in some way. Hoping perhaps they will destroy each other or the expendable will be destroyed by a rightfully paranoid public figure thus the system gets its dirty work done for them, adding even more smear to the expendable TI and perhaps to get a valuable asset under control. Who knows what purposes the handlers have at any given time.

And dont rule out the possibility that certain celebrities are not assets whether they are aware of thier status or not. Many people who write about mind control seem to all agree that entertainment holds a large amount of persons who are into and very aware of mind control slavery. Its hard to say if such people act in the service of the system out of thier own Will or if they are also simply just programmed. It doesnt even matter at that point.
Mind control programming controls assets whether they be expendable, political or pimped by the entertainment industry for their talents. Its not something the wizards behind the curtain are going to give up easily.

The manipulations are designed to get the Targeted person to act against someone. It seems that if they are to get caught for stalking and threats its only allowed to go that far, probably to discredit the Target. But in the case of Hinkley it has been said that Secret Service were lax and so a violent act was by that INaction allowed to occur- which means that it was the desired outcome of the manipulation of that Targeted person.

The three point attack system is used to convince the person to direct thier anger or develop an obsession with a certain celebrity or individual for whatever motive. As I stated it is done through in human psy op forces, media but unbelievably it seems that the same technology that is so hard to believe exists is the same part of the program that is heavily responsible for forming an obsession.
Repetitively, through almost constant daily feeds of information via either tech remote influence or human forces remote influences (psychic warriors) along with triggers or anchors they have been sensitized to in media or in the physical world through (deceptive) human social contact, they form obsessions with individuals. They are, in time, then manipulated to act out on these obsessions very much against thier own best interest. Often they are convinced like Hinkley that it will impress this target of thier obsession or like Solanis that the person is directly responsible for thier harassment and loss in life. Even if the person is aware they are in a psy ops system its still possible to drive them to act through constant feed of information.

This may seem impossible or improbable but as you recall the psychic driving of Dr Cameron. This was used to destroy the mind for reformatting true, but it can destroy the mind as well as be used as a brainwashing tool. REPETITION IS THE very DEFINITION OF BRAINWASHING.

In the case of Diana Napolis (Aquino’s stalker) it seems logical to assume that this woman, a therapist who stumbled upon Ritual Abuse and became a part of its cause, got the sh*t targeted out of her by the gang stalking system at its worst. Convinced that Aquino deserved to be stalked and harassed as well as that celebrities Jennifer Love Hewitt and Steven Spielberg were either in on RA or being part of the psy ops effort within a gang stalking campaign against her, she eventually got sued, labeled and had restraining orders put out on her. She made threats of violence towards a few people which produced the actions I just mentioned.

The problem with this is that the way the gang stalking system works, obviously partially on favors-as-payment (untracable) and the involvement of cult members it is highly possible that ANYONE can actually be involved! It could also be that the system has done a very good job of driving the Target to such levels of stress that they can no longer resist striking out. If the average person understood the abuse involved then they would soon realize that its surprising many Targeted people dont act out sooner. This system drives people to act out against thier better judgment and are no longer acting under their own Will.

The rule once again is to STAY UNDER YOUR OWN WILL- TO NOT ALLOW THE SYSTEM TO GAIN CONTROL. Many Targets, especially those with programming that wont allow them to hurt other human beings may suicide instead of face the actions of going against original internal programming and hurting others or lashing out. This may be the reason for the self destruction after a violent act like a shooting.

No matter what a Target is going through or what they are being shown by the system- no matter how much torture is being metered out a Targeted Individual should NOT act out. Always think about what you are doing. If it seems to be what the perpetrators of gang stalking/the oppressor wants you to do, then it is certainly in your best interest to remain calm and logical. Acting out gives them what they want.
Whatever a TI does along these lines can never be helpful or useful to thier case. The Targeted person is being misdirected and manipulated to get themselves into trouble and discredited for sure.

Its not clear as to how many people who are targeted in this manner are also survivors of programming as I have said. What is clear is that the gang stalking system is designed to drive human beings to clinical insanity.

Its also not clear as to how many cases of stalkers as well as such violent acts are related to persons being Targeted. One can see from the dynamics of the situation if the desired outcome seems to be motivated by such intrigue.

The process of getting rid of expendables does seem to serve multi purposes as well be fun and profitable for those responsible for such a feat. Its about time Targets made it a bit more difficult as well as not so much fun.

You have to understand that sick f*cks who are sadists on extreme power trips consider this kind of sh*t ‘fun’. Greeeaaaaat crowd.

Whatever, just put aside all manipulative bullsh*t and stick with logic. And remember that if someone is in one your destruction there is probably little you can do about it anyway. And if they arent, wouldnt you feel like a total tool if you played into the hands of the manipulators? These are people who believe they are infinitely smarter than you the TI as well as so much more important.
Look how you’ve been treated all your life, that right there is testament to that.

By the way, years ago one of the books I read about the scene surrounding Warhol had a story a very amusing story in it concerning Jane Fonda being a CIA spook or similar when she started to hang around the scene. Her and her husband at the time would set up dance spaces for the drag queens and feed them coke allegedly. One street smart minor celebrity noted what a “sick scene” it was when she looked around and took it all in. When she mentioned this to one of the infamous drag queens Fonda supposedly pulled her aside and scolded her with the statement “You know what your problem is Penny? You see too much”.

That always stuck in my mind. People who are getting their kicks at others expense dont like those with eyes to see.

If you are targeted you better see what the system is doing to manipulate you becuz if you do not they will have you either dead or institutionalized.
Its best to understand why you are targeted in the first place. This will give you insight into thier motives as well as what manipulations you are susceptible to.

It’s all about hiding information and getting rid of evidence. You might just be the evidence. You might also be useful to someone as a patsy.

The main reason that this system has to destroy a person and change thier beliefs and convictions is that one cant be forced to do something against thier true convictions. So the person must be altered. The Target has to be made to believe that these conditions are real so they will act out in response to what is perceived as a true threat.

Another point of interest concerning Diana Napolis’s case is that the documented insanity that she experienced and revealed throughout her situation is eerily similar to the exact conditions that many other Targets experience.
-She got the impression somehow that Sylvester Stallone felt bad for her.
-It seemed that communications were coming from her heart area
-various celebrities seemed to be in contact with her or harassing her somehow without direct contact

Not only are these similar or exactly the same conditions what other TI’s experience it can easily be pulled off with the same tech that is used for other torture or brainwashing. I would love to ask her if it ends at 12 midnight and starts up again at approx 6 am? If when she goes into a concrete and steel building or two floor underground does she experience relief from such tortures?

What matters is concentrating on exposing the truth as well as vengence against those one DOES know were involved in destroying one’s life. Guessing games with strangers can only complicate matters. And if strangers are involved at that level then they are no better than the perps TI’s have dealt with in person who were also strangers. Strangers that should not, by all logic and by all laws within this United States, have had access to the information they did which was used to psych out and torture Targeted persons.

Hmmm. Now who would have access to such complete and detailed intel?


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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.