A YouTube vid on TI’s


First it shows a vid of a Navy bldg shaped like a swastika (perversion of ancient sun symbol) then its an excerpt of interview with LaVey’s daughter and possibly her husband.

The title doesn’t make much sense and this interview has always been annoying. The guy treats them like children but he also doesnt let them speak, how is that an ‘interview’? He’s more schooling them or using their reactions to prove his point of view.

Didn’t like the dig about the homeless but I understand that it’s in the spirit of ‘The Homeless’ being lost sheep or needing to be cared for. Its true that people who are caring in nature serve only to care for causalities of a dysfunctional system.

Many of ‘The Homeless’ are actually people who do not want to go into faith based places to eat or be tortured by sermons. Many are very tribal or view other homeless in thier close group as family. It is very primitive. For years I have dreamed of services for homeless people that focuses on people who are doing something and either are targeted or simply do not fit in well with American culture.

The dream shelter would be more like a hostel where you have to pay something into it. Also you have to be productive like school or producing work like art or writing and be serious about it. No bullshit would be tolerated as far as staff skimming or keeping people down for the legit mainstream system as they do now. Jerry Springer, Judge Judy and every other piece of sh*t diversion in our culture would be blocked on the TV.
I want a culture of houseless nomads or people who wish to live simply and or communally and are naturally prone to being busy, self respecting and strong by nature.

Why is this never a concept within the Judeo-Christian society? And its not a concept it seems within its opposing belief system either.
This is why I have trouble with both at times or just reject the whole system.

I admit that I have a propensity to want to assist human beings but its based on seeing thier strengths and fixing what seems damaged to make a system work again within the human as a machine that needs revision. Its not based on principal or some belief system.

Healing is part of this but healing can be a tool of the oppressor as far as deception is concerned.
For instance I realized today that I am still being handled which I wont get into in this post. I had become complacent and too comfortable in safe environments. This allows for my enemies to be able to then use deceptions to create a smear around me as I am oblivious to my surrondings.

Actually within a gang stalking campaign one has to learn to be ‘nice’ and you get good at acting like everyone’s friend. It does weaken one. And it is very much like A Clock Work Orange where an offender is behavior modified to the point of being helpless and weak against threats to his own survival.

The gang stalking system and behavior modification programs totally destroy a strong Willed person and destroy thier energies. One then slowly drifts into a walking sleep that feels like the Christian ideal.

It seems that a dual belief system is more hated by the perps than anything else. I would do very well if I picked one of these two sides. Me studying Hermetics seemed to get me targeted more than anything else in all that was going on. What scares both of these groups is Law, Order, Balance and Free Will. There has got to be a way to criminalize murder without it being based on God. And what gets me is that Targets dont seem to be allowed vengeance.

Many TI’s are homeless due to this system using such a gross unfair advantage that no one could fend them off.
I think what they talk about as far as being strong, survival of the fittest and being primitive is only part of what is going on.

What I dont understand is why this system comes after Targets and drains thier energies from them. I have been drained of most of my anger, resentment, sexuality and much of what made being a human animal worthwhile. This is always why I get confused. I would love to get revenge on some of the people who were in on this. So then why drain me?

Making me into a Christian doesnt seem too Satanic, so why is that what the gang stalking system goes for? Really its all about neutralizing an enemy. Its also about mind control. Its no surprise that this system seems to push certain TI’s into having to choose one of these two opposing belief systems- but a balanced approach of Hermetics seems to be something they want to keep someone like me away from.

I think they want brainwashed troops on both sides not individual humans with power with energy of thier own to use independently.

Another thing that is curious is the constant association of Satanism with powerful magicians. Never once do they get into other factions that tell of powerful magick that is not strictly Satanic. Its as if the very idea of humans becoming godlike is the threat not any one belief system.

And the oppressive factions of our society use things like the homeless industry to keep people down instead of help them achieve. You’re controlled every step of the way. In fact its obvious to me that I am being broken down so that I will eventually get into the system and finally play it thier way to just get a place to be safe and warm. This is about control and destroying someone who had power and potential, not helping.

I only wish there was a homeless hostel in existence that only allowed functional, intelligent, creative people who are willing to work or pay into the place to stay and understood how to conduct themselves properly while there. As well as encouraged talents or works in progress instead of treated all of us like children or in jail. Not ONCE have I seen any programs or shelters that truly design a place by what the homeless have to say. A bunch of social workers design programs and a few places have meetings that are a joke every week or so. Its all more institutionalization ploys. There is an entire faction of houseless individuals that are high functioning but either are done with the system or are in need of safety to heal, get strong or defend themselves. The system in place does not provide that at all.

The system in the USA refuses to acknowledge a class of homeless that are intelligent, creative, have life experience and are functional. They also insist on putting us in with drunks, crack heads and truly mentally ill people. This is what I meant about deception being used within this system (that claims it exists to help people, to counter a dysfunctional system or the works of a satanic system). People are not screened properly and gang stalking still goes on even quietly in the form of slander or smear. People’s rights are just not respected nor is it designed to truly assist people that are fighting oppression. In fact the homeless industry assists in keeping Targeted Individuals down every step of the way, from the beginning stages of breaking them down by terrorizing them to the later stages where control is maintained by treating them as normal but maintaining a quiet smear campaign using the people around them.

And I have seen first hand that many social services people know the person is being targeted. They actively act in the interest of the system that is “dysfunctional” not thier claims of wanting to help people.
It also caters to people who are in and out of jail becuz they probably can function well within and environment that is basically a con.

ALL OF THESE PLACES GET FEDERAL FUNDING. The ones I have seen in El Paso for instance are apalling in the conditions. Health codes, sanitation, safety of use of chemicals-they dont adhere to any of them. This is NOT helping people. That is perpetrating a con as a white collar career criminal and then cooperating with the corrupt system in order to keep the con going. These are criminal enterprises not helping people.
Its no surprise that in certain places mandatory meetings on mental health are arranged. They have to go along with the most corrupt elements of the system in order to keep THIER corrupt scams going.

And outsiders are conned into donating etc. If I ran a place I would keep the psychiatric field out of the place as well as anyone who wanted to preach. If you cant run your own show while staying in there you would not be welcome.

Many of the places I saw served as mental institutions. In certain regions they are reverse racist as you can imagine thus forcing many non minorities to sleep outside.

These are very realistic problems within the system and no one wants it told. You’ve got some non profit workers getting large salaries, driving expensive cars to work and they treat the clients like shit. I want a place where the houseless traveler can get a rest or the houseless artist can create. Or the older women rebelling against the system can finally rest or the younger run away can be safe and learn how to defend herself.
We are all SICK of the ghetto scenes, sick of a slave culture, tired of lily white social services people with thier house slave counterparts talking to us like we are stupid and weak when they know the truth about this system. We want all abusive people who cant get jobs anywhere else to STOP working at these places so they can just do as they please to clients emotionally, mentally and sometimes physically. We dont want college kids having cute Summer jobs in our faces moving on to start thier lives while we get left behind.

In reality the homeless population serves to make money and other purposes to many factions involved in the abusive homeless industry. Rarely does anything good come of it for the chronically homeless.
Like I have stated, often the functioning homeless are survivors of severe trauma who are doing exactly what Nature intended for thier survival: going nomadic and primative. Crime does exist and so do plots against people. The homeless industry refuses to openly acknowledge that therefore it serves the oppressor ultimately.
This is why someone like myself MUST be either overtly treated like I am crazy or kept under control by means of whispers and a conspiracy of mobbing within homeless populations. Becuz I am ultimately a whistle blower and they know damn well that once I see the conditions of this system I most likely would call them on it. Its been one of my goals but lately I have focused on being targeted and my health.

It may also be that psychiatry would lose alot of money as well as big pharma if people found out that the system was hiding human experimentees, Ritual Abuse survivors as well as very traumatized people or victims of organized crime within the population true schizophrenics. We dont sound disordered and much of what TI’s claim is totally plausible. Still, crimes are hidden and expendable people are put out to pasture in the psychiatric system as well as the homeless industry. It seems to me that both sides of this belief system allow such a thing to happen. And to be perfectly honest you’ll get more fight out of hearing that life is about survival of the fittest and useless eaters shouldnt exist.

However, the Satanic end might just be in possession of cards they are not showing. I think we all know that. The biggest problem is NOT admitting to the existence of such beliefs in society or people who would take such actions. By denying MK Ultra and the valiant efforts of many people fighting for thier freedom or thier right to even exist or to get a healthy revenge on thier enemies, the legit supposedly Judeo-Christian system is supporting the Satanic reality.

The other day Ben Stein was on tv in this video concerning how he and most Americans probably supported a loving god. He told the viewers to let thier enemies chose to use hate but that “we” should not. As I watched his eyes glide over the words on the teleprompter I thought about Israel and the reality of what is going on there. Is this non violence? Is this a ‘loving god’? For a guy into his own money as a conceptual TV show who is also very educated its pretty silly for me to believe that I am supposed to buy into this.

What our world seems afraid of the most is total honesty about how humans conduct thier affairs and exactly how the world really works. Christians want to make a perfect happy peaceful world (if they arent insane extremists) and many seem to want to hide all that is negative or destructive, and Satanists seem to want to get away with everything with no rules at all. Both seem to be in denial to a point and both hide the full scope of their respective ‘realities’.

I shouldnt have to side with the Satanists to get 1) honesty 2)strength 3) my Will back 4) energy

There is something very wrong with a system that forces me to that end.

I say that the world as we know it is officially now full of sh*t to the point where no one can think straight and anyone who sees through this and wants to set things in balance again is a threat.


~ by onmc on October 21, 2010.

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