Traps from the forced deprogramming system of mc slaves to be found within computer/internet activity

The other day in Harvard Sq I over heard (perhaps on purpose) two Harvard kids, or I assume they were, having a conversation about the public should be “trained” into buying media the way that they “have been trained to buy music”.

I wasnt going to publish it becuz it seemed possible it was some petty bullshit to freak me out. Perps constantly want attention which its our job to deny them any time we can. You have to remember that many of us who are survivors or programming are permanent experimentees it seems. The rich of this ilk think they can do as they please with say, someone in my position as according to thier mentality I ‘have no power’. Part of this experimentation seems to be to force deprogram programmed mind controlled slaves and on top of that, keep them in permanent severe behavior modification programs so that they also form a new Self according to what the system wants them to be and that certainly includes forgetting all about gang stalking, torture, brain damage, mental and emotional anguish etc.

Mind controlled slaves coming forward during the same period as Ritual Abuse survivors and MK Ultra/radiation experimentees in the 90’s was too close a call for this system. I am shocked that more people dont link all these things together and when they do its done so sloppily that it just sounds like conspiracy fodder.

The shadow system would rather have a system that quietly deprograms and then modifies programmed mind control slaves instead of they having any Will of thier own. It also seems that if the slave is very Willful, this system also tries to then negotiate and con the survivor into working with the system instead of being totally ruled by it. An example would be people that have fought as hard as I have for instance. My Will has protected a sense of Self and recovered or preserved parts of my true personality. The system seems to have accepted that and now seeks to negotiate with what internal structures I have kept and work around them or with my being Willful so that the end result is a forming of a Self or a person that is partly thier doing and partly mine.

This is however still totally unacceptable. It is just as unacceptable as total control by the system and destruction of the Will.

There is a very good reason that many things changed after Obama got in. Recall I have theorized that this is a time of healing over but with falsehoods. My analogy of Obummer’s reign for TI’s who are obviously in behavior modification programs, as being a time that they seem to want to push this idea of forgetting what happened during Bush. The analogy was a garbage dump being covered over and then occupied with houses and flowers etc. Kind of like the movie Poltergeist and of course if we don’t keep fighting, it will end up in the same effect. Many of us would go on with seemingly normal lives just to snap later from deep, silent depression and suicide anyway. Nice and neat just the way the covert operations system likes it.

No matter how they try to smooth it over I as well as yourselves cannot let this be the reality that is formed. Its very damp here recently. I lay on a couch today with constant trippy like stuff going on when my eyes were closed on the inner eyelids, which is due to the damage from exposure to mycotoxins. I deal with damage from this every day. Its very hard to live with on top of everything else. My eyes often hurt in thier sockets very badly. My mind tends to run like an acid trip under these conditions when I lay to sleep when tired and when its humid. Its hard to live with and also the memory loss. I get disoriented in weather like this. It only lasts a very quick second but its unpleasant enough to not want to live anymore really.

If this system, as well as the people around me who are guilty in this of helping this to happen as well as allowing this to happen, think that I am just going to go on my merry way and suffer like this for life quietly they are definitely living under mass mind control. I dont understand why people dont look at my whole story and understand just how much damage was done to me. The fact I can still function at all is a miracle and its due to programming, good DNA if not some result of the radiation experimentation to begin with.
Plus my intelligence has been lowered due to brain damage and I will not stand by and allow the world to believe that that level is what I was born with. Its a lie. They want everyone to live lies so that they can keep up this bogus reality they have created. And the longer it goes on the harder it is to deny it or wake up from it. One wonders if the world will ever wake up again, if things will be real again. Why are they trying to put humanity to sleep. There has to be some very big ulterior motive like space travel or to ease the lowering of the population in near future..something very drastic and very traumatic. I dont trust these f*ckers and you shouldn’t either.
You have an entire system of men..mere MORTALS acting like god via tech and psychological warfare on humanity. F*ck them.
No matter who we THINK we are in this incarnation or what we believe about others we are all in HUMAN BODIES on this planet and the edge they have pisses me off to no end. I wont allow it in MY life and you shouldnt in yours either.

During Obama I have noticed changes to much of the resources that Targeted Individuals use like YouTube. Just when we gain freedom from the worst of mind control and torture being used during Bush all of a sudden, now that we are able to speak out, YouTube makes it difficult by only allowing 10 minute vids and getting snobby with who is socially acceptable enough to be a Director or Guru and wants you to work with them to get long vids posted. WTF? That was the first obvious move and it was very obviously to do with whoever was president signing the order to make the excessive use of torture no longer an option thus many of us were freed up to speak out, then I noticed many such changes to the sites TI’s would most likely utilize to do activism and get the word out about what was happening to us.

There has been a very great effort lately to continue to integrate my various alters and compartments. This system is dying to get me to admit to my work in adult entertainment for some reason. It seems to be generally a game of control and battle of Wills and it seems very very perpetrated by males. Break the bitch seems to be the general sentiment of this battle. Again F*CK them. There is no way that I am going to go along with yet another chapter of what has obviously been a “Taming of the Shrew” type ordeal. Its being done under the guise of my needing to confess in order to be well again. Of course confession of such kind is an obvious part of not only brainwashing/cult mind control but behavior modification programs. (Now that I think of it I wonder if all these rich people who send thier kids to those programs know damn well they are mpd or DID and dont want them remembering. Cults? Programming? RA? or just abuse when they were kids the parents dont want to answer for. It seems behavior mod programs are a quick, albeit violent and destructive way to ‘cure’ compartmentalization within the human mind.)

Today I finally gave in to that annoying constant harassment by YouTube “Do you want to link your email to this YouTube account?” I gave my email attached to my Blogger blog to this guy and thought perhaps it would be a good way for people to see my activism without me telling them about people of course. After I did this finally today, I started to have forced memories pop up concerning my work in adult entertainment which are compartmentalized in an alter ego’s memory files- NEVER associated with the Real Me. That alter has been since destroyed (around 2004 or 5) due to malfunctioning.
There is no way I should be dealing with that part of my history or those memories walking around with a backpack, sleeping outside homeless as well as being targeted daily still. True healing can never occur. This is becuz they dont want the Survivors Will and true Self to grow out of healing properly. They want someone who is for the rest of thier lives controlled by The State. Part of accomplishing this is to over the years make the Target feel guilty about thier past and make it seem as if the gang stalking is all part of punishment for this behavior exclusively. Its all in the interest of gaining silence from the Targeted Survivor who is essentially a victim witness to all sorts of things that this system does NOT want yet another public and vocal witness testifying to.

Mind control, programming, RA, pedophilia, sex work, gang stalking, covert operations and just how they run, the use of technologies, human experimentation…all of these things are what many Targeted Survivors of programming and mc slavery have to deal with. And they want us to shut up about all of it. They keep pushing for me to act like nothing ever happened and go to college. Its total bullshit and a lie. And every single day I am run through this system of brainwashing. It just never ends.

My health continues to deteriorate, my endometriosis and bladder scars are really hurting due to not taking care of these issues over the years while being targeted, doing long term damage I am sure and they want me to attend UMass? WTF is wrong with this picture? My liver is not being taken care of properly and my diet out on the street with all its restrictions now due to food allergies induced by that Bactrim anaphylaxis can only be contributing to long term ill health. Its just like the Iranian treatment of dissidents. Do as much damage as possible to affect the FUTURE health of the prisoner then when their lives are cut short no one can directly blame the oppressors or jailers.

After linking those accounts I had flashes of memories from being in that alter ego that I would not have naturally been thinking about. The capacity this system has around the Boston area is amazing. They can block the Will to turn thought into action, for many years now. This system can cut thoughts right off and empty the mind of whatever you were working on. Gone just like that. There also seems to be control over the memory banks themselves as I notice that memories are lost or shown to me according to whatever the system is communicating to me at that time or according to whatever its purpose is at that time as far as the behavior modification program is going. Its totally depressing to not exist as a Willful entity and only be a puppet to an unseen force, especially now after Bush nationwide this system seems to be firmly in place and have almost absolute control over people. There is absolutely no freedom left in that scenerio. None. A total robotic society living on some false technology god’s Will for us. There is the actual feeling that its something akin to their Christian ‘God’. It really really sucks to not exist anymore. But if you truly know anything about programming, then you will realize that as far as they are concerned you died a long time ago anyway and have been thier puppet for years, and you know that death may well be literally at your birth or some time shortly afterwards. They help too though, by killing off what is left of your spirit during coming after you when you deprogram, like they did to me during Bush. So they think they finished me off…

Its no surprise that Hitler’s technologies, one of them listed has to do with posession via technologies. That is exactly what they are trying to pull off. Its disgusting really- a combination of good old fashioned metaphysical activity with technologies. And the public will never believe it either is the beauty of thier twisted plans.

So me linking those accounts was akin to me being more comfortable with de-compartmentalizing. It would be logical for the system to then think it can coax me into de compartmentalizing a memory compartment as well and ‘linking’ it together with my present state of mind. I know it sounds insane or like delusion but if you have any understanding of programming and psychology then you will understand that there is a very real effort to force Survivors to integrate and decompartmentalize with this system.

Its very important becuz they want to control how much power Survivors have. With a female entering her 40’s or mid 30’s who has power perhaps even from certain genetics, they want to reduce that person well before they become a ‘danger’ to society. Which means a psychic powerhouse or perhaps a Vril or Orgone producing powerhouse which is the most likely scenario. In fact, I just know that is the issue right there.
Many people may love Crowley’s ass but it was Mathers who said that men have to join lodges, go about ritual and seek outside materials just to gain what WOMEN already have access to naturally. Point made.

Jealous little boys is a total understatement.

I have noted for a long time now that much of the internet is to train human beings into certain behaviors. Anyone of you who is programmed knows that us using computers in the outside world is akin to having to live like a caveman when you are from an advanced civilization. A computer is so much slower than what we are capable with our internal programming systems. It doesn’t surprise me that much of being forced to lower oneself to the level of a computer has been during the same time period that many MK kids are starting to have programming unravel. And its not a step up for humanity its destroyed alot of what it means to be human. We have a generation of young kids who cant seem to even communicate, talk freely or even be friendly due to being raised on technology. Humans have to learn to work WITH machines and tech, along with all that is in nature. Technology if used properly can unlock much of the power that is in Nature, not destroy it. The combination of that power and those tools would be phenomenal but instead they fool you and use it to enslave you.

So I guess this is a warning. If you feel any changes in your situation due to something like this on the internet then its probably a ‘de-programming trap’. Its a good description of it.

There is no way that one should have to go through such psychological changes without the love and help of a support system. This is cruel treatment of Survivors of programming and mind control programs and projects. Its only goal is not to help the surivivor as it claims but to cover its own ass from exposure from the public and avoid consequences- political, financial and social.
This is NO WAY to integrate a person with a compartmentalized mind or DID/MPD. Its manipulative, cruel, souless and worst of all denies the person any right to thier ordeal as its done covertly and so the person has no ability to claim such a thing occured or that they went through hell. Terrorizing the Target with threats of no one believing them or mental illness labels are nothing more than tactics to force them to stay silent and within the behavior modification program against thier Will.

I will not let them succeed and if you are a Survivor you shouldnt either.

Its due to this kind of acitivity and system that I am sometimes suspect of people like Obrien and Mark Phillips. They claim to want to spread the word about the mass mind control being used and they are doing just that but I have heard Mark Phillips give a lecture where he claims that no therapist has the time or the energy to go through deprogramming with Survivors properly. It almost sounded like he was quietly advocating for a covert system of deprogramming such as myself and others are experiencing.

This may be just chance and this is not the case. It may also be that we never know what remains in our programming and even when we try to do good works we are still controlled at some levels. I may also be an action born of the deadly, murderous competition between programmed people that is natural to us causing him to want to get rid of any competition as he has a start Survivor on his hands. These are motives that are hidden even from ourselves. I am not an activist that goes around whining about who is a perp and starting flame wars. Its as simple as taking any good or helpful info and making warnings about anything possibly harmful or that might trap a survivor on his or her path out of The Maze.

What can I say I like assisting travelers. We are travelers and there are many traps on the way. The system obviously wants us under control and its very very unfair. Nor is it even necessary.

Being targeted in itself is simply to force the Survivor to become associated with technologies as well as to exist in the cyber world. Activism is the ultimate diversion away from so many other things we could have been doing within humanity.

So I have established there is a covert deprogramming system within the mass mind control and gang stalking that Targeted Survivors experience DAILY.

Be very aware of this as over time you will be lulled asleep. Which would be a shame to have worked so hard for freedom only to falter just a few key times and end up permanently under thier control.


~ by onmc on October 27, 2010.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.