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Ya know you want to believe or use these websites and from many a Target’s experience we know much of this is either true or plausible. Yet, comments like saying Cathy Obrien is the only “recovered and vocal survivor” is so inaccurate (even Mark Phillips has stated that there are many survivors out there, its common knowledge by now) makes one doubt the rest of what is written. Also here is yet another author who doesnt find it necessary to back up his site and claims with references, links or documentation.

People you have got to understand that not only is the general public very unaware of this subject matter, when they do become aware of it they are told its only conspiracy theories and then Hollywood makes sure all that material is marketed to them as merely sci fi thus backing up the idea and appearance- perception that its merely the stuff of imagination and not feasible in reality.

We are constantly working against a mechanism that does nothing every hour of every day but cover the asses of the people we are fighting. It never lets up. it never ceases and it never dies. Picture this as a chess game that goes on eternally. It was going on before you arrived and it will continue after your death. With this in mind you have to play that game at all times. Especially when engaged with this subject matter.

Every claim must be backed up or at least much of it has to be backed up so people can use deduction. To lead to the conclusion that it may be the truth. You cant just write what you please and then claim its the truth and way too many authors of sites like this do just that.

And then those of us who are VOCAL and RECOVERED survivors, who are not financially stable and heavily targeted have to sleep outside and live like rebels in the hills and we then work extra hard becuz we are now not only working against the constant denial of the perpetrators and oppressors and thier media black outs but against every careless conspiracy theorist or well meaning author of material like this that does not back up his claims.

Also that java thing on the top of the page that keeps following you down the page is annoying as hell and looks more like something from a Las Vegas casino vid game. Its gaudy. But hey what do I know. I am just a crazy person who is delusiional like her father or I simply dont exist in reality becuz there is only ONE recovered survivor of mind control projects.
Er, what about all the testimonies from the Presidents Advisory Committee??

Look if yer gonna implicate George Bush then provide hard core evidence already and nail the guy. If not or you just dont have the balls then dont muck up the scene with more tasteless conspiracy, becuz claiming things like this against a man in his position is very VERY tasteless unless you can back it up or yer story has some very feasible parts to it as well as much that can be corroborated.

I dont hate the Bushs but I dont like some of the things in thier history as it seems that it could have led to being a great inconvenience to me personally at this point as well as war crimes etc. If that is so then it must be told.

Bush has been an instrumental figure behind much of American politics for many years-decades. But there is also much to much focus on him singularly. I get the feeling that there is always something working against whoever is trying to put the whole thing in full together to show the well as implicating people other than Bush which would make the subject seem far less unlikely.

Most people just dont want to deal with such unpleasantness anyway and deep down humans are greedy creatures who want thier leaders happy so that they keep getting the benefits of a high quality of life. THAT is yer main problem right there and no expose is going to change the base Nature of Man-

For all of human progress in technologies and science etc, man has still not spiritually evolved. In fact it seems that much about human culture has devolved due to tech…

What needs to be done is to build this like a case in court or an investigation, of course then you’d probably just meet with one of those mysterious ends like accident. cancer or lone shooter if you were actually educated and smart enough to put forth something that looked credible. This is not a battle that can be won usually. The public dont care about a minority of expendables that keep thier leaders happy. They REALLY do not trust me. Some people might try to make our conditions more humane but we will still be treated like machines or animals…there just arent enough people to care or listen.

And those that do need alot more than just a million sites that claim Daddy Bush is a perv connected to some other faceless rich pervs that no one can stop anyway or seems to care to stop. Documentation and references are very commanding..and even then people will usuallly choose to ignore reality.

Most of us know that telling the truth is a suicide mission but it doesnt matter as we were supposed to die of suicide programming anyway. I was told to my face in NM that if I told the truth about what happened I would be lonely for the rest of my life.

F*ck them. They are so arrogant and they go so far with abuse and torture especially during the war that they deserve whatever we can bring them before we become has beens and fade away or die trying.

What I always find is that organized stalking and harassment is not usually tied to this subjectmatter. It seems to involve multiple people in a huge international network you would think it would register as rather important.


~ by onmc on November 13, 2010.

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