Arnold Exposed

Ill add to this tomorrow.  But note two things the connection to Nazi content and the want of control over people.

Also note that he was fascinated by being able to get away with doing messed up things to a woman becuz she was a robot in a movie,  A robot…but what if she was some other form of female that was considered expendable by society or if part of her life was focused on to make it appear that was all she was so that a group of men could get away with such abuses…


Ponder this. Also think about other men who share both abuse of women and Nazi sympathies..


Again I liked this actor mostly for his early work in body building and some movies I find inspirational. But that doesnt mean that if he is involved in anything connected to war crimes or human rights violations that we have to take his crap…


~ by onmc on November 13, 2010.

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