Necromancy and gang stalking campaigns
Interesting that complicated psychological methods are mapped out on this..but we in society are told that ‘mind control’ does not exist and that its just not possible! So why is game designer easily breezing through complicated mind control methods? Becuz this testimony that mind control exists will never be cross referenced with abusive programs of ‘mind control’ or psychological operations. Its tolerated or even accepted due to the source utilizing such information for motives perceived as ‘good’, beneficial or harmless (“..maximum fun”).

What originally caught me on this site was this page:

At first it didnt seem like vid game guide but once I saw the percentages of kill or energy I understood thats what it was.

Many sophisticated vid games concerning magickal content have some aspects of them that are part of such things actually occurring in real life. I think this writer is letting us in on some interesting points of real actions against people than they would like us to understand. Imagine if you could accomplish such things with technologies instead of just human metaphysical power.
This could explain what Skull and Bones is really all about. Power in death.

It is interesting that much of what is described is what TI claim as part of thier campaign. Especially the burning sensations and poking with pins or needles. And since the Nazi’s were so metaphysically inclined and much of the human experimentation was from the roots of Project Paperclip its interesting to see a connection.

Much of the harassment I have gotten (from perps IN PERSON) often consisted of the idea that if I die the world will live on. That I had to be suppressed becuz of something I was going to do in the future. How would they know this or claim to unless they were then admitting to the existence of such abilities. And with such corruption and atrocities one can only wonder how something I could have done in future could affect as many people or do as much damage as has been done in the past decade or at other points in history even.

I believe these are all excuses to perform bloodless human sacrifices as well as metaphysical rituals that give the practitioners great power. Note on this page the references to gaining energy by torturing your victim. Its the EXACT same things that happen to many targets.  Also,  I had someone once comment out of nowhere concerning how Targeted Individuals have been shown to leave a very strong energy trace behind them if they are monitored moving physically. That this is due to them having such energy tortured out of them was the intimation.

This is a program not just of occult crimes but of such undertakings with the assistance of technologies and other progress of the modern world.

Driving through NY just near the city not in it a few years ago I could feel the energy signature from what had occurred there in 2001 and probably much of the war and torture connected to it. It was very big in size that’s for sure.


~ by onmc on November 21, 2010.

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