Jump Into the New YOU!! (thought transferance marketed as self help) -or- More Stupid Human Tricks)

The site I linked to in that last post links this site as the original post sight of the piece The Controllers:

“Originally posted: http://www.informantnews.com/” http://www.informantnews.com/

Upon going to this site I found this link:
Jump Into A New Life!
Quantum Jumping”

Upon clicking on this I found an ad for what is referred to as ‘thought transference’ and its referred to in the ad by this term as well.

As usual human beings are all about self gratification. I could not BELIEVE that the motivations were all marketed as self aggrandizing.

Also this is a not widely written about metaphysical tactic. Its quite serious. Its hard to find on the internet (good thing) but the one mention of it I did find a while ago was a faction proposing to use it for negative purposes.

What was pertinent is that it shows once again that gang stalking can alter reality as there are multiple realities in this theory or time lines.

It was just offensive thats all.
And a warning- if you go messing with something like that, you better be prepared for that entire world to become part of your life. Other things can happen and there are not so positive uses for such a ritual and that is exactly what it is and it should be left as such…to the professionals.


~ by onmc on November 28, 2010.

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