Not your mother’s Satanic conspiracies by Robert Sterling Published November 22, 1999 in Whoa!

I know the title is once again cheesy and discredits our experiences. However this article is not like others. The title is actually sarcasm or parody. The author does so to take note of how sensationalist most of the subject matter is.

If anything over the last days I have become more clear headed about the whole situation. One thing I had do learn is to pay attention to what my intuitions are telling me. I get so many clues even visions like that one of Arafat or Hussein. I also kept getting flashes of my uncle, the one I wrote about in OnGangstalking recently. Once I got this strong impression of the lawyer I used to go up against OLNICK for the moldy apartment.  It was after I used a particularly hardcore music vid to express my deep anger and sadness that day.

These ideations and visions are usually very accurate. Its the brainwashing done by the system that prevents me from using these tools to have victory over my enemies as well as win this war against this system that wants so much for me to suicide, forget and move on- conform or just go brain dead while being a “homeless” person.  Its interesting that when I do loose my cool in public sometimes that the people around seem much more accepting of that even encouraging, than they do of me being groomed, rested, healthy and having a computer and proper traveling gear. They HATE that.  The train during the day in Cambridge and Boston is either full of the nosiest people on the planet who either know my story or dont and are just judgmental jerks or this place is indeed saturated with persons who know about mind control slavery and readily support it so they hate to see a victim, the targeted survivor, keeping it together.

This article is more along the lines of what I need in my research. It uses doubt, skepticism. Alot of material on this subject is straight up conspiracy theory or almost sci fi.

For instance I did not know that in Cathy Obrien’s book she claims that G HW Bush turns into a reptilian before her eyes. I see the issue with people claiming (especially on YouTube) that they are both either still under mind control or that they are knowingly disinfo agents. More possibly it could be a case of still being under the control of programming not ‘mind control’. That term is very vague. From my experiences, most of the USA is under ‘mind control’ currently due to the use of psych warfare, chemical influence and technologies.

I never did trust the idea that Mark Phillips spoke of in one of his lectures- that no therapist has the time it would take to assist a Survivor in deprogramming and reprogramming. That he had to take alot of time and alot of love to help Cathy Obrien. If she deserves such assistance then why dont other survivors deserve the same? It seemed kind of elitist which is natural I guess. Mind control slaves can be frighteningly selfish and we are that way out of necessity to survive. We are so subjugated that its natural to think this way.

But I have heard him also intimate that he is aware that these bastards try to deprogram people by force and use behavior modification as well to silence the person for good.

It could be that drugs were used or its some sort of screen memory. I know no one is going to believe me in my book when I make claim I saw a young light skinned black male look at me and his eyes had electricity in them like one finds in those globes at science museums where if you put yer hands on it the current follows yer fingers in the glass. Lightening one might describe. Who is going to believe that? I think I posted it already on a blog somewhere. I never saw any lizards or aliens however. I suppose that a talented psychic may be able to project those images or perhaps its tech that is only used when this system wants to totally freak a Target out so its used only in ‘special’ situations. An entire bus full of ‘perps’ or whatever they are. No one is readily going to believe that either…but it did happen to me. A few bus rides in the southwest and from Memphis TN were THAT nasty. Especially the sw USA.

Perhaps its based on Voodoo like philosophy: if its already a fear in your own mind it can be used against you in psychic battle. My concept of any kind of reptilian entity is very mild. Some entities perhaps that started the human race and these may have been the two branches of the watchers etc etc and they are still afoot today. They are Luciferian based and one stays the course with hating humans for all they are not and the other branch has gone off track somehow and finds human life worthy and seeks to assist man- only those who are worthy and have the Will to survive however. And the idea of ‘reptilian’ is more of the inner nature not some obvious shape shifting quality. I think its alot more benign that its marketed by alot of conspiracy theorists. And I notice that most of these people label ALL ‘reptilians’ to be negative in nature. What if your Christian angels and fallen angels were simply two opposing branches of ‘reptilians’? Then you would be rejecting the only entities strong enough to fight those who seek to destroy mankind.STUPID once again.
Even the mystery of brown hooded figures and black hooded ones may represent these two factions. Always hidden from man but always taking part in his affairs. Also there may be some sort of thought transference or possession involved opposed to people being born reptlians. and hte term ‘aliens’ is relative. When we go to Mars and use genetic engineering and other tech we will have by then to create a planet that can support human life are we going to be considered ‘ alien’ forefathers of that planet? What if we get really good at creating robots and AI to the point where we can create actual human like life. Are we then God?
When humans use the term aliens to describe reptilian entities its just ridiculous. If indeed they had something to do with engineering our existence then they are not aliens as we understand the word being used now. God..what is that anyway? Youve got centuries of such a concept on earth even before the Judaic God came to be defined. God used to be comparable to Osiris. But in this scenerio the devil was his brother Seth and I suppose the Virgin Mary could be Isis (who was the one Seth was afraid of not Osiris).

‘Reptilians’….I just cant get into it as a total threat. It could also be that she was drugged. These bastards love to use gasses, spray on stuff that seems to incur a state of hallucination as well as sneaking stuff into pills like capsules. You have no idea how nasty that is. Its probably THE worst part of these campaigns the attempted and successful druggings. Once you are hip to the druggings you will become very stressed out by seeing this attempted so it adds to the stress that destroys the TIs mind. Of course in the end its all chocked up to the TI truly suffering from mental illness in reality and none of this sh*t ever happened. How convenient.

Then again it could be just as the author states: that alot of hard research was being done and investigation coming out on the subject and then Survivors start popping up with fantastic stories. Hmmm. It sounds very logical and it sounds exactly like the sophisticated methods this system uses to cover its ass completely.

“Extraordinary indeed, but evidence does exist. Conspiracy investigators (most notably superstar writer Alex Constantine) have presented strong evidence of CIA-DOD links to various nefarious activities, ranging from a pedophilia scandal at the Presidio to a cover-up in Franklin, Nebraska (which also involved high-ranking GOP operatives and a crooked savings and loan). Dead bodies litter the trail, possibly including those of actor River Phoenix and JonBenet Ramsey. But while bizarre claims against government agents shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand, we would be well-advised not to go to the other extreme and accept every tale of torment as gospel truth.”

Perhaps there is a deeper conspiracy involved here, an attempt to discredit legitimate research into CIA dirty deeds. The most effective form of disinformation is that which blurs the truth with fiction so effectively that they become impossible to differentiate. At the time Cathy O’Brien hit the lecture circuit, some powerful research was starting to circulate in alternative circles involving Satanic pedophilia operations. The end result of O’Brien and Taylor’s public ravings has been to trivialize this research by association. The CIA itself could be behind the plot: Both Cathy and Brice had the “help” of self-described “renegade CIA operatives” in the recovery of their memories. It’s quite possible those operatives weren’t renegades. Their help might have involved implanting bogus tales.”


~ by onmc on December 1, 2010.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.