Ritual Abuse and Christianity


This explains part of the reason perhaps that Targeted Survivors of mind control and programming are isolated and systematically ignored.  As you can see this is very common.

I was just talking to this fellow homeless woman who proclaims Christianity but it often comes out as craziness. God tells her to do this and that..I’ll listen to her but I dont trust her.

Something happened after talking to her though. Often I wonder if the people behind this are not the Christian fundamentalists in the military.  Its still intrigues me that a Survivor like myself is pushed so hard towards choosing between only two belief systems: Christianity and Satanism.  Pushed HARD over the years, like tortured into either one.

Both guarantee  you’re under some sort of control.

What was done to me was brilliant to keep me psychologically tied to Satanism even though I had previously rejected the religion or belief system, at least the Lavey version of it.   What was done ensured that I did not come out of my programming with any ties to Satanic content severed. The system bonded me to that within the campaign over the years. And I never really was aware of Satanic programming, not consciously.

This story is the same one that many Survivors experience.

I got this weird feeling after listening to this girl. Like whoever was watching was impressed that I would tolerate her. I almost felt  reward was going to be doled out.  It also seems like whoever watches in Harv Sq did not know that I often run into this girl and am tolerant of her or listen to her complaining for a moment or chat for a few minutes.  She cant be trusted as she was the one who warned me about some lesbians in the homeless scene trying to take advantage of my situation and trying to see if they could be with someone who was never with a woman before. For her to have info like that means she cant be trusted. She also said something about when yer soul gets tired, just give up and let the system give you housing.  This sentiment was pushed for a bit by perps nationwide, this concept of finally getting me housed after the major destruction was over.  For someone like me who was screwed over by the low income housing system with her health and mental capacities ruined for life by years of exposure to mycotoxins, it would be a slap in the face to have me bow down and trust the system again. But that is the point of  these campaigns- to break the person.

Humiliation is an invaluable key to getting someone under control.

And it is so annoying to hear that religious types are actually trying to establish that alters are Satanic if you refuse to integrate. That would also explain why integration is so pushed consistently in this. It would also render hte Survivor alot less capable of more than average ability and endurance and resistance if they were no longer compartmentalized.


~ by onmc on December 4, 2010.

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