Phenomena of ‘Mind Control’ Survivors Experiencing Visions of Reptilian Shapeshifters

I believe everyone understands by now that I try to make this as down the earth as possible which is easy considering to me the whole issue is quite natural. Its the dis info people and the misinformed that make it into a sci fi circus complete with conspiracy theories that no ‘reasonable person’ should believe.

There is a logical explaination for everything on this earth. When there is no such explaination I simply look at it as we as a species or civilization either dont have enough information or we have lost that information in time somewhere, in history or evolution.  For instance, our eyes do not have the information that it takes to see the infa red light that exists all around us every moment- but bumble bees can see this light. We cannot smell the nuances of living that other mammals such as our pet dogs and cats can take in.

Whatever is in question we simply lack enough information. So to be sensible it should be unsolvable until we have that missing information. The problem is that people start to use thier imaginations to fill in blanks or get sloppy and start weaving tales that sound sensible but are no longer investigation based using critical thinking.  That is where conspiracy theorists do their damage, and the purposeful disinfo factions are more than happy to add thier versions of far out nonsense to the mix.

I did not realize that Cathy Obrien mentioned in her book that Bush turned into a reptilian entity in front of her. Of course that was a misquote from a piece I read. Which is also where problems begin.  Actually, in her book she seems to believe it was a hologram of some kind, which is not the same thing as actually believing she saw anyone shapeshift.  I refuse to read the books of other survivors until I get mine down so I cant become influenced nor accused of being influenced by others works.  The excerpt of her actual recollection from her book was on a blog and it was isolated to just that part of her writing.

Again, media black out of purposeful info management is taking place. Instead of entertaining this idea or theory seriously the misquoting blog author chose to purposefully disinform his readers and viola! She is nut case or a conspiracy theorist not to be believed.

This is just another tactic of making sure that Survivors are not heard or thier stories not carried through intact to the mainstream. Sci fi ripping Survivors off consistently is as main stream as the stories seem to get which of course is another tactic at supression. It all works nicely it seems.

I dont believe that any visions of shapeshifting by mind control or programming Survivors are real, as in solid reality on this plane.  Its either a trick of technology as she seems to be indicating, though her explaination isnt very reasonable as a holigram would need a place to be transmitted from.

It could also be a trick of a very skilled psychic or perhaps in unison with technology as an amplifier.

The other explanation is that these experiences occur on inter-dimensional planes where what one is seeing is manipulated by entities that have that ability.

Another Survivor Arizona Wilder, David Ickes seems to favor her as a victim witness, has also claimed to have seen this occur in her experiences. For some reason her claims discredit her more than other Survivors.  As with most Survivors stories, there are parts that are believable and parts that come up as probable disinformation intentional or otherwise or are mistaken by the Survivor as actually taking place in reality as we know it.

What counts most in all of our experiences is the human Will.  Every single kind of encounter whether it be SRA or other RA, alleged alien abduction (which many believe is to cover for RA or human experimentation by very human factions such as para military etc), programming or mind control note that what counts most, what they all have in common is the human Will power. To either suppress it totally or to manipulate it to the controller’s advantage seems to be the key. The consistent thread throughout these experiences.

Either we are dealing with something that is part of the attempts to cause insanity and ‘blow’ the victim’s mind, namely intense psychological warfare games or there is truly an interdimensional contact going on which is why one sees another ‘version’ of the person not of this plane or reality.

Still it sounds more like the workings of very talented psychics.  One always associates the dark and hidden worlds with the feminine. Women are witches potentially and must be controlled whereas real men are trustworthy, make war with thier balls out and watch football. Gotta trust that right?   In fact I have learned that males possess very dangerous psychic abilities and often thier power is matched by what we experience as their prowess and aggression in normal life. Men can be very dangerous in this realm. And many a naive female is not privvy to that information.

The experiences I have read about as well as personal ones still reek of mind control, deception and using tech to produce such results.  If ever I were to make a similar claim I would surely do so by adding that it was in an area where technology seemed to be used very heavily to gain all sorts of changes from the Target’s psyche.

Again it comes down to the same formula: a ‘gang stalking’ campaign of psychological warfare consists of in person human forces to engage with the Targeted person, the use of chemicals to destroy, poison, influence or neutralize the Target as well as what must be technologies either in unison with human psychic warriors or the two being used alternately.

The difference between a person sitting down next to you and engaging psychically and the influence of tech is going to be obvious. A person could influence you when in environments where tech stops working such as underground or with no wi fi or cell reception.  Also the connection to the Target seems more based on what is natural to humans thus the engagement is alot more positive and less damaging (even if the goal is to fool or subdue the Target to the oppressors advantage.) Its also alot easier to recognize, counter and control the outcome with the Target’s Willpower. Tech is almost impossible to fight unless one gets away from its influence and the experience is much more damaging it seems.

There have been instances of areas where the campaigns are very nasty. St Louis as you know from my posts is one of those areas.  Not only has there been a TI experiencing an attempt to make them go postal but also it was obvious that this area used ‘gang stalking’ to create much violence and chaos. During that period, East St Louis was the most violent area in the USA.  Non stop gang stalking by human forces, constant psychological warfare, daily classical conditioning as well as the overt involvement of police, fire and ambulance.  The tech that was used was extreme and was used to damage body tissue as well as torture to the extreme.

A certain TI has experienced an irresistable urge to harm another human being as in some sort of totally illogical urge to kill a certain person and in one instance that person was portrayed to them as what seemed like a reptilian entity in a vision shortly after sitting in front of them with an unexplainable urge to strike out and kill the individual.  In the supposed battles between entities or sides this may seem like a good or novel idea at the time but the problem is that it fits in way to well with the constant attempts by various methods to get the TI labeled or have them prove they are indeed a dangerous person.  Which means it cant be true or most likely is not an experience revealing truth,such as the existence of reptilian entities because it isnt singlular. It falls in with various attempts of different types to get the same end results.  Recall my ex’s crappy low budget release after he lead me along and ditched me for some In Crowd or supposed hard core crowd (snicker) that helped get him out of his mothers attic and into sweet gigs in the industry: Means to an End, by any means necessary.

Of course as with all attempts at manipulation and deception all one has to do is note what that side wants to achieve and to keep track of what is true not what they want you to believe and thier work pretty much falls apart under constant scrutiny.

At best most of thier mind games fall under the cult brainwashing category and other than that its just plain torture to try to destroy either your body via suicide or your mind via insanity.

I cant imagine how many Survivors have snapped under these conditions. Not realizing its deception to get that reaction out of them. Torture and confusion bring out the ape in us to a degree that we are not used to seeing in civilian life.  To react out of sheer threat or fear. Its so damn simple but effective.

I have no doubt that Survivors who’s stories  have many believable elements to them do indeed experience seeing such things or getting visions. The thing that I never understand is why they believe them at face value. Deception is brainwashing and mind control..all the things we deal with. Deception is at the base of everything the system does.  The key is to fool the target into believing that they are in fact viewing a hidden reality so as to render them totally ineffective after that.

Even if it were a peek into true reality on earth that no one usually sees it would have to be approached even then logically and calmly. One might say , allright then. There are interdimensional entities that seem attached to certain human beings on this planet. Which disturbingly I believe is the basis of Scientology. Which of course might make perfect sense considering that its rumoured that Hubbard was involved with Crowley and so we are back again to Hermetics, ancient Egypt and a return to ancient forces which of course there are many theories that the creating forces in lore from ancient civilizations were our makers, either aliens from elsewhere or humanoids that gentically engineered humans.  Then that would run on with there being Watchers or entities that are Luciferian in nature but grew to be fond of humans and give them assistance and there are Luciferian entities that never grew to like humanity and stayed straight on the path of understanding humans as totally different species of being, beneath them and loathed by them.  Etc etc.

This is most likely what is meant by Scientology’s theory of ghosts of long dead ‘alien’ entities possessing humans.  If that is indeed thier thoeries which I have only read very second hand.  Its kind of a detached and cockeyed way of looking at it, it certainly doesnt percieve the phenomena as spiritual in nature. Nor is it romanticising it such as seeing these entities as Guardians or destroyers, the black hooded and brown hooded warriors who keep battling over humanity’s welfare into eternity. Which is what makes Scientology so damn creepy.

OK so some entity via thought transference ‘jumps’ into a new shell whenever its necessary or however it works to get some work done on Terra. Why should yer average person who isnt involved in the battles or part of either brotherhood give a sh*t? That would be the most logical question really. How is it any of your business if you are not a warrior on the field?  Yeah, sounds like a cult.

And one must be skeptical and wonder how much of any of this is realistic or its brainwashing and mind control done to parts of the population to get humans to believe in such things. Screen memories could be used to gain such results. Again what is the motive? Other than to employ human beings as slaves and believing such things from thier first memories will keep them attached to such beliefs and all the strange phenomena that goes along with that for a life time.

You can either believe that there are entities that are quite different from us and appear frightening when showing us thier interdimensional forms or psychic forms that exist and have influence on human affairs or you can believe that its a fabrication to gain compliance in some ploy in the long term. One has to look at the circumstances surrounding the experience.

George Bush may just be a very talented and powerful psychic to achieve such things if indeed this did occur to miss Obrien. Either that or the system that pulls of these smoke and mirror tricks has some very interesting technologies even back in those days. But what was do be gained by the experience.  In the example of the Targeted Survivor in a dangerous area, with the camapaign at that time being geared towards murder  and suicide and getting the victim to snap, one has to see that in itself is the motive. So one will want to consider that goal by the perpatrators before getting too much into the experience itself of seeing a person revealed to them in a vision as reptilian or an entity of some sort.

The circumstances seem to either be one of ultimate intimidation. Having that vision occur seems to affect the Target or Survivors so profoundly that it permanently damages thier psyche for life- that little moment in time was definately one of no control over one’s situation, of a crushing of the Will so great that the human BEING, spirit and psyche within gasped in that moment for air, for life and from being struck so hard.

Survivors experience such moments in thier experiences.  Another example of this most extreme form of torture and intimidation is when I myself had a nightmare that my conshusness itself , it was being attempted to house this in a pair of virtual reality glasses.  One could feel one’s sense of being of shape, form, of lifeforce within the body crushed into a space much to small to possibly exist.

Again I doubt if this was simply a nightmare of my own making. The human psyche would never turn on itself in that manner, I dont think it would even after being tortured.  Only people trying to purposely create a Hell on earth or in this dimension would pull something like that.

Another theory is that all the electro magnetic activity is screwing with time and space. An example of this is when ghost hunters use the same equipment to sense paranormal activity that is used by TI’s to measure eletromagnetic activity.  This is also why many TI’s claim that the tech can make one believe a house is haunted or perhaps a house becomes haunted or activity increases when cell towers or repeaters are put on the roof.

It may be possible that false occuring electro mag that is unnatural and manufactured by humans is creating not only disturbances and unatural unbalance in the environment humans are used to existing in, but it may even create a portal, dimension or environment where entities such as ghosts etc could become active and engage with humans more readily as in through cyber space or whatever new environment is created by putting so much electro mag into the physical realm.   I am sure the studies on this would be very disturbing, which is why its so important to make sure that anything to do with such musings go straight to the psychiatry diagnoses manual  as disordered thinking.

but I dont see popular Ghosthunters from TV being labeled mentally ill or anyone who is religious and believes in entities they cant see.  That inconsistency right there should make anyone skeptical.

Its all about social control, mind control and attacking the Will of living human beings.

The best thing to do when being shown a vision of a person as a reptilian entity is to put it in the WhatEVERRR! file and note it but dont get too freaked out by it.  Somewhere along the line its a mind game to gain control over you. Either to serve a purpose in some way or to get you to react and promote your own self destruction.

Why cant this ever happen under positive circumstances? Notice how its always a mind fuck moment when it occurs usually to scar the person for life.  It seems our alleged ‘reptilian’ overlords have bigger egos than anything else.

If thier purpose is to show us what the true order of things is, it wouldnt much matter if the person being targeted was doing thier ‘job’ as far as being programmed anyway. What is one to learn from this? What, what one already knows?    I have heard of too many people throughout history getting caught in this net and it sounds like a one way ticket to some sort of unatural dimension for humans to exist in, like a trap.

I mean like WTF do they want from us, if its not a gaff?  As for me I am already sacrificing my whole life to write a book becuz, as we know humanity does suck and they are horribly stupid, weak and easily trained animals..yes I know that.  But there are humans that are worthy and smart enough to not want slavery as an option. Also the odds are terribly unfair right now. These technologies are not only tipping the balance of power in ridiculous way but it may also be very unhealthy for human life, I’ve seen theories on wi fi killing trees and such.  People have to understand the reprecussions of using heavy technolgies and humans have a habit of just polluting themselves to death instead of watching out for these dangers.  At least give them some awareness and if they want to let the planet shit the bed so they can move to a dome on Mars or the Moon (where there is allegedly already a dome…funny- gentrify the moon)  then let them then.

The trap of all this is that it keeps the Target very very busy and the person ages and obsesses over these subjects that in the end amount to nothing in the realm of normal life among the masses. It seems like the ultimate diversion is what the whole thing is about. The ultimate psychological warfare to keep the Targeted person down.

That has been noted by many people looking at the phenomena of either SRA or alien abduction. The Target is led on a life time quest in search of some truth when in reality the ‘gold’ is in human interaction, talent, creativity and energy exchanges of what humans call ‘love’ between one another. The ultimate crime of the destroyers is to rob one of thier internal ‘gold’ supply which is thier self satisfied, self loving Spirit which produces self regenerating energy if not healing energy for Self and others.

Showing a Survivor the presence of a faceless, cold yet magical entity that is supposed to be ‘reptilian’ in some harsh Order of things on earth doesnt really gain one thier Soul back nor does it help them with any sort of self improvement or great ideas at improving social conditions for human beings. It will however enslave the mind and/or send the person on some sort of quest for answers where there are none and any there are, guaranteed you knew them on some level anyway.

What could possibly be gained by being shown that there is a strange non human looking species on earth that is the ultimate power and we are somehow part of that order of things, such as there is a hierarchy?  OK so there are humans that house entities that serve or protect these reptilians and a whole hierarchy or order..and so? So what? What would they like us to do with that, whether its true or a mind f*ck to gain control over someone?  It just seems like an excercise in how to stifle someone’s growth.  What am I supposed to do with that? How does that get shelters built that dont suck and overhaul the homeless industry? What am I supposed to ask my superiors to hand over money, access and resources for such things? Is that how things get done in reality?  And what exactly would they want in return for such favors?

Hmm. An exchange for power or the realization of one’s goals.  Sound familiar?

I say that if it is true, fuck em as what they put us through is totally unfair and if they do exist their actions only serve to break our Will. If it is just a mind fuck, part of the smoke and mirrors system then write it off as such and keep advancing forward into enemy territory for the final conquest.

By the way many Survivors describing alters and such could be considered a form of shifting one’s shape if you think about it.  I have been told that people dont recognize me in different settings due to my either looking different in each one or my having this ability to hide and look like I blend in.  People who are friends at a certain ‘frequency’ with each other start to look like each other and take on not only thier mannerisms but each other’s jewelry or styles or whatever.  How many actors or performers get accused of ripping off thier idols before they define themselves by looking, acting and BEING them early in thier careers?

People ‘shape shift’ all the time.  And that is more accurate a description of that human ability and subconshus behavior than seeing a vision or holigram of a strange frightening creature meant to scar you for life.  And of course the ever useful ‘no one is going to believe you’ is a great tool to imprison the victim as well.

If my mother, the evilest bitch I can think of the poor thing, said to me : “You can write a book, but no one is going to believe you” in her typical snide hissing manner (jealous much?) while all along knowing more about what was happening than she would tell me then I have to assume that everything that happens to me that ‘no one will believe’ is part of this keep down by every jealous, abusive sadistic piece of sh*t like her who is too powerless and lacking in Will to fight corruption as well as define themselves outside of the cult known as gangstalking groups.

It makes me wonder why such a supposedly real entity would be on the side of someone so much less talented, intelligent and attractive as well as well meaning than myself such as my b*tch mother and every other morally bankrupt person who betrayed me.  Doesnt make much sense unless what you are looking for is mindless slaves..which aint gonna happen.

If these kings of our world, reptilians want to give me ultimate revenge on my enemies and betrayers as well as somehow return my youth to me and restore all lost opportunity then perhaps they have something for me. In fact I wonder about the factions that are slowly dismantling the people and factions that f*cked with me.  Strangely I dont care who is doing that but I certainly like the results.

And alot of this ploy sounds like its to force the victim into embracing a Jesus like existence where they either give up the fight and forgive thier enemies and all that occured thus gaining back some sort of peace and perhaps a smattering of thier golden inner spirit or they can perish eventually into darkness by holding onto the hate and sorrow from being f*cked over so badly. Neither one of these is acceptable and again we are now dealing with being forced into being controlled and powerless either by a Satanic action or a Christian one. What seems to be the ultimate threat is to satisfy and love one’s Self while establishing one’s good in the world through deeds or helping others in a balance with self satisfaction.  This leading of one’s life through the Will seems to be the ultimate threat to the system and has been since Bush..never to recover I am assuming.

I think the mass mind control will just continue at this point. They have everyone right where they want them as well as a younger generation that have been trained since birth to be slaves. There isnt really a way out of this except to retain a bit of ‘gold’ by still fighting all the way up to death and the way out of this world.

Forget what you saw, they oppressors want what you KNOW.


~ by onmc on December 22, 2010.

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