Satanic Activity: Medical Professionals and Students

A nurse at Wellsely hospital looked at me one day and blurted outright “Dont you want some antidepressants to deal with the harassment?” Nowadays Id have that on camera or audio.

That is how bad being Targeted is WHEN YOU DONTKNOW ITS A SYSTEM AND YOU ARE A TARGET. Which is why public awareness as well as Target awareness is important at all expense to myself. When you are in the grip of brainwashing which you are in the early stages as this is the nature of the system and its purpose anyway, people say the most overt things to you as a TI. Years later after doing mad research and learning to weather and counter and resist the system you look back and cannot believe the disrespect. Its outrageous. Health professionals playing games like that. I thought that all these upright snobs were supposed to be informants for the welfare system if an elderly, child or disabled person was being abused. So why do they go along in this sickening manner with these campaigns.
For a nurse to say such a thing to me is again shocking. Thinking back I have always been mistreated by a certain amount of the medical field in ways that were shocking. Years ago I once had a anesthesiologist tell me that he wasnt going to “sugar coat” anything for me with the attitude of a real asshole, right in front of my mother. While of course she gets coddled in every hospital she goes to by nurses and anesthesiologists. People involved in medical and law have always been alot nicer to her. Most likely she is more controllable than I ever will be and cooperates with the system thus they cooperate with her. With me its very much been a ‘f*ck you’ attitude from medical professionals as far back as I can recall even when I was just a kid. The only time I recall medical people being nice to me was when I had my tonsils out as a kid at the foster home. I felt a genuine care from the nurses and felt safe. After going to live with my mother I dont recall anything but bad experiences and when I got to be a teenager and especially in my 20’s they could often be downright abusive. It seems every time I tried to get legit medical help I was treated like sh*t big time. There is evidence of alot of Satanic activity in medical. Many of the people that have been busted in recent years for being in actual, documented Satanic cults- arrested for Satanic crimes- were people either practicing medicine or in medical school.

It could also be connected to being a second generation human experimentee as they will do anything to protect being able to get away with such activities as they have been allowed to in the US without legal consequence.

Also during my younger years, this Asian man told me he was in medical school and he was also member of the Chinese mafia who had assisted him in life. He claims that he will always be inthier debt and part of them even when he finishes medical school. I believe its the same for much of organized crime so you never know who yer really dealing with. (Unless you are in a specific situation like mine, you have nothing to worry about- it doesnt apply to regular people. They are going to give you service that is quality due to wanting to make money.)

Would you believe that in Tufts Medical Center formerly NEMC Boston I experienced an Asian doc telling his assistant to get ten tubes of blood for me and make sure the needle was hot. I did not believe me ears until I indeed got a hot needle in my arm. I was told that that much blood was needed for research into why I never really got sick with Hep C, like why my liver didnt go bad, and I got 10 dollars and signed something. I feel to this day it was done under duress and the whole experience was very very strange. I will always recall the sadistic look on thatassh*le’s face when he ordered that needle hot.

Interestingly when I told them I stopped smoking and had a special diet and took herbs for my liver they were very uninterested in that as data for thier research. I always wondered if that had some other medical research purpose, a Satanic ritual purpose or if the bastards were vampires..there are people who indulge in such ritual without being real true to life movie type vampires. They are lets say..self made vampires. And with the amount of spiritual energy I had at the time as well as my being terrorized so that blood must have been jammed packed with energy. Yummy huh? (I hope you enjoyed it becuz payment is due and its coming soon. ..oh I AM sorry, did you think you could just rob or steal? Don’t work like that. Either way the people in this system owe me for blood spilled in one way or another.)
So it must have been the guy I was seeing for my liver then.

Outside of my horrible memories that everyone thinks no one is going to believe becuz they are so craaazzyy and out of character for normal life, there is alot of abuse in the medical field partially due to what the author of this article sites as “managed care”. I saw many a good doc I liked semi-retire due to that system making work mules out of them instead of letting them practice thier craft.


~ by onmc on January 6, 2011.

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