Its Not the Satanism That Bothers Me..Its the White Trash Factor

I AM THE GOD OF HELL FIRE, AND I BRING YOU..Boredom. And cheesiness. And hell.
Getting the sheep to become indoctrinated is just the system once again knowing that America wins wars by tonnage.  I see this phenomena is world wide however.

Its military takeover if you ask me or some other faction that finds getting Joe Public into Satanism is useful for thier agenda right now.

The white and black trash/nuvoe rich slobs involved in this is enough to make anyone puke. I think that is the greatest part of thier torture nowadays- tackiness taking over and complete lack of taste.  Its more like Satanism used to complete some new age communist vision. What better than cult mind control?  Satanism is being marketed as fad and culture- pop culture. I dont think these people are truly dark enough in spirit to take on the entity or at least the true entity created by the collective or individual minds of truly serious satanists.

Its  a great way to get the public under control. Think about it. Years ago it was Judeo-Christianity and now its the opposing belief systems getting them under control.  Its not hard to appeal to the beast in people of any western country as the culture has it as a focus already to begin with.

The people involved in this act like they have never suffered a day in thier lives for thier belief  systems. Either that or the System has been busy churning out RA victims and/or programmed mc slaves in a factory like way for the last few decades. There are just so many of them now. Then again the media is always clever enough follow trends very seriously. There is something much more creepy about the openess of it than the satanism itself.  It has no mystery to it, as if removing the artfulness or mystique IS the torture in itself.  Removing individuality, mystique, refinement, art, finesse, quietness, true darkness…its all very unattractive. Its a great way to empower the masses with a false sense of power and bad-assery while getting them firmly under control.

Doesnt seem very rebellious. What are they rebelling against?

Its all so…disgusting. I cant stand the sight of this white trash girl Lady Sovereign  There is nothing remotely ‘lady’ -like about her. And I dont mean oppressed American girl ‘lady’ I mean Lady in the titled sense in which they are trying to emulate.  Calling these women ‘lady’ is the equivalent of blacks referring to women in positions of authority ‘Miss’, as in ‘Yes miss, Nancy’. Its that childish.

This post could have also been called ‘Satan Wears Bling’ or ‘Is Satan a W*gger?’.   All they have done is made the trash in white trashy pop stars even more evident and added overt trappings of convoluted Satanism/select Luciferian belief systems.

We really cannot do better than Christine Agulara as  a nation? She’s beyond cheap. Marylin was cheap technically but she was natural, truly sexual, a bit sensuous and childlike enough to fake femininity really well. Marylin was an artwork and we all know it. This is graffiti at best- really bad graffiti, the kind that no talent wannabe street kids spray over good work on walls. Its akin to graffiti that consists of just a signature or goofy stylized writing. Commoners street art which isnt art at all. There are plenty of good street artists, like this scene can do better than this surely.

Another thing is that Satanism as elitism is supposed to showcase people with talents that blow most human beings away in competition. The best, the fastest, the brightest. This is not what I am seeing presented by these scenes lately.

What we are seeing is Satan’s reality show and I am sure that many satanic factions are getting off on the fact that it tortures the hell out of anyone with any sense of taste, which I am sure they’d be into, considering the end result is not Satanism but torture…and I guess thats pretty Satanic in nature.

If you want to torture those of us left with any sense of taste you have succeeded. Eminem was not enough, you had to take it one level down didnt you? Justin Beiber having photos taken with that gleam in his eyes is even worse. Its like looking at Alfred E. Newman convert to Satanic belief and finally demanding that the world take him dead seriously as he has decided to start presenting himself that way.

You want to believe its  a joke but the sheep are serious. They demand to be evil and respected for it.

Like I have posted before this Satanism is just anti-human and anti-life.  There is no feeling of comfort in darkness or anything drawing me in. Nothing I am ‘familiar’ with.  Essentially it sucks, bigtime.

But there is a method to the madness.
It is accomplishing two things for the agenda and the perps:
Anyone waking up now and trying to heal from truly being a programmed mind control slave is going to be hard pressed to find any place to hide among all the images of such subject matter being mirrored back at them from this media-scape. Again we come to MIRRORS used in programming and mind control. As a survivor I take great offense to many of the images and materials being used so carelessly as these things have done great damage to mind control slaves everywhere. They play with such images and materials as if they were toys- and THAT is the purpose of doing so. It is to invalidate anyone waking up from programming right now or in the past few years. It seems to us that the entire media-scape and much of the public are taking from us what was private and hidden (thus secrets that burdened us for years ruining our lives) and  making it public as if it were nothing. Its like taking what little treasures we had left that were private and stealing them to whore on television. Which is the same things they have been doing to our specific faction since 2003 it seems. Invalidation, abuse, invalidating current abuse such as gang stalking, trying to erase or steal memories from past abuse or programming, taking away our privacy, using systematic rape to make us feel we have no control over our lives.  For instance the use of clowns as furniture is very damaging to truly programmed people. There is a reason that many Survivors of programming hate clowns and despise the circus or people wearing masks in general. Its hoped that these displays will further disassociate us from our pasts and our truth, so as to discourage healing. In other words, they are flagrantly mocking as well as disregarding all of our most intimate pain and suffering which before had been private.

After the system comes after Survivors, often all we have left is that deep seated pain and suffering originating in programming from infancy. During Bush the goal was to take away any chance at healing and remaking ourselves as powerful people who may choose to do good with our life experiences, to erase in us Spirit. Now the goal seems to complete trying to turn us into mere shells merely going through the motions of living on earth in a physical body by taking away what was left that was deep and private- the programming itself.

This is way of the system making total mindless, emotionless, spiritless robots our of true Survivors of mind control programming and RA. I recall the Bush years and I had a full gamut of emotions, I had a deep spiritual being or nature and a vast mind within. I now am a former shell of myself. A ghost of sorts.  I am capable of feeling emotions based on the now and my new experiences but there is nothing left but vague ghost images of what was formerly rich memories of my past.

The system is for some reason really trying to erase out of existence, murder essentially all truly mind controlled slaves.
I believe that they knew something in advance.  Most likely there was going to be alot of people surviving suicide sequences of programming via internet info and thus coming to the understanding that we ARE the master programmers of our internal systems.  As I experienced, as many other mind control Survivors have the system does not want the Survivor to do simple re programming according to thier own Will. They do not want people to heal and make contributions to society consisting of using past knowledge and life experience. It seems they want us completely neutralized and wiped out of existence, and they want the bodies intact to make it look like nothing has happened. It seems very important that we dont die physically. Why this is I dont understand its probably something metaphysical connected to thier actions.  I think that eventually people like me commit suicide anyway one day, just becuz no one can exist as a shell instead of a whole person. Its probably mostly so that we dont go up against thier systems of control by using our life experience. This way they remain undetected and unmatched in power.
If you can deprogram yourself  and heal you can most likely do it for others. They do not want this.

To be honest I forgot the second thing, lost my train of thought. Its really as simple as mirroring Survivors out of existence as well as destroying society in the process.  Its as if Survivors arent special anymore, with no secrets that would shock society so therefore we no longer have power.

My mother used to do this as a method of gaining control over me. She would come into my room with a garbage bag and just start putting my things into it to ‘take them away’, she was big on taking things away for long periods as punishment, as if my lonely existence was not punishment enough. Often she would take fragile things and drop them into the bag breaking them.  She would also come into my room unannounced even half dressed.  Taking away privacy and taking away your private things in your private world (room) is taking control away. And it now belongs to the dictatorial authority figure.

Note that all this unpleasantness is being done to us while the country is being ruined. Doesnt anyone thing the timing is really inappropriate? Its part of taking control over America away. Its interesting that the Bush administration was so overtly Satanic but the cultural backdrop was Christian right and now the president is marketed as a slight, lithe man who is oh-so-good in his intentions but the backdrop is Satanic.
Each backdrop is a cultural diversion away from the culture of each respective administration..and its actions.
Its the continuation of what started during late Clinton: nothing is private, nothing is secret, nothing is allowed except what authority wants allowed.

Its also another way to make the population take on something it doesnt naturally like as a show of power of authority. People in the USA would never be putting up with a president like this, a cultural backdrop like this, entertainment like this or an economy like this if it were not FOR THE BEAT DOWN DURING BUSH that started with Clinton in the mid 90’s which included the intro of 5 yr mandatories for drug offenses, beginning of gentrification of cities in earnest and the protests of the WTO, going pretty much badly with the cops saying things like “no, the world ISNT watching anymore” as the 90’s winded down. It was the beginning of the end, which probably had begun much earlier, some say during Reagan and others focus squarely on the Bush family legacy as instrumental. You get my point however.  America has been imprisoned, stripped naked and humiliated and now its going to have to learn how to live in that prison, to adapt to prison life. End of story.

So of course mind control that is overt and severe is featured.  Becuz when one enters prison, the innate cruelty of human beings and the mind games they play out in civilized ‘free’ society that must remain subtle to evade detection and to not offend become evident and are actually the centerpiece of prison living.  The experiment in Germany where college students took on role playing as prison guards and prisoners is one such example of how people change once in a very different situation with a very different and extreme culture.

Also this is the era where extremism itself is trend. Scientists are fascinated with now finding life exists in extreme environments. As usual artists are bored by scientists discovering things they already knew or suspected but lacked the common sense or connection to nature to understand intuitively. Scientists are always ‘discovering’ things that were already in existence for thousands of years as part of a pretty successful system known as NATURE. (duh).  I have come to the conclusion that scientists are the ultimate little kid realizing he has fingers toes and a weenie and that it does stuff thats neat-o.  It was pretty much built that way by superior design, dude. Get over the discover part. Sheesh. Why is humans discovering Nature through scientific method perceived as so god-like. That is a great wrong in society right now, man not seeing that his interference in nature is one of the greatest pollutants of all.  It amazes me that scientists discover things that I have had conversations with half insane homeless bums about or intelligent opiate addicts for years now. And the problem is they act as if they INVENTED IT like a god when they discover it.
Nature does not need priests just as man does not truly need priests when he is down to the wire by his lonesome in some situation where there are none around to consult. The spirit of his understanding will be with him in that moment just as Nature is always with us.
In an era that wants everything to go ‘green’ our attitudes have gone decidedly stupid when it comes to considering the natural world. We have been reduced to understanding it through science and scientists: Natures priests. Which of course is another great keep down of man in any culture- when you are not allowed (once again) to understand or be with Nature on your own but must consult some human being that just knows so much more about You than you.
Here we go again with yet another replacement for religion. I knew they would think of something, big pharma and psychiatry are to crass. Science however is like the Caddy of cons in this dept. Status up the yin yang.

When science fully realizes how to work with Nature to harness all its powers then talk to me about possessing true power as human beings.  Ahh, imagine that kind of power. Mmmmm, yummy. Now that is POWER.
If we were that smart we would have harnessed the constant sun of Africa by now with solar panels instead of people starving and frying to death in it while DeBeers steals their diamonds and constant dictators support special interests and Christian charities stay in business by creating more starving children.   If man is so smart and so wonderful why cant he face his utter smallness, accept it and go to Nature for strength and power thus empowering himself ultimately in the process?  I want to say its becuz we are talking about Men and not WOmen but then Tesla comes to mind and other inventors that mysteriously went insane.
We all know if we see through the bs that science focuses on things that dont go up against a corrupt system thus they are only partially as amazing as they want us to believe. And there are scientists that put forth thier concerns over humanitarian issues and they get treated accordingly by the system for it too. Science shouldn’t be pouring over into the common man’s world like some new priests if they do not have the power to fix a corrupt system. They should be regarded as scientists, that is all. Not experts on being human and what that entails which I am absolutely sick of.

I note an obvious lack of psychologists telling us whats good for us these days outside or personal issues. Note they dont talk about our culture or the society now build around us as a prison. Oh no, they will not address that…and they could becuz they have the education to do so.

There is so much now with info management as well as excessive force that is…not obvious to us that is used to imprison us on many levels right now. This is the essence of mind control or ‘brain washing’.

Looking at the cover of an old AC/DC album I am not offended but in fact know this music will give me strength. Its essentially battle music even though the cover claims they are on a highway to Hell and the guitarist has horns drawn over his head. The music and ‘satanic’ culture coming out now is not the same and it purpose is essentially to weaken its listener not strengthen them for battle. True promoting drugs in such music did weaken people but that same fight comes when you want to get out of it as well. The tribe of Rock and Roll is long gone, decimated into the past. Occasionally one sees long hair and all the old definitions of this tribe and ‘rebellion’ against society or norms, even oppression. Whats coming out now has this strange effect of actually seeming to unground its audience. Make them as virtual as the medium, as paper thin, as see through. It almost reminds me of the effect of such music as Peter Paul and Mary had, songs like Puff the Magic Dragon. That kind of horrible removal from Self and primitive strength. That ripping away of oneself to some wispy ideal that in the end, went nowhere. Even the videos have this effect- it may have Satanic content (usually AfroAmeri-Satanism frequently, which seems to mix a sort of Masonic idea of ‘satanism’ in pop or hip hop culture with heavy voodoo content but that is sublimated from the untrained eye). There is a lightness to much of the music now that is very very dangerous to fighting spirit. It weakens one. Just as alot of music now hasnt the energy of say, 90’s hip hop that was decidedly evil, dark and violent. Yet very grounded. There is something extraordinarily creepy about the music weakening the listener with lightness or enslaving them with repetitive rhythmic movements (that have nothing to do with natural human ‘rhythm’) while the lyrics are supposed to be ‘heavy’.

How can an entire generation mix light and ‘fun’ fluff with heavy content like Satanism? Its like none of the consequences are being considered. I highly doubt if they will ever see any of the true consequences. Its most likely to desensitize the public and have them unconsciously support the agenda further. If they had to truly suffer like Survivors of actual high level programming suffer they would consider very carefully thier next move in life and not take such spiritual matters lightly.

Its yet another ploy to keep them from knowing themselves..and to know Satan, as a pop icon.
Hell couldnt be worse than seeing Justin Beaver on the cover of that magazine with that stupid hyped up glow of Lucifer in his eyes.

Its been a while since I had the urge to laugh and vomit simultaneously but there it was. I think I liked the world better when it was only suspected that certain kids from the Brady bunch and the Partridge Family may have been sneaking off into the Hollywood hills sporting black hooded robes not this sh*t.

Mostly it takes away choice. Since Justin Beaver and friends cannot mind thier own business and keep thier belief systems to themselves but must advertise it like some cheap product, the audience doesnt have much choice left do they? You either have to be a reactionary Christian and disapprove or fall into line with the herd either not knowing what yer looking at or becoming one of Satan’s posers.
Here is site with ‘real’ Satanists.
I have to admit perhaps I was mistaken in my past blogs about the COS. I dont like the Hollywood affiliation at all nor the anti Christian not anti Jew sentiment from the old school. However,these people not only look interesting…they look, er. How should I say this? That old photo of Marilyn Manson looks alot like my dad.  This is so annoying, these people all look a bit like me actually. Great more confusion over where I belong. Wonderful.

I guess the people claiming to be Satanists I met in Boston years ago were such assh*les that I made a snap judgment based on that…its all so confusing after a while.

I still stand by the fact that this system has switched to Christian content when it cannot get results with Satanic content and that includes the perps one encounters. So neither perception can be trusted.
That it was from programming and it was related to MK Ultra through my mother.  The look of the people in these photos looks nothing like ‘the perps’ we encounter in gs.

That’s partially my point. The people on this site dont look as annoying as Bieber or any other Hollywood horns flashing celeb.   THAT is the difference.  Just look into thier faces and tell me what the difference is.  I say Justin Beiber is more obnoxious than the Night Stalker ever could have been. Tis better to die than be tortured, like by Justin Beaver.

Also, many of these celebs cant seem to make up thier minds of they are Satanists or Masonic. Uhhh big differences.
Ahh, that was my theory about the second purpose of  this for the agenda.
If these morons can constantly associate Masonic content with Satanism then people will not realize that there are various branches of Masonic belief.
All the ancient Egyptian symbolism can apply to ancient sun cult factions that want to assist man not enslave him. If they can keep up the misinformation that all factions rooted in Templar or Masonic related belief systems are ‘evil’ or negative then
they can successfully prevent any countering that those positive factions would want to have right now. If people think the Illuminati is evil strictly due to thier Masonic affiliation then think of it this way: they are the satanic end of Templars or Masonry. Its not accurate but it will do.

I just dont see illumination as something strictly negative. It is all in how you use it. Not everyone is going to be illuminated which of course is elitist in attitude. But then not everyone needs to be enslaved either and the public certainly dont need to see these symbols splashed in thier faces repeatedly. Repetition is brainwashing not signaling to retain secrecy. The sole reason FOR signals is to remain undetected. If you are showing the same symbols again and again on purpose your prime directive is enslavement through mind control not secrecy.
This is yet another example of deception.
I think the Satanists we should be afraid of in life are so rich and so busy with thier tasks in that world that people like myself would never mix in the same circles as they.
If you want to find out where this nonsense they are pulling really hails from, I would look into who runs Hollywood, the entertainment industry, and the black gangs so into this bs now getting a place as the new syndicates. THAT is where this hails from.
It could be in unison with heavy powerful people who believe that the world should be taken over by such forces. And that may not even be something to fret over, if all of this was not being accompanied by the use of mind control technologies nationwide that now saturates society along with first fascism now liberalism and equality demanding obedience.
When freedom of Will is not present THAT is the issue not who or what is bringing in the oppression. Enslave mankind could be Satanic but it sounds like anyone’s game. The Catholic Church is known to have pulled off such a feat for many years as well as other oppressive questionable organized religions.

This is what aging  YUPpy Satanists look like:

Uhh you may want to consider this…Hmm..uh-..ya.



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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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