The Satanic Agenda Seems to Feed Its Casualties to Its Rival

Looking back on all of this for years now I think I understand that I may have been involved against my Will as a child in something intergenerational but my nature as partially always more towards fixing things and helping people. Why the forces involved in this system felt they had to come at me and basically make a very small part of my nature and programming that was ‘satanic’ and attempt to blow it up to huge proportions is beyond me. Its as if it was a threat to allow it to exist dormant. Its been so triggered and tapped into that I am drained simply from having to deal with such interference for years on end. Thus my reaction is to take my burned out spirit and become completely anew and ‘good’, which of course always makes me question why would a satanic faction come after me and do what they did just to push me to join the other side so easily. I still dont understand that at all. Its as if the balance of dark and light within me was totally unacceptable to both opposing factions.

By the way the entire time I have been writing this the word count has been stuck on 777. Fucking obnoxious isnt it? Its happened before years ago when they were pushing alot of Satanic content to mess with me which of course didnt phase me just as this does not either. ITS ALL BRAINWASHING. End of story.

If Satanic factions have an all out war with anyone not believing as they do then its logical they will come after even Luciferian based belief systems that are not Satanic in nature or actions. What more of a threat to them is there than someone who can peer into thier world or ‘see’ them or what they are doing.

What I also am confused about is the magnitude of this. All I wanted to do was live a very small life taking my past experience and using it to assist others who were going down the same path. Which is a very typical attitude for someone who has Templar symbols in thier programming. Its natural for me to want to assist either sick people or to guide and protect people in thier travels or pilgrimages that I understand about my nature. But its the sort of programming that seems to consist of not interfering directly with anyone’s affairs. Perhaps just helping people in this way is enough of an action to register as the enemy to Satanic factions.

Its not like I ever wanted to go after them directly which I am doing now and am more apt to do by documenting exactly what happened even if no one believes me.

Its very hard to choose sides when you have dual boot programming and sympathies on both sides.
The perception that Templars are Christians is inaccurate. Christians do not register with me fully as my people nor do Satanists except for that small programming that is there that is Satanic in nature. Its all very confusing and it should never have been toyed with as to destroy it to this extent.

Its very suspect. Why would Satanists and Christians seem to want the same things? I just cannot believe that Satanic factions would come after me, basically bomb out my programming, destroy it by triggering and connecting to it so much that it becomes burnt out just so that I can become Christian due to not having any tolerance left for anything ‘evil’ or dark in nature. its like raping someone who liked sex to the point where they dislike the act.
Which is very telling. If I was perceived as an oversexed person or a sexual being then to destroy that nature by constant rape and abuse basically turns me into a nun or someone that will want to live that way in reaction to what was done to abuse them.

Not only have I seen this done to other women in mind control/pedo families to control them I can pretty much deduct this was done solely to not only weaken my Will but to destroy my ability to produce large amounts of life energy or orgone through sexual activity. It also destroys the health. Laughter and orgasms are documented to strengthen the immune system.

When this is done to women who come from such families terrorizing them as such and having men totally f*ck them over usually produces what I am becoming which is the fat older woman caretaker type. It reduces such females to the place of care taking the other causalities who result from this system’s abuses in society if not for the immediate family itself. It renders such women powerless over thier own lives and thier own fates.

It seems that the Satanic factions are so greedy and controlling that if you do not want to still function as a slave doing what you are designated to do, you will be bombed with energy and activity until you leave and join the other side.

Like I have said before the main goal seems to be control over the targeted mind control Survivor. And what is occurring is very much based in the original Nazi human experimentation so that one cant trust any kind of religious affiliations outside of who seems to be involved that is known and documented.

Striking a balance and the power of Will seems to be the greatest threat. If the State can prevent this by any deception it has won the mind and spirit of its target.


~ by onmc on January 25, 2011.

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