Insight Into How the Mind Control May Work On Targeted Individuals Through Computer Systems

I experienced something interesting today. Supposedly there was unusual activity on one of my emails not connected to my activism. It could have been from a post for an place to stay or from a social networking sight as those are the only two things this email is used for.  I put a check in with code on it as suggested by the email site.  Now this could be a ploy to get my number and check me out if someone had hacked this into the email to begin with but it seemed like a genuine action from the email itself. I noted that once this back up security was on there I experienced immediate relief from some of the brainwashing that has been going on today. Recently its been an obvious behavior modification program with a constant call and return program that is really driving me nuts over time and destroying who I am, altering me more and more daily.  What went on during Bush seems to have been a program of breaking down the target and doing braindamage to make me maliable or easily molded. After Obama and the slow decline of gang stalking, along with its changing to a more gang stalking as management and behavior modification program its been slowly becoming harder to break simply due to it now being a very silent, soft constant daily call and return.  I am guided as well as molded but rarely can I think for myself. I am constantly being trained on what to think and guided through being hooked into a system that seems to know what I am thinking and what actions I am going to take.  Its horrible really due to a total lack of genuine ME existing anymore except for Sundays and holidays. I dont get much relief here after 11 or 12 midnight as in other locations just slight relief.


(continued in 1 hour)


~ by onmc on January 31, 2011.

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