There is alot of crap on the internet concerning spiritual states and rituals. So many ignorant people with so many misconceptions. Its aggravating really. But for a RA survivor especially one that’s programmed, this is a subject that needs to be understood.

There are instances with many people who are intertwined in this where ritual has been the origin of who they are in the context of these situations.

Aquino himself has stated that he was “born dead” and they had to revive him. Which could have been a cover for a ritual where they cause him to be dead, in order to more easily possess the infant body with a specific spirit or entity..very specific. This is due to the human spiritual shield having to be ‘down’ before some entity can do a jump in or walk in.

Walk ins are suppose to be peaceful and in adult hood I only skimmed but found a mess out there of bs instead of a comprehensive piece on a ritual to jump in or have an infant possessed. Which might be for the best as with the amount of stupidity I saw from ‘the public’ on the internet, such information might just best be kept hidden away, most likely in books only truly serious people can attain or buy.

A ‘mind controlled slave’ might just be an enslaved entity,which is why the system seems to have to come after the person when the mc slave wants to grow up, wake up and deprogram/reprogam under thier own Will. The system might just be taking back something they consider to be thiers in the first place, and leave the person with a shell.

It also seems that this system makes sure that anything left of the host body’s spirit that is kept safe in the inner compartment, is drained by them and thiers usually via a very traumatizing and nasty gang stalking campaign, where torture dominates as the main tool. Again this is done through ritual and the Targeted Survivor wont even realize it is as such consciously until its too late. Christians trying to free the Survivor or exorcise them will only be assisting the perps in stealing or draining what is left of the Survivor’s spirit from infancy, usually locked in a center compartment in the persons internal programming system, or its perceived as existing in the body physically in one’s center. This is simply abused and tortured out of the person who is deprogramming and if no one will assist them or protect them, its guaranteed that people behind such things will get what they want from the Target by driving them into circumstances that allow for such a ritual to take place.

Thus any power from possession in infancy is destroyed as is any personal spirit you may have had in reserve outside of that possession.

This is one of the functions of MK Ultra or the wiping someone clean then reformatting them such as seen in the abusive psychiatric experiments. Its perfect for covering up for ritual abuse of a human being containing a human spirit. It will actually assist this system in completely destroying any power left in the Survivor from ANY and all sources including natural intelligence, talent etc.



~ by onmc on February 22, 2011.

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