The Gang Stalking System for RA/Programming Survivors

A reader sent me this email. Its an excerpt.
“Thank you for responding. I know you are a busy woman. RA is not something I would have considered prior to being a target. Through the experience I’ve developed a theory…RA survivors become targets because the “powers that be” want to have a better understanding of how trauma based mind control breaks down over time; i.e they want to know exactly how the brain functions physiologically when mind control programming begins to break down. Like I said, I would have never thought…of RA.I’m..just taking it one day at a time.”

The trauma I have dealt with as well as the brain damage has really kept me off track in general. This would make the most sense. And one can plainly tell its having to do with forced deprogramming then behavior modification/amnesia to ensure that we are never victim witnesses. Especially credible ones.


~ by onmc on February 27, 2011.

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