Operating Within The Internal Programming Systems

Referring to persons possessing high level programming as “mind controlled slaves” is inaccurate. The term infers that the person cannot reason nor think for think for themselves. In certain instances or phases of programming playing itself out this may be true but the motives for a programmed person’s actions are often due to them working within the limited framework of internal programming not mindlessly obeying commands. These are programmed human beings not machines.
I can only hope that the cruelty of the perps and the system is due to that being part of their still archaic system of forced deprogramming, which is nothing more than another program of trauma based mind control conditioning.

Which proves once again they are less afraid of brainwashed or thought controlled persons being in society than they are afraid of independent minds.

Most of all they want to avoid liability and public disclosure. Predominantly because this is indeed a system of human slavery which they want to perpetuate.

They don’t care if you become a Christian, a Harri Krishna, an atheist or delve willfully into Satanism via what there is of that content within one’s internal programming; just so long as no independent thought or Will Power is present in the Survivor.

I find it hard to believe that so many people do not understand what Survivors of programming go through especially with being gang stalked as part of coercive deprogramming/reprogramming-behavior modification.  Torture is used mainly, torture that is comparable to anything done to a human being physically.
I know this is cruelty is on purpose on the part of the professionals but for society to be so ignorant of what even simple cult members are going through seems unbelievable in this day and age.

There are actually factions that seem to believe that destroying a Survivors mind or doing brain damage along with behavior modification will end up with a happier person who is integrated into society. I suspect this is just more excuses to keep covering for a system of human slavery via mind control as well as create conformity.

Survivors are not controlled by the same things in outside world or society that most citizens are controlled by so authority is threatened by this.
If this is indeed military or similar intelligence then the attitude may very well be that when a person is no longer ‘of service’ to thier system, programming and special talents or strengths must be destroyed or removed sort of like returning all yer gear when you leave the military or being debriefed. They most likely figure it belongs to them and you were in part created by them and so should be stripped of all power and strengths when being returned into ‘normal’ society.

Its especially important nowadays to ensure that persons with alot of imagination and intelligence are made average- everyone being equal leaves the authority in control.


~ by onmc on March 25, 2011.

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