Re-mastering Of Music As Part Of The Breaking Down Of Society For The NWO and Mass Mind Control

Its a bit complicated but here is the theory: classic songs have been remastered in a few different ways in past few decades. It seems that this process takes from the music its soul or something innate within that makes it special or has an effect on human emotion or evokes something in people.

The process seems to be to take songs that were analog and make them digital. Growing up with reel to reel as state of the art and a fad with 8 track tapes and of course vinyl albums, in the late 60’s and before they were so hard that you could beat them up and they would still work. In the 70’s it seems the vinyl became cheap and the albums bendable and easily scratched or damaged.

A comparable sound that seemed to keep the original emotional signature and quality of the music was cassette tapes. For rock and roll they had a very good, rich base sound to them. When cd’s came out there seemed to be a bit of difference but the sapping of music’s energy wasnt noticeable until a second wave of remastering in late 90’s or early 2000’s. I am not in the field so am ignorant of the technology but as a person who is sensitive to energies and changes in energy formulas kind of like being able to tell someone has changed an original recipe in food say for instance, I noted that the music started sounding very much like what an F-15 pilot has to deal with: many different sounds in each ear. There was a story told that they would become overwhelmed with all the tech and if necessary just rip it out of thier ears and dog fight the good old fashioned way.

The new remastering on CD that was supposed to be so great ended up sapping the very life from old songs that basically seemed formulated like classical works of art, in layers and with sound placed very carefully for certain effects. In the 90’s I listened to Jimi Hendrix’s Experience album on CD and it was a total joke. It was nothing like the album and I doubt if it was anything like it was created to be. On the album you could actually get a sense of sounds moving around your head more than just a fake stereo effect going from left ear to right ear. Artists used effects like ARTISTS often creating mental images with sound and music to illustrate something related to the song in a long form such as the entire song creating a mental image such as old 60’s psychedelic music or just to illustrate a visual action of a character within the song. Led Zeppelin made good use of such a simple effect in What Is and What Should Never Be, with sound being moved from one ear to another at key moments and in patterns.

Remastering in this last phase probably before HD, seemed to take each sound and separate it from each other, then put it back together again. It sounded like each musician recorded separately and it had a sterile quality to it as well as destroyed any artistic use of sound and music to create environments, get a point across or treat the song like a pallet for a complex painting. It became very color-by-number. It also created this very creepy feeling of taking something that was given life and cutting the body into pieces and then sewing it back together again and re-animating it, very Frankenstein.

It was an imitation of life not a living artwork. And much of the landscapes, psychedelic and otherwise were destroyed in this process all in the name of some bizarre new definition of quality or of accuracy via new technologies.

Heres how life works: there are many things around human beings going on that we dont see on a daily basis we dont have x-ray vision so we cant see inside ourselves or others to see our organs functioning nor can we feel them acutely. There is infa red light beams in the air, we cant see this but a bumble bee can. There are some things that humans dont need to be exposed to as its not necessary or it isnt part of Nature’s design. Taking music and cutting it apart and restructuring it in such a manner creates something that is actually lacking in qualities that make human life on this earth pleasurable and even healthy.

Not only did this remastering process take from the artists communication with the listener, the following process of HD seems to have rendered music totally void of any kind of energy that humans could use to become nourished or heal themselves which is part of music’s purpose, which is why Nature ensures there are musicians that come along with the DNA to produce such art part anyway this seems to be their purpose.

Also there is the issue of PR:LSI’s. Pre Recorded Light and Sound Images, something I was working on when I got targeted heavily. Theories of dead time I wont get into here. There is a book I read once about how playing pre recorded music is comparable to Necromancy, as in reanimating the dead. It was a bit more pleasant in its presentation however and simply was a guide to certain formulas and reanimation thereof..that is how smart I was back then before the destruction began.

If this is a viable theory then we must pay special attention to how we reanimate music. How we reanimate those energies and replay that moment in time. There is something destructive, creepy and very controlling about taking those energies and ripping them apart to create a sort of zombie state and a very manipulative one at that:
Most of all the old music created an intimacy with the listener.

Taking each sound and separating it then presenting it as separate sounds making a ‘song’ creates in the listener a sense of ..well, separation. No intimacy. No imagination or visuals meant to be created by the artist.

Part of the NWO and breakdown of society is to gain control of your mind, obviously as this is the very goal of psy ops by definition a broad definition but still accurate. If imagination is taken away or a person’s time alone to reflect with one’s Self, within one’s own mind, to exercise the mind, then add to this that music video now defines songs or ads or use in other medium like shows or movies- then the powers that be now define that piece of music, the system. Not the listener. Also,
there is created a false environment.
In all my experience especially during Bush, creating false environments out in public spaces and within any space, such as the human mind, psyche or combo of human inner dimensions, was and is extremely important to whoever is behind the experimentation that was going on.

I understand that we might have to go underground or into space to seek safety for human survival in the future but is it necessary to rob humans of thier godlikeness or humanity? Thier ability to be the artist when they perceive a piece of music or read a book? Even books seem to be written in a manner that is to dumb us down or make simpletons of us, instead of providing a rich experience.

That seems to be the watchwords rich and poverty. The economy isnt the only thing being broken down to make us ‘poor’. The entire media experience or artistic experience has become akin to total poverty or eating out of an automat daily. There is no need to rob the people of rich artworks especially in times of economic crisis. But in order to destroy America and make us ‘poor’ and culturally bankrupt, we have to put into spiritual and emotional poverty and one of the key ways to do so is to take all the richness out of life via the arts no longer providing that experience. Besides, this defines the populace.

Each person, separated but living United. Celebrating Diversity, yet we are all equal. These are all originally ideals that have now been used to usurp humanity, reason, sanity and common sense- such is the efforts of mind controlling or brain washing an entire nation if not an entire culture, one that we regularly export abroad.

This is one of the reasons why science is so worshiped right now and any studies or oddities of the paranormal or psychic experiences are now treated as if they do not exist in a world full of technology. If one goes too far with claims of belief in the wrong context or setting, such subject matter is brought under the heading of psychiatry and delusion is the problem.

In other words, there is no laying down of the voodoo any longer. It simply does not exist and it is being marketed as something that primitives enjoyed before smart phones and lots of tech in human’s lives. So therefore there is no ‘magick’ in life nor are any sort of covert controls or manipulations of you or your society possible. If that were the case, science would tell us so, right?

Note that in the book The Way Of The WASP by Bush’s former speech writer, he writes of a perfect WASP reality, where no Italians are making love to thier food and Jazz music has been rendered non threatening, non sensual as pleasant background music in YUPpy restaurants. No more underground clubs with jazz being created (they were called underground due to in urban areas one had to go downstairs to under street level to many old jazz clubs.)

This may sound as if its just a humourous rant by a conservative but with all the other evidence and surely what many of us experienced during Bush, it has turned out to be the undertakings of very real extremists in our midst who want to enslave mankind for whatever purposes only they truly know. Conquering or world domination is a very old and boring dream and if any era brings this into man’s grasp its the one we live in right now.

Many of us are starving to death in ways we no longer comprehend due to society being so geared towards Unified Alone-ness. Or Separated but United. People no longer truly relate to other human beings- its not safe. And the media scape we have been provided with gives us a place to dwell instead of the very real world with real people in it and real problems that come with that.

Its exactly the same escapism that man has sought in industrialized civilizations with escapism such as drugs etc except now we have been so beaten down that we’ll settle for safety, forced social harmony, anti depressants and a virtual world where we can depend on technology to keep us safe but numbed out.

There is something very wrong with a world that must be reconstructed that way in order to survive or function. As for the kids who are born natives of such tech and such systems I do not have an understanding of thier life or spiritual experience. They often seem like primitive humans, more primitive than previous generations actually, without many social graces, communication skills, civility or etiquette, simply assisted in life by technologies.

The art of being human seems to have been lost and one wonders if this isnt totally on purpose.

Here is an example. I watched this or rather listened to a vinyl version of this song after I was disgusted with a digital version I found. I had the digital version some months ago and though I still got alot out of this song, the original crafting of it as with lots of songs from this era, have an indestructible original structure that in some part is so well crafted, it withstands the bastardization of  the digitalizing and remastering process.  But the vinyl version is the finished artwork in its original form.

This is more than just one’s listening preferences, this is a deconstruction of important artworks in themselves as well as the altering of the processes of humans taking in sound and gaining from it what nature intended, which I am sure is altered quite enough being pre recorded to begin with.

And the content of the song is by chance or perhaps I simply am drawn to war like music due to my situation and having to fight so hard. I guess a war still going on does have some bearing.  Take other songs on YouTube if you want such as there are a few Velvet Underground. I have had the greatest disappointment with the Velvet Underground and Nico album in CD or remastered form. Just the feel of that era and what I know was going on at that time being old enough to at least recall the early 70’s as a toddler- I know damn well its supposed to be about much more than just hearing something historical.  And only the vinyl creates that atmosphere, in digital its completely destroyed if not made to sound unbearably bad, which is the trick of this band especially making this album special. Much of it sounds like chaos or has many offensive sounds at once time..only on opiates in that time frame in history in NYC could you come up with that metering and sound.   It has a special balance lets say, that is kept within the vinyl but is lost when the sounds are seperated and shoved back together again.

The process of doing this to certain bands or albums, artworks really, reminds me of the 1980’s when a bunch of coked out corporate types decided it might be a great idea to attempt a hasty re furbishing of the Sphinx in Egypt. Of course when this was attempted in a typical hasty and overbearing 80’s manner of doing things, the ancient stone structure simply just slothed off the materials, rejecting it from its body.  I forget if the Sphinx is made of limestone or if they used limestone but it had something to do with the materials.

This is the same with these artworks. You can deconstruct them all you want, you can try to figure out the codes and then attempt to reassemble, which seems to be the MO of a certain faction behind creating our modern culture right now… but you cannot destroy the original plans of the old masters.  Not with chaos, intimidation, coercion, force or science. Its raw talent that creates works like this…that and a very special human essence. Technology has yet to create any such energy fields such as that other than ones that are intrusive to ours and probably in the long run unhealthy for ours.


~ by onmc on March 25, 2011.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.