Horrid Masonic Artwork By Joe Public

This is a subject I have more than enough reason to be angry about..mostly disdain.

Ever since the Masons felt this need to re populate by letting just anyone into thier ranks as long as they had established businesses and were part of the community, this is the sort of creepy and utterly ignorant results that has followed.

The Masons letting anybody in has got to be some sort of infiltration or ploy. Perhaps a generation of kids with hovering parents, constantly ‘plugged in’ and raised in daycare centers couldnt possibly accept something actually KEPT secret like a secret society, even at the most obvious and mundane levels of the lodges.

This art work is an example of the ignorance, carelessness and crass handling of ancient knowledge and of a brotherhood spanning over a thousand years.









The skull is totally inappropriate.  Symbols are very powerful and should be used carefully. And what pray tell does the skull have to do with the building tools and what they symbolize? They seem like opposing values and dont mix. What is that crap that looks like feathers on top of the skull? You know, every detail, ever symbol, every centimeter matters in architecture. The accuracy of the pyramids is historically amazing..you dont get that kind of PERFECTION from fucking around and being amateur.

And if you’re going off to kill, how exactly is one supposed to ‘Leave a Mark’ ‘Not a Stain’? It sends shudders down my spine (which is very hard to do) just to think what kind of magick this creates. What, going in, destroying the place and then occupying it with OUR culture and OUR people is that leaving a ‘mark’?

Probably the single most annoying thing Ive seen in a while as a result of the ‘brotherhood’ becoming so popular. Vomiting comes to mind really.

I DO NOT like the sun symbol being used above the skull. Its not appropriate. As well as the blotchy, trendy paper backround look. Its not neat and pulled together..it makes it look cheap. And being trendy certainly wont last the TEST OF TIME, which is one of the main purposes behind Masonry, you total, unadulterated morons.

This stone goddess is now definitely growling with the ferocity of a carved lion at the gates of the Temple. GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE INTRUDERS, TRAITORS, IMPOSTORS!

We will chase you out eventually and have back the sanctity of the temples.


~ by onmc on March 31, 2011.

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