Using Mind Control Survivors For Unethical Human Experimentation

Its a sad fact that people like myself  who come from experimentees such as my mother being a documented radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra are often also experimented on. There are no more need for labs. The things they claim are coming in the future are here now and are being used for medical and other human experimentation much of it unethical.

As a Targeted Individual through the Bush years especially I have seen many articles on covers of science and medical magazines that were eerily similar to involve things that the so called ‘gang stalking’ system was doing to me through the years. Everything from brain mapping to now seeing an article on pain management.

This article really makes me angry. It would explain why someone like me is a prime candidate for such experimentation it also explains why all of my pain and suffering was being manipulated after being induced and made worse by this system.

As a person who was deprogramming from what is known as high level programming or mind control slavery, which I know is hard to believe but it exists, I needed simply to go through memories, deal with the pain that was attached or anchored to them and then work on bridging gaps either with new information or with missing information as well as the help of a therapist who could act as an internal guide. The best way to describer this process is a ‘re-programming’ of the self.  You have to understand that mind control slaves with high level programming have large, rich internal worlds and sometimes many sections as well as alters within. Ultimately what occurs in this process is that the programmed person breaks free of the original internal controls and begins to emerge as a Willful being who can master the position of Master Internal Programmer. We already do things like that, for instance by destroying alters when they no longer function and are a threat to the system as a whole.  A mind controlled slave has to keep everything compartmentalized to survive as severe trauma is held in check by being in sections.  Anything that breaks that system or makes the person realize to fast or too much information about the reality of thier lives, their past, thier situations etc is considered a threat to the survival of The System- or the whole person if you will.   If you know someone who is programmed and they seem normal to you thats because they are.  They are and always were just normal human beings- a complex system as well as a Programmer simply made a part of thier mind or brain into a computer. Unfortunately this takes inducing MPD as a child through trauma, which is why its called trauma based mind control.

The factions who experimented on my mother and other MK Ultra survivors dont care about human beings spiritual welfare nor do they ever value people like ourselves as being Willful or in charge of your own lives.  They obviously continue to experiment on people no matter the cost to the individual.

I have posted before that it was obvious that  TIs  were being used as experimentees utilizing technologies, for maintaining surveillance of the subject and to keep perp groups in constant contact with one another.  It was obvious that Survivors of mind control programming such as this high level programming, were being used as experimentees for various things.

I now see by this article  for what purpose this was done.  Only we could endure and retain such intense pain as was induced by the gang stalking system as well as the tortures from technologies. I now understand the purpose for the torture. It wasnt just for interrogation, it was to test for pain limits, reactions and obviously the new phase recently of getting the person back to life and taking away the intense pain via behavior modification or mind control, inducing amnesia, dulling the nervous system’s sensitivity etc- is for the purpose of pain management.

I know for a fact I am a human experimentee based on my being programmed. One incident made that clear.  I was gassed on a bus while driving through the SW I believe. I have it documented somewhere.  And yes, that means the entire  Greyhound bus was occupied by perps or whatever faction you want to call who is doing this.   The bus driver took a perverse delight in making it clear that she was a stand in and not the normal driver for that route and time frame.

I was gassed and somehow I became semi conscious during one of the experiments or procedures. Ill tell you what happened first then explain why mind control slaves react this way.
When I was gassed I became semi conscious but still able to move etc. This is why mind control slaves can do what they do for whoever programs them, such as deliver messages and not recall what was said or have sex with important men or make sex films all in a full blown other state of conshusness with no memory of what occurred except for vague memories that seem like they were dreamed at night not really lived. This is different from mere disassociation where the person functions in an alter ego perhaps but is fully present for what occurs. Lets say a mc slave has an alter she uses for sex work. In her mind she is literally that Other. She exists in those moments as another person but can control that alter, like an extension of herself or a puppet. This allows her to do what needs to be done and not be emotionally touched by any of it. (An example of playing the role of Master Internal Programmer would be say that prostitute alter, complete with another name altogether, malfunctioned putting the entire Person at risk. It would be up to the alter that is the Master Programmer to then judge the situation and actually ‘kill’ off that alter. Just like killing off an actual person. Say for instance that alter broke ‘character’ even for a moment in the middle of sex act and the ‘real’ person, the main Self, ‘saw’ and experienced first hand the activity the body was involved in. Becoming fully aware and present while performing fellatio during sex work, is enough to warrant the death of that alter. Remember these alters are formed in infancy and guided during childhood by handlers etc. By late 20’s early 30’s break downs occur. Even at 25 years old or so break down begins to occur. What the programmers call break downs is simply a person including the inner child wanting to grow.

So the Master Programmer immediately kills off that alter personality. No more sex work, all clothing and high heels etc are thrown out- like an actual death of a person. This is a good thing as its NOT a real person and an alter like that needs to die for the true person to ‘grow up’. But programmers and handlers and the pedophile networks that create mind control slaves see this as a threat to thier system as well as thier investment. A good and healthy step forward in personal growth is treated like a crime as the ‘gang stalking’ system comes after the programmed person with a fury, to try to get them back under control. The person is basically punished for wanting to grow out of being programmed with a sex worker alter.) Anyway that is an example of an Alter Ego as opposed to a complete other personality where the person has no recollection of thier actions. The memories that are formed while the person is living out time in the Alter Ego personality are often seen in third person like an out of body experience or recalled minus emotional pain or devoid of emotion.

What I experienced while gassed was a transition into what seemed like a complete other personality or alter where I wasnt supposed to have any recollection of my actions. For some reason however I ‘woke up’ a bit and actually had some sense of what was occurring, sort of like experiencing life through the Alter Ego but much more like being asleep. It was horrible thats for sure. I didnt consciously ‘switch’, I got gassed, went unconshus and then awoke in that state I described. I dont know if the perps doing this to me on the bus were aware I was conscious of what was going on at all.

What occurred next was that I had no speech. I felt as if a part of my brain was being manipulated, like someone would do in experimentation by physically manipulating the brain. I had stood up out of my seat as I was reacting to what was being done to me with a muted panic reaction. I believe they were trying to induce states or levels of consciousness that are programmed into a person for different purposes. What I did next was take my coat and pull it over my head. This was all in a state where I was moving and behaving very robotic. I then heard someone in back of the bus exclaim “Wow!” in a slightly deep tone, not excited but monotone sort of. Like when something shocks and disgusts you. I dont recall what occurred next but I somehow got back into my seat and awoke to a normal conscious state when air came through the same vent the gas had come through to knock me out.

Let me quickly explain why a mind controlled programmed slave would pull something over their heads as such. Whenever people with my kind of programming become frightened there is a calming tactic we can perform. It often involved putting a towel or blanket over the head and just existing there momentarily. This is from being conditioned in childhood to experience calming with a sheet or similar draped over one’s entire body while lying down flat. Much of the death experience is utilized in mind control slaves- to get them to be deadened about performing violent acts or to connect with ‘death’ in a comfortable way in order to non experience trauma. Its the ultimate in deep meditation but it is indoctrinated into the person with ritual, which is why so many programmed people speak of Ritual Abuse being involved in the programming of themselves from infancy. I do not recall all that goes on but I believe that it has alot to do with sensory deprivation. It has alot to do with believing in the programmer, akin to deep in wild Africa where surgeries can be performed without anesthetic by the natives believing in the witch doctor to guide them and not feel pain.

Its also why programmed people may put their hands over thier faces for a short intense period when stress become too intense, its also why they can handle heavy workloads and intense situations more so than ‘normal’ people. The person is trained to exist in a safe place within, in the Internal World. It is the only thing that will save them when they are programmed as children and it is the only way to deal with life, especially what the system puts us through, probably until our death.

That is why I instinctively pulled the coat over my head. They were messing around in there and triggering things and I reacted on a very base level.

So, from this one experience plus a number of others that are less obvious, I am absolutely sure that programmed mind controlled slaves are used in human experimentation, most likely taking advantage of thier ability to handle intense pain, superior endurance etc.

I also believe from my recent years of experience that most of society would consider us mentally ill in some capacity. Or that we dont deserve to be percieved as Willful, normal human beings due to these ‘conditions’ we live with. This would make the ignorant public much easier to convince to take part in experimentation and handling of the Survivor, they being manipulated by factions that know damn well that what they are doing is extremely cruel, unethical, permanently damaging to the Survivor as well as breaking civil and human rights laws.
Being sinister, collectively society as well as the experimenters probably figure that since programming isnt supposed to officially exist, then no one will ever know about or even believe that horrible experimentation occurred to that same person any way.

Programming little girls to be prostitutes, psychic Theta killers, couriers etc etc might be wrong, but its not half as bad as taking such a person and subjecting them to experimentation so cruel, heartless, cold, impersonal and viscous as what has been going on for years to many of us.
The lay people involved in this piss me off the most as they treat us as if we dont understand what is going on. Society are the ones who are sickest of all. They act like as long as we are playing our Front Alter to deal with the world, a world that does not officially acknowledge what we really are, that as long as they handle the Survivor and manipulate them to keep them in denial about what has been going on, that its all right. Its disgusting is what it is and I hate people in society as well as the experimenters much much more than I will ever hate a programmer. Programmers KNOW what we are, they understand what we are capable of.

When a Programmer named Eddie Cox aka Eddie Hand tried to access me on a Greyhound bus a year or so before the incident mentioned above occurred, I noticed one thing about him that differed from all the other people involved in gang stalking me: he used utmost respect and caution when interacting with me. He handled me like one would a large cat that, though tamed, was capable of killing its trainer. Though this man is revered to be a pedophile (showed me little girls on his cell phone- his “little princesses”) and even a murderer and Satanist, it was comforting that he at least understood what I was and showed respect for that. Most perps are not so much mean as they are mocking. That is what kills the persons spirit over time even drives them to suicide. Most likely to a mind controlled slave, a true Sadist attacking them would be stressful and traumatic but that much aggression and warlike action would trigger a soldier response, most likely some sort of Soldier alter. Mocking the person and in a large group continuously over time no less, invalidates the person’s existence. Previously, the person held a deep sense of purpose through acting out what they were programmed to do. No one ever mocked them overtly like that when they were used for tasks. They may have been being abused but that would seem normal to the person.

Coming out of programming is traumatic enough. When the person starts to deprogram they recall memories and experience some of what the programmed alters experienced. For example they may recall sitting in front of a computer screen and taking in documents very fast by taking photos of that screen with their eyes, using thier mind’s photographic memory to do so.
When the programmed mechanized Servo if you will, within realizes they are being retired from tasks, a sense of not being useful comes over that entity. And it being akin to a computer, that is all its every known as a purpose in life. In order to heal the entire person, the Self must take charge IMMEDIATELY and play Master Programmer and begin to scan the Internal Programming System within the mind, spirit, emotional centers etc in order to come up with a successful reprogramming scheme. In my experience this occured after fighting three layers of suicide programming which is always a risk.

However, due to programmed persons being obviously desired and valued as human experimentees, the ;gang stalking’ system does not allow that to occur. What happened with me was obviously to ensure I never recovered memories. I would be a very dangerous Survivor with damning testimony. I hadnt recovered memories with a therapist so that would debunk thier Recovered Memory Syndrome theories, which are all cover ups anyway to divert from the existence of programming and the connection to pedophile networks. I also was connected to the adult entertainment industry, so proving the claims of many other Survivors such as O’brien/Phillips who claim that this is all connected to the sex industry. And it is. I could actually map out how though. Obviously they didnt want that.

I also have this ability to not become confused by trickery. Just like O’brien I too was shown a vague image of someone sitting right in front of me, appearing as some sort of Reptilian entity. However, I am of a logical mind and figured it was just a trick of technology interface or an actual human psychic messing around. And it wasnt even a real manifestation of such a vision in the physical realm, it was all in my own mind’s eye. THE BASIC ELEMENT OF ALL THE PERPS POWER IS DECEPTION. End of story very plain and simple.
So my more scientific or logical mindset made me less apt to discredit myself with stories of people morphing into Reptilians. And I am also a dangerously sensible woman: even if such a thing WERE true, that information has NO PLACE in making a case for the more humane treatment of mind control slaves and ending the greed and arrogance of the medical and scientific and psychiatric fields by stopping any further exploitation of recovering slaves for human experimentation.

I am not a naive person who believes this can be stopped by Christianity or exposure. I simply want people to know that human beings who are exploited from birth and suffers more horribly than most people will know in a life time, who then has one chance to come out of the Darkness and live the remainder of thier lives in happiness and productivity, are being exploited all over again by a perhaps whole new faction. And I do believe that the people who are doing the experimentation on Survivors of mind control are NOT the same factions as the programmers. The programmers though abusive are attached to us for life. They leave an impression of emotional bond with us. During traumatic programming there is a presence of healing energy they give to get through it, which forms in us an energy that we use life long to heal ourselves.
Sick and cruel as Programmers may seem, they have a connection to the people they program. I dont know if this is due to my age and I was programmed ‘in the old days’ before the tech was as advanced as it is now or if its just the nature of the factions who program children.

I know one thing: the people doing the experimentation recently as of Clinton and Bush are NOT loving. They do not have any emotional connection with us at all actually. They mock us, they disregard us, they toy with us and mess with us and have a constant feeling of superiority to us. I never felt I wanted to kill the person programming me, I may have been angry or hated them but hate is a result of an emotional bond. The perp factions I want to kill simply due to the vast amount of disrespect and lack of personal relation with people like me. They genuinely treat us as perishable plastic toys. And they are far more arrogant than I recall anyone in my childhood ever being.

If these people are Satanists from the beginning then Satanists must have become a real bunch of assholes in recent years. Either that or the factions are not connected and I cannot say that I could tell who was who. For all I know these people are thinking they are Satanic, but they lack soul and Spirit and are actually big corporate computer/medical/military industrial complex contractor types. I know they have way too much money and access and it causes them to be inhumanly arrogant and spoiled. I cant say that feels ‘Satanic’ to me. It does however feel like something that a Satanist would want to punish with all available force.

That might be the biggest mystery concerning the perps I encountered nation wide during Bush. The arrogance among people who seemed just…normal citizens and so many of them across the country. THAT is what has damaged me over time. It could be that Programmed people often feel controlled and handled by a choice few people so letting an entire nationwide network loose on them is a planned part of the destruction of that person, quite on purpose.

Whatever they are up to its advanced and probably classified. They were utilizing public spaces and even creating false environments IN public spaces utilizing tech to brain interface along with psychological manipulation from human beings present in said public space.

All that I experienced was definitely experimentation. Strangely, the behavior of the perps many times, for all thier intelligence in pulling such things off, was akin to nervous apes or monkeys. That much aggression during these experiments or sessions. Thats all they amounted to, were aggressive monkeys, attacking one other monkey. The ultimate mobbing experience. For all the intricate planning and unbelievable sophistication of the tech as well as often the psychic energy involved, they consistently remind me of apes. Everyone EXCEPT that one creep Eddie Cox. His energy was..slow waving. Dead like a stone. He knew death, he was friends with it. These fuckers, ‘the perps’ feel more like they are in a state of fear- extreme fear, when they are acting out in this way during an experiment or session with a TI. They are aggressive, arrogant, nervous, thier energy is vibrating very fast even as to make thier bodies appear quaking in a very small way but still its there. Alot of them are afraid and nervous. Very fucking nervous.

I know why now: Its becuz they are WEAK. They need the group to form a powerful entity to rival ONE programmed mind controlled slave. You can sense it.
Frequently, being female, I experienced the women to not be as shaky as the men but to have a bratty, annoying sort of….happiness or self satisfaction with being able to do these scenes and mess with me as such. I have experienced this repeatedly, even a few months ago when a brat from around Harvard came in and did a small tactic to terrorize me or at least get me to react in such a manner while using the bathroom in Au Bon Pain, before the remodeling recently. She also had that self satisfaction and little smile for herself after getting me to react with slight fear.

These people know that you are forced to go into denial immediately after they cause such a reaction in you. That is part of thier satisfaction I believe.

They may consider themselves Satanic but the one connecting factor in all of them is that they lack spirit. They lack the true elements of deep hatred and even evil. Of death. They gain power too easily to be powerful themselves.

However, this causing hatred of what seems like random people in public spaces, is most likely what causes many a lone shooter to go to a very public place like McDonanalds etc and take out the public with an automatic weapon. To that person, any number of ‘perps’ exists in that public space at one time. It may also be that the shooter was harassed in that place more than any other, with covert harassment only they are sensitized to, so shooting a bunch of people in such a place at once in a violent manner is far from random. Men seem to do this more than women and in my experience its simply a matter of testosterone and how men handle such things, that going out with a blaze of glory would be more a logical last stance for them to take.

Women want revenge and we also seek to fix what we have experienced is wrong with the system. However I often wonder about women with alot of demonic energy or masculine quality, like Eileen Wornunus. She may have been an expendable and due to her being a war like fighting female type, these bastards knew that if they pushed her enough, shed take action and go to war other than seek alternative methods to deal with the problem.

Being programmed is not half as bad as being experimented on AFTER coming out of programming. It would be like me ripping you out of your skin and instead of letting you go through the normal process of getting into a new skin or at least forming some alternate form of covering, to take you and worsen the pain and suffering you are in on purpose. The Programmers NEVER did that. Thier methods seem to have been ritual, hypnosis, druggings as part of that, sexual activities, some humiliation that at the time was not recognized as such by the child, as well as alot of control. And there was always this personal stamp from a smallish group involved in programming the child.

The perps who are doing experimentation are not only torturing Survivors but they are very clinical in doing so. They also put you down alot as a means of gaining quick control due to NOT having a bond with you via ritual activity. They are the ultimate rapists opposed to the programming sects which seem more akin to abusive controllers or handlers who at least bond with the person. The worst part of being handed over to the perps and the gang stalking system is summed up in one phrase: You dont know me! That Urban culture phrase said during arguments fits pefectly here.
They have no right to us is the main problem. They dont bond with us, care about us or spend time with us, give us energy nor power. They are weak, ignorant little monkeys that tear apart thier Target and nothing more using sophisticated tech and superior knowledge to do so. They are the ultimate insult to a powerful giant like a Survivor of mind control programming. The ultimate Technomancers who rip apart anything truly magickal in order to copy it and duplicate the results, never fully possessing that power themselves. They are a creation and sickness of the modern world and personally I would like to see them wiped off the face of the earth. There’s too godamn many of them anyway. An entire NETWORK nationwide, and Ive heard from other TI’s, INTERNATIONALLY???

Its obvious that such a person as a Survivor of programming could be forced to deprogram via MK Ultra methods (mold to cause brain damage, then compartments start to leak info, then suicide programming begins) used originally for interrogation of ‘agents’ (programmed people obviously, something they didnt want to spell out I think due to the sensitivity of the spying world), then toy with the Survivor as needed for new experimentation.
Obviously, these included pain and suffering and inducing more pain on top of what was already present, and seeing if psychological manipulation (mind control, behavior modification, brain training etc) could be used to manage that pain or to diminish it via inducing amnesia etc. That is the supposed method of ‘curing’ soldiers of PTSD, is to ‘soften’ thier memories, which of course can only be done with brain damage. In fact that is what has occurred with me, due to the damage from mold exposure and years of gang stalking, and of course systematic ignoring and denial of such things actually going on.

Its a very convenient situation. I have to be mind wiped and behavior modified to cover up all evidence and testimony and the experimentation includes basically wiping from the mind trauma or wiping from the body’s memory trauma or pain memories, or dulling the nervous system and the senses to pain.
Of course this is done by isolating the person and denying them stimulus, human touch, sex, friendship etc etc.

Not only does society need to acknowledge the abuse of Survivors via further human experimentation, you need to get a grip on the pain and suffering of programmed humans becuz its possible that soon there will be synthetic creations that appear human perhaps to serve us as helpers etc, with AI and other human like qualities, which will of course end up being just another new slave race for humans to use and abuse. I dont want to see any other creatures suffer at the hands of a bunch of ape-monkey like creatures with superior brain power. To put such creativity into abusing someone like mindless monkeys is an abuse of one’s Godspark. Its probably very Satanic in nature to torture someone to death or to want to destroy them once they become useless to you. But there is something very silly and weak about this particular sect that I dealt with during Bush. They were less demonic and more simply just assholes on a bender…a feeding frenzy that the conditions during the Bush administration allowed.

Perhaps I am judging wrongly and I am simply confused as to the nature of Satanic people. I guess such energies would be presented differently once one wanted to grow out of being controlled. Then it gets ugly, perhaps that’s all that has occurred. And I am equally confused with the push often times of Christianity on me as a Target. Both seem simply vehicles of these experimentation, psy warfare groups for cult mind control. To get a Survivor into either group guarantees they are at least controlled anew by some belief system.

Whoever they are the abduction of Survivors of mind control programming away from thier lives, thier families and thier environments into these controlled environments for cruel human experimentation has got to stop. Bringing on the total denial of Survivors very existence via the 90’s Satanic Panic and then the back lash from the CIA backed, contrived False Recovered Memory Foundation, was necessary to be able to harvest us for this kind of experimentation. I note that there was an onset of gang stalking becoming overtly tactical exactly as that President’s Advisory Commitee On Human Radiation Experiments was taking place in ’95. Do I dare say that this was a smoke out? That perhaps trying to destroy records was trying to protect us? I often wonder of all the actions of the cover ups around Bush was to protect Survivors from more horrible factions such as the assholes we now have to deal with. But, since it occurred most heavily during G W Bush, I can only conclude the opposite to be the case. Since Bush’s family has been around to see this come to fruition all the way back from Project Paperclip one has to wonder and the timing is obvious isnt it?

I dont expect humans to stop abusing other human beings or exploiting people or doing cruel, exploitative experimentation. That NEVER works if you notice. What might work is to disregard the offending factions all together (they hate this) and to focus on the victims exclusively. That we do exist, there is a risk for exploitation and there needs to be grey areas for us to go to to gain protection and help deprogramming and reprogramming as well as not only to understand life long organized stalking and harassment but some sort of protection from that or at least comradeship.

And it needs to be genuine, not another trap or deception on the part of the aggressors.


~ by onmc on April 3, 2011.

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