Creepy Christian Deprogramming Content Mostly in MA/ Catholics Come Home Campaign- EXTRA Creepy

And this kind of deprogramming and mind control I experience only in eastern MA, where this Christian type content is obnoxious and constantly an issue, which is bizarre considering this area is traditionally Jewish, Catholic and WASP or old money. There has been a rise in creepy new agey progressive type churches and I’ve posted about that months ago. Churches that try to appeal to this area’s preference for religion or spirituality to not interfere with thier daily lives or practical tasks at hand- a very New England mind set. So, say the Christian mind control cults: how to we sell (brainwashing) Christianity to the New Englanders? As if WASPS didnt have minds of thier own. The Christian religion suffers from something that Catholics dont have as much of a problem with- many different offshoots of thier belief system that to Catholics makes little sense. To sit there and try to figure out the difference between Lutherans and Presbyterians is something a Catholic entertains once and forgets very quickly. There is something unattractive about the lack of unity.
Even though I was not baptized so never got the full Catholic experience, I influenced enough to know that I will pretty much get along in any place that is predominantly Catholic- to a point anyway. Most Irish areas, Latin or Italian areas or various other brands of Catholics. I think the only Catholics I couldnt get on with were in ABQ where their Catholicism doesnt seem geniune, its not based in European ethnic cultures its sort of fake and very very nasty.

In this sense Catholics are very akin to Jews. We know we have a ready made family to greet us in these areas wherever we go. This is probably why I am so comfortable near Mexico, the religion and the Latin influence.
Christians lack something. I think that the privacy of the spiritual experiences as well as the exhalting a female deity as high as God or Jesus in many Catholic faiths ( a remainder of European paganism having female deities to protect and comfort) is a great threat to the NWO. Catholicism is not a spiritual mind set that takes to being told what to do by The State. The English saw that the religion was just an extension of Rome’s powers from the old empire and went off on thier own.

This is why I dont trust this new pope. Well, part of me isnt going to trust any pope or religious figure anyway but if ever I sort of liked a pope, like say John Paul- for his helping young people in his early years against oppression and his very Polish rebellion against oppression naturally and his want of peace (outwardly anyway), I dont like this recent one. He came in right after Bush and he sort of looks like this evil kind of person. Someone told me that he was in charge of the Inquisition that still exists in the church…Ill have to do research on that. And who takes on the authority to apologize for the Crusades? After destroying the Templars due to some rich a-hole king in France not wanting to pay his debts. When is the pope going to apologize to the Templars for burning Jaques de Molay? The pope can kiss me ass. He’s full of shit and its obvious. Also, his little speach last winter I posted about, where he encourages his flock to go along with all these new technologies no matter what the end result. Who does this guy think he’s fooling? Also, if you have seen those creepy Catholics come home ads, you know that this is most likely now the time of the false Catholic Church that Christians tell me is prophesied.They put forth all of people’s failings in thier pasts but never mention the failings of the Catholic Church…oh I get it, is that what the hasty apology was for? You cant make one apology for the Crusades and expect that to cover thousands of years of the Inquisition. Also this is not the internal workings of true Catholicism, which usually is very accepting of the evils of the world and also uses spirituality to bond and make the world better in horrible circumstances. Its insular, protective and there is always the Mother figure. Its also rather forgiving of individual human ‘evils’ such as faults and the way that these ads portray the people in the ads, its more like they are facing judgement day, which is a much more Christian Evangelical concept. Catholics are much more concerned with being realistic about evil in this world and taking ACTION to do what they can in the here and now. Alot of the ritual involved in Catholicism bonds the people and protects them from the insanity of the outside world. It might be brainwashing but what religion isnt? Again in this way, Catholics are more akin to Jews. I gotta say on thing for the Jewish media concerning those ads- alot of people in television have done hysterical parodies of those ads of which I will publish.

Christians are necessary due to thier knowledge of the bible which does contain useful info for these changes lately, also they seem to not like much of the posturing and falsehoods to a point if they are geniune about thier beliefs, not the crazy culties. They are however, only tolerable for short periods of time.

Its strange, that in this war, sometimes Satanic factions with specialized belief systems are our allies and at other times person’s who consider themselves Christians. I think the cross meeting of interests is that whoever is behind this, they want to take away our freedoms, our Will Power and everything that makes us human. Perhaps Christians and Satanists express opposite versions of being human, and BEING human is what this system seems to want to most destroy. More and more it often seems to point to a Zionist plot as that would be the only way that those other two factions would have any interest in countering thier moves. I didnt print Jews, I wrote Zionists. Its very complicated and I myself dont even want to believe it exists. However, the more I look the more I see that the lies and plots often come from this faction. And its usually on a large scale..very large.
I hate to entertain it though, it just sounds so paranoid. In my position, being uneducated and ignorant of worldly ways or affairs, I dont dare to form theories from this stand point. It would be very dangerous to any credibility my work will have or has now and I know I should stick to writing about things I DO know about instead of far reaching worldly affairs I can only guess at. That would be very foolish.

This one isnt so bad, it shows mostly the Catholic way of reaching out and either assisting people in need or teaching which is actually pretty cool. I could do without the perfect pretty little blonde girl and the wafer…Obvious and in bad taste.   The monk transcribing made me laugh.

This is the one that is thoroughly disturbing. I took special offense to the woman who has a past as an addict shooting up but now helps old people. This is exactly the thing that is wrong with world wide mass mind control as well as the targeting of individuals they know are resistant to the latter. If a person is healing, they will most likely make those discoveries about thier spiritual condition by themselves on thier own with time, healing and learning about themselves and life and how the world works. These experiences are  NO LONGER VALUABLE as life experiences and are no longer golden or gold for the spirit or soul lets say, if they are pushed by mass mind control. This is akin to some corporate sameness of the soul or some corporate push for spirituality. An industrial factory churning out reformed people. WRONG WRONG WRONG.  It seems that all forms of spiritual energies are being taken from, drained from and the experiences that form these precious energies, kept from human beings nowadays. Everything from the healing energies of music to the orgone produced by sex.  Now this.

This video is a disgusting brainwashing tactic to guilt you into behaving a certain way and joining the church for the wrong reasons. Catholicism has always been a much more personal experience, something much more powerful than a corporate-type  instructional vid or ad  for your spiritual state of being.

True Catholics would never broadcast such things out in public, its tacky. Thats why there is the confessional etc. It’s almost like they are trying to get rid of the privacy involved in the religion and replace it with group think or cult mind control. A true Catholic might say ‘who do you think you are mind your own business’. And its too simpleton an approach. Catholicism is an old religion at this point and its got alot of complexities. I may watch Mother Angelica for a second before she became too annoying  just to get a purely female point of view or take in the energy of the nuns who  provide a sisterhood experience, though a diluted one, but whatcha gonna do in this society with  NO sisterhood experiences at all?? Gotta take it where you can get it. I may prefer to watch a show with just brothers on it, which are the men who dont want to become priests and stay in the brotherhood. They all dress like Mr Natural with robes and sandals. They tend to be alot more compassionate and interesting whereas priests remind me of policeman for the church. Too authoritative.

The Church is far too full of compexities to be represented by a corporate ad. And a very manipulative one at that. I know Catholicism is manipulative by nature as all religions are but its not THIS kind of manipulative which, to anyone who experienced Catholicism, it seems very superficial, guilt tripping in a shallow sort of way and extremely intrusive. It lacks one thing that Catholics revere believe it or not: dignity.    Its extremely undignified and overt and really digusting actually.  ‘The Movie’. WTF is that? The fact they are playing with time space continuum like that, is in itself suspect.


~ by onmc on April 6, 2011.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.