Dream Sequence This Morning Part Of Forced Deprogramming

I only escaped the completion of this sequence due to being distracted by some one waking me up by staring at me through a window. I am thankful for that, seriously.

The dream consisted of this advocate at a day drop in I go to whom I trust to a point, giving me one of her children to bathe. (In real life she just had a baby and already has one  child).
Also this dream was entirely in black and white which is total bullshit. In MA  as of this recent time frame, my mind is almost totally mind controlled. Much of it has been destroyed through inducing brain damage and I experience myself as often a physical body with somewhat of a memory of a Self that is totally mentally occupied by the system of tech mind control that exists now. Occupied as compared to an occupation by enemy invading forces that by war conquer an area or country and then occupy it by controlling its politics and introducing its own culture.
The  child.she gave me to bathe was Thumbelina like-very small. Like it would fit in palm of hand. I carelessly put it into too much water and it became washed away but somehow  contained.
I felt terrible and went searching for it and found pieces of clothing and then I found two little sneakers one in each back pocket.
That was encouraging but couldn’t find a body. Somewhere along the line the advocate/ child’s mother was with me in trying to find parts of the child. Its as if she wasn’t angry. She was totally forgiving of what had occured. Thee was even some consideration of taking any bones found and creating a stand up model of the child from those bones, but that was ‘cut’ from this ‘movie’ before it became a solid part of it. Thankfully someone distracted me and woke me up before the dream sequence could  complete.

This was obviously an attempt to to rid me of any survivor guilt over what goes on with children in SRA. Its obvious that silence of the lambs is about fears instilled from RA or at least false memories put into the mind controlled slave in infancy. When babies cry very hard like someone is hurting them and then it stops abruptly most SRA survivors just sit there and hold their breath. When the child resumes crying its a relief.
Whether these SRA experiences, these memories buried deep in the mind of the programming Survivor are real life events or they are false memories THAT ARE PUT INTO THE MIND CONTROLLED SLAVES MIND BY PROGRAMMERS IN INFANCY TO GET THE SAME EFFECTS FROM THE PERSON, doesn’t matter. They are damaging to the person and in order to.cover up for these mind control programs they need to destroy usually brilliant, talented people who have genuinely strong hearts that want to help people as well as a dark side, just in order to make them average in order to hide the existence of such people.
A Survivor should be able to live through their own memories and guilt and be at the helm of their own healing process, not a system of gang stammers, poisonings and tech to create a sense of a god from on high in charge of their healing.
This is most likely why no one is helping me or people are in on this. They genuinely don’t understand us and think this system is doing a good thing for us. Or that the country is at risk via national security.


~ by onmc on April 6, 2011.

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