Misrepresentations Of the Rosicrucians/ Deceptions Concerning The NWO and “Democracy”

I get seriously annoyed when I hear these ridiculous accusations. Lets get something straight. The ‘Brotherhoods’ if you will are not exactly the same. And democracy is not reached by using mass mind control and destroying Nature or the human spirit.

Whatever those factions are going for its a deception. 

And forget about “Christian heritage”.  Its obvious that the symbols are not Christian. But that doesnt automatically mean that they are Satanic or out to harm humans.

Within the system that is discussed there is always potential for evil or darkness or abuse of power. The problem right now is there seems to be a whacked out majority of people totally high on this ideal of a NWO and seem to be going against alot of principals to get this done.’

Just because something originates from ancient Egypt doesnt mean its all the same. Seth’s people are not Isis’s people nor Osiris’s.

There are factions involved that fight for human health, welfare and well being. Then there are factions involved that dont want humans to be free, but enslaved. I dont care if they are posing as Masonic in nature. Perhaps they are pushing black and red so heavily and Masonic content to block out the  true warriors who are here at this time to actually handle the deceivers.

Spiritual warfare isnt an obvious or easy thing to deal with or detect.  All you need to know is that presently human beings are in an unhealthy situation globally where we are not changing the way we live by stopping polluting or lowering population in a sane humane manner. I hear nothing but threats to lower the population etc.  These are the actions of purely Luciferian factions that dont particularly like human beings.

Stop shooting yourselves in the foot by thinking all Masonic factions are good for the world and our future or the root of all evil. Its not that cut and dry nor simple to sort out…I mean it is but  its not obvious.

People that make money off of military and oil are not going to exactly be what one would consider champions of the health and well being of mankind. Those who want to utilize technologies and get them into harmony with Nature ARE concerned about such things. And such people always become blocked or targeted by this darker Luciferian faction. People such as Tesla etc. People who know that the answers are so easy they are right in front of us.

Perhaps this world will always be ruled by the darker forces. But yer kicking yourselves in the ass by not helping any light forces that come in to assist by trying to figure out all this bs when its not yer affair. If you want to help mankind, make a stand for what you  really believe and stop living under an oppressive system while bitching about it. Or at least become part, if not the solution, because they wont allow that it seems, at least the system that takes care of the casualties or does the constant repair work to assist humanity in living and healing under such an abusive, exploitative system.

How is war going to create peace? It might be a philosophical question I am ill equipped to answer but as usual this is the way of males- to think about things too much in this way. And of course as a female I have information that doesnt seem to be put into that equation up my sleeve: what about mass mind control? This is not the way to peace its a deception. The amount of damage being done to humans is ridiculous.

All this is, is the people who created these problems and encouraged overpopulation, now trying to remedy the problems. But they dont want to change the system to really make such changes.  Its the darker Luciferian faction that rules this planet as it is now, cleaning house, thats all. Its that simple.

What they are doing is really sick actually and the mass mind control they have in place now is going to make it that much easier to pull it off.  The Masons to me seem like a bunch of male centric bastards all concerned with measurements and money. They are quite different from Rosicrucians. And the very fact that no women are involved…I dont mean those masculine looking women they allow in few numbers into the Masons, I mean females carrying any of this information.  The very idea that this is all going to be pulled off by males is ridiculous.

That Bansky pic is more accurate than you can imagine. And I find it interesting that his spoof on death includes a smiley face that shines LIKE THE SUN. The ancient sun cult. But England is ancient with this stuff and I am sure that something was talking through Bansky, especially since he uses symbolism and hits and runs in the night or used to anyway.

Its an accurate piece of graffiti to describe the bs we are being fed. That death and destruction is being marketed to us with a smile..more accurately there are mind control technologies that can make a human being feel this glow or this good feeling even in the most horrible circumstances. I have experienced it myself along the way in all this and its total bullshit. It makes everything much more unpleasant due to the fact that on top of  the horrors you are living through, you are not allowed to grieve, not allowed access to your own soul or emotions, the TRUTH, the true state of your current spiritual being, due to being blasted with false light.   Its like being baked alive with light after being zombified.  Id rather be depressed back in my apartment, sitting with my honest, real, genuine feelings about my life and the choices laid out in front of me as to how to transform myself and my situation ACCORDING TO MY OWN WILL POWER.

The problem with all these factions is one thing: they are denying human beings thier Will. That in itself is a major problem if not the problem. The amount of control they can have over an individual if not a mass of humans right now is ridiculous. No man, or men..especially MALES, should have the means to tinker or toy with my emotions or hack into my spiritual centers.

Let me tell you what I think they are doing and yer not gonna believe me. I think these bastards are digging for gold- spiritual energies. I think they rob humans of thier energies or whatever natural energies are in a person’s electromagnetic field, and somehow its very important to destroy that, and get people impressioned with this tech system instead. As in the electromagnetic ‘impressions’ from man made sources opposed to humans creating thier own electromagnetic environment.

You dont understand how simple this is. You just cant see it so its seems mysterious. There are places on earth that generate electromagnetic energies naturally and are supposed to be very empowering to human beings. Obviously, the intelligent design known as Nature is set up this way for us to live off of and regenerate ourselves. This false set up, this deception, introduces technologies that not only destroy human energy fields and literally make us radiation sick (look up the research: http://www.rense.com/general78/rad.htm).

This isnt about making us strong and healthy, its about making us sick and destroying us. Which never had to happen in the first place if things were run correctly, if technology was used properly not as aggressive beasts being greedy and having to dominate other beasts. A paradise could be created but this is not what is occurring. Man is behaving as he usually does. 

So how is this a new world order? It sounds like a re order of  the world. Like some return to the Dark Ages of Europe, which would be preferable to the elite I assume.

There is nothing wrong with humans acting like animals. Its when they dont admit it and try to con others into believing that they are going that extra mile and attempting to be human, which takes self control and effort.

Perhaps thier idea of a totally fair world to live in is trying to oppress us to the point where we fight so hard we create this more fair and just world by exposing all the crap they tried during this era to enslave humans.
What is most worrisome is the idea that Democracy is the answer. Remember that organized stalking and harassment as well as the use of these technologies are used heavily in Democracies so that the oppression of people will not be detected.

Which means human beings need to think very carefully about what its going to mean to live in a ‘Democracy’ of the future. Its sounds like living in one big deception which is going to suck. These weapons are on joke and what many of us have experienced is not a wonderful, fair happy place but a place where brainwashing and the creation of false emotional signatures deceives humans concerning the amount of pain that torture can bring.

What they are suggesting is utterly sick. We have already seen the loss of most good artwork and if you look closely if you are older, much of the ability to use the imagination as well as even be aware of multi dimensions within yourselves as human beings.

With such things as Mind War being published and the evidence mounting from victims claims as well as the documented tech and history of human experimentations collectively this forms a picture of a society where people are NOT going to be free but brainwashed into believing they are.

And anyone who claims to represent the Rosicrucians and sits there explaining away thier philosophy and partaking in any of this deception concerning humanities future, is most likely full of sh*t. Learned men often think they know what they are talking about anyway, but there may be things they did not learn.

Deception doesnt make you clever…it makes you very good at using your highly developed cerebrums to mask your animal aggressions which is your true intent. To dominate. If any of these people cared about human beings health or well being they would be honest with the masses about the state of the environment, over population and our real options, including a full overhaul of the way we live.


~ by onmc on April 12, 2011.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

The Dirtiest Secret Behind Child Abuse

Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.