Narcissism Theory Used Against Survivors Of High Level Programming

Psychiatry in itself is many ways but mostly by not acknowledging mind control programming as a reality.

Its often used in smear campaigns against Survivors dealing with deprogramming that they are merely people who need reform somehow.

This psychological disorder is yet again a perfect cover to explain away mind control programming survivorship, as well as to effectively vilify the Survivor so as to add to the harassment which is ultimately to silence them as victim witnesses.

Not everyone is made to be ‘nice’ in this world. Most people that you think are nice in business or great people often simply have a great front and a good schmoozing style. In a society that puts money first and especially now uses money as a gauge for what kind of person one is assumed to be, a person who is rebellious and without means is going to be judged much more harshly for the same traits as career criminals that society secretly looks up to…all the while focusing on law, order, morality and the status quo.  Thus my situation.

Some of us are wired to go against oppression and only someone who is by nature self confident, protective, and often primitive is going to be able to go up against authority the way I do, albeit reluctantly. But its a great base to start with for a smear campaign on a Targeted Individual, especially as part of a cover story.

It works out great: I of all people need reform for lifestyle choices and really, being punished for being poor. But this same society sees justice somehow in rich career criminals connected to police and other powerful entities going on to better lives and opportunities. And dont forget the rich kid Jake who of course is not suspect becuz I have got to be this evil woman, as I was told him and his peeps used the fact I am perceived as “your suspect anyway becuz you’re from the street to begin with”.

Both my grandparents served, met and married in the US Marines. All four of thier parents were sponsored to come over to America from thier European countries at the turn of the century to work as house servants in Weston and New Orleans respectively.  My maternal grandfather was a mail man in Weston all his life and my grandmother worked a part time job, unheard of back then after leaving the Marines to  raise three children.

My paternal grandparents were  a nurse and a carpenter from Stoneham. The only people that were into rock and roll lifestyle was my uncle who worked for Don Law and the rest I would rather not discuss and I was always shielded from his criminal activity anyway. My mother was the manager of a bar shift at a popular restaurant pub in the 70’s. They lived the typical partying lifestyle back then.

So how, pray tell, am I from the street? Actually due to the way I have been treated, I now LIVE IN THE STREET permanently as a result of being railroaded by all parties involved.

So thier circular logic as usual makes no sense but then the public dont respond to things that make sense. And you have to divert away from my grandparent’s military service due to the fact that THIS is what the gang stalking campaign is actually about.

My old female friend and associate is one of the biggest sociopaths alive, but surprisingly, the men she deals with are one hundred times worse. And these are men you as a society insist on respecting, putting on pedestals etc due to thier criminality or legit status, money and power.

And even she has her legit reasons for being this way to survive mostly, like all people who have been terrorized growing up. It doesnt matter if her family were WASPy rich people. Abuse is abuse. And in those kinds of families, one is taught that showing depression is a sign of bad like her father one drinks it away quietly.

I am sick and tired of weaker, sniveling analytical types utilizing psychiatric THEORIES to explain away some weakness of their own character, some reason they were bullied by an authority figure or just a plain old assh*le or an entire group of jealous people or a rabid public in general using these THEORIES as rationales to destroy someone who, obviously forms these coping mechanisms to survive.

And within the context of a gang stalking campaign, the covert harassment only works on making that person MORE defensive and crazy then of course only exposes thier reactions to being messed with to the ever vigilante public, who at thier core are dying to take part in lynchings and public executions even in the 21st century, just as was available for viewing by thier ancestors not so long ago.

This is the problem with the NWO concept as well as believing technologies are neutral or that they somehow bring us into a heavenly evolved existence. Mankind is still brutal, greedy, selfish and capable of major assho*ledom on a mass scale. That has not changed. In fact, the engineers during the Bush era used these human qualities nicely to thier own advantage after knowing just how to invoke these spirits in the American public.

Even my attitude and insistence I am not a victim or a target of mere bullying thus a weakling by nature is seen as more continued arrogance on my part. The truth is just that: I wouldnt be a target of nation wide bullying or mobbing or mocking if it were not for a very well engineered and calculated smear campaign. Why should I feel bad?  This isnt due to the cover story which would have you believe the obvious. Its due to my deprogramming and going around asking about seeing a hypnotist is what its really about.  My mother screaming at me that she wouldnt be condemned by me when I started to ask the right questions told me that right there. I refused to keep doing what I was doing for a lifestyle choice and handlers dont like that, and ironically that very lifestyle was used as a major part of a smear campaign.  It was the ultimate in trying to get me back under control, to finally break in me any spirit or attempt at wilfulness to change my life or be an individual.

And perhaps without the qualities that got me targeted as some sort of jerk I wouldnt have been able to hold so tightly to my true sense of Self or fight so hard against modification via psychological warfare.

Gheppetti mentioned something once in his stream of sarcastic dropped information, meant to hurt and mock as well as in the end assist: something about me being in my apartment thinking I was god.

Now what does an entire community care one way or another what a dirt poor woman of mid 30’s does in her apartment?  No one should care at all really. And what is most compelling is that my behavior years before deprogramming as well as wanting to go to school etc was much more bizarre and eccentric, just like all the people around me like Jake, Julie and everyone I knew who were party heads- some in recovery some not, artists and other assorted free living, creative highly intelligent yet very damaged people.

This is the essence of what it means to be targeted. Out of all the total weirdos in my various crowds I hung with, I was the only one of interest? And a total mocking campaign is quite different from a legit federal investigation which I would assume is very serious, unlike the mocking, posturing and amusement gotten by gang stalking me from civilians to cops to social services workers  to the man on the street etc. I was targeted for reasons far from the ones given to the public.  And also it was suggested that was rationalized by the fact I was poor and all the other weirdos had rich parents or had money from criminal enterprises. STILL it doesnt add up or make sense.   Just like my supposedly being a total narcissist that no one could handle severely in need of reform.

Thats what happens when you purposely use trauma based mind control shatter an infants mind, one that comes from a family line obviously susceptible to dissociation and hypnotism, to form multiple personalities or alters. You are going to get what psychiatry dubs a narcissist.  But how many Survivors of programming do you know that are very self-destructive and have times when they are completely open, caring generous or even lack simple self-care or self-esteem.

I find it hard to believe that anyone who has had to form a false self to survive is doing such things on purpose. And the article linked above even admits that. But its all about destroying the person so that others around them dont suffer any longer.

In the case of Survivors of mind control programming, the shadow system covertly prevents them from seeking therapy, getting help in therapy or if they get that far on thier own or with assistance, from completing a cycle of re programming and healing.  They do everything they can to reinforce anything they can within the person to keep them under control. If the person’s Self is insistent on growth and it can’t be stopped, they WILL come after the slave and destroy them any way they can. Portraying the Targeted Survivor as a total asshole or a narcissist is a nice clean, convenient way of doing just that under the guise of reforming a ‘problem’ person who is unfit for society and detrimental to thier social group or the community.

This is what was used to validate destroying Brittney Spears and its what is being used to rationalize destroying Lohan as well. Hollywood and pedos within the industry create these female monsters..then like most pedos they feel that anything past 20 is old meat anyway. They also fear the monster they created and fear female’s powers thus making sure they dont develop into powerful entities as one starts to develop at 25 years of age.

The people involved in creating these starlets are terrified of the idea of people like Brittany all grown up. Smart, talented, extremely attractive, athletic and after she wakes up with memories of her youth, very very pissed off at the people around her most likely as well as, on a metaphysical level, these special little girls will most likely grow up to be powerful women. In ways that you wont believe so I wont bother. Women who are mind controlled slaves who are little goddesses will grow up to be real life goddesses, the psychic powerhouse kind, which this society cannot afford. Men fear this female coming of age more than death itself. Just look at them- they’d rather die by each other’s  hands in constant war than to allow one Brittney Spears or Marilyn Monroe to mature naturally. WHY IS THIS SO?
Wise older women who were bombshells in thier youth and have fame to wield scare the hell out of society as they will be the ones to possibly try to change things and will have gained the respect and power to do so.
I notice that Britney was starting to investigate spirituality when the system went after her or as the general public sees it- she ‘went crazy’ and of course needed reform.
I notice that the wonderful spirit that was in her eyes when young not only turned to evil as she was harassed the shit out of but now is gone forever. She is now stripped of such powers. Unfortunately she was very controlled to begin with and they got to her very young. 25 is too young to have wherewithal in that scenario.
Her latest PEOPLE mag cover has her looking better but washed of that original strong spirit, with the title being ‘My new life’. Which makes me sad as hell as it means the behavior modification system has won.
I do believe however that they want to keep women alive moreso than the men. The men they just seem to go after and destroy or kill outright. Perhaps she’s not expendable due to her being useful for many years to come. Its also useful to use her story as propaganda about reforming troubled starlets etc when that is not what is going on at all behind the scenes.

Even in my case, and my harassment was going on very parallel to hers as if the system decided to come after a bunch of survivors at that time during Bush, what goes on in the media gives the public the idea that someone like me needs reform and so on. Its propaganda to sell junk psychiatry when what is going on is more connected to RA or human experimentation which actually includes a lot of ABUSIVE PSYCHIATRY, which is terribly ironic, which the bastards who do these things seem to love.

If every anyone is singled out as a problem person especially for being a narcissist, think carefully as to exactly what is really going on and why this person is especially focused on.

One of the biggest narcissists or criminals with sociopathic tendencies was Bush himself but of course no one is going to focus on him. Gee why not?


~ by onmc on April 16, 2011.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.


Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.

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Raising awareness of theories concerning mind control aka thought control/ brain washing of individuals, groups and the masses. Mass 'mind control' as well as programming of individuals is covered. Theories cover basic methods such as technological, chemical and psychological.